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Eladi Thailam (Oil) - Benefits, Usage, Indications and Dosage

Reference: Sahasrayogam


Eladi Thailam (Oil) is an Ayurvedic oil used for skin disorders. The base for this oil is sesame oil. It balances Vata and Kapha.


  • Til taila / Sesame oil (Sesamum indicum)

Paste of:-

  • Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum)
  • Sthoola Ela (Amomum subulatum)
  • Turushka (Hydnocarpus laurifolia)
  • Kushta (Saussurea lappa)
  • Phalini (Callicarpa macrophylla)
  • Mamsi (Nardostachys jatamansi)
  • Jaladhyamaka (Coleus zeylanicus)
  • Sprikka (Anisomeles malabarica)
  • Choraka (Angelica archagelica)
  • Chochapatra (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
  • Tagara (Valeriana wallichii)
  • Sthauneya (Taxus baccata)
  • Jati (Myristica fragrans)
  • Rasa (Commiphora myrrha)
  • Shukti - Ostrea edulis
  • Vyaghranakha (Capparis sepiaria)
  • Marahva (Cedrus deodara)
  • Aguru (Aquilaria agallocha)
  • Shrivasaka (Pinus longifolia)
  • Saffron (Crocus sativus)
  • Chanda - Costus speciosus
  • Guggulu (Commiphora mukul)
  • Devadhupa (Shorea robusta)
  • Khapura (Boswellia serrata)
  • Punnaga (Calophyllum inophyllum)
  • Nagahva (Mesua ferrea)

Method of Preparation

Grind all the ingredients except sesame oil to make a fine paste and mix it in sesame oil till thoroughly mixed and filter it. Store the filtrate in a bottle away from heat, light and moisture.

Medicinal Properties

Eladi Thailam (Eladi Oil) is herbal oil preparation which is obtained from various natural ingredients. These herbal ingredients have ability to pacify the all three doshas i.e. vata, pitta and kapha. It is useful in various health problems especially in skin issues etc. It can be used for scalp massage or for whole body massage. This oil has numerous medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory, Antipruritic, Demulcent, and Anti –Urticarial. It is useful in various skin infections. It has anti-inflammatory action and useful to reduce the inflammation. It provides relief from itching and useful in case of skin problems like Allergic Dermatitis, Ring Worm Infection, Urticaria, Scabies, Erysipelas. It can be used for external application and helps to improve the skin complexion and texture. It helps to remove the toxins from the body and helps to detoxify the body. Use of this oil is effective in Defective Teeth, Diseases of Gums and Mouth, Ear Ache and Boils. It is useful in case of Boils, Eczema, Leukoderma, Poisonous Bites, and Chronic other health ailments.


  • Skin detox
  • Chronic catarrh
  • Enhances skin texture and complexion.
  • Allergic dermatitis
  • Ring worm infection
  • Urticaria
  • Gum and mouth disorders
  • Ear ache
  •  Boils
  • Scabies
  • Erysipelas

Method of Application

It should be used externally on the affected areas and massaged properly.


Discontinue use in case of irritation.

Note:- This is pure classical Ayurvedic medicine and should be strictly consumed only after prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor and to be taken under medical supervision only.
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