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Emotionally or Mentally down: Let us be A-Shoka with ASHOKA

As we all are going through an unprecedent and unexpected times, somewhere and sometimes, daily we face a moment when we get stuck in our thoughts and the realities. We still are unknown to the things coming around, and already had faced the failures of our past plans. Nobody knows what to do, how to do, when to do and a lot of questions are making us uncomfortable, leaving thoughtful about our lives and the livelihoods. Somewhere this all is becoming the cause of spreading different types of mental illnesses among the people. Some can share it, some are getting drown in their own negativities and very few are trying to be positive but many of them also have already reached their limits of staying positive, hence are becoming silent. These all factors are affecting the lives of the people in various ways.

Emotionally or Mentally Down

Overall, the immunity of the people is lowering down instead of boosting up. As on the one hand, the intake of immune booster food and drinks increasing their immunity level but their thoughts on the other hand, are reducing it. So, can we do something to maintain it more effectively? Yes, of course, we can at least try our best to maintain our positivity as well as help others in the same way. Here, we are going to discuss about one of the best and ancient solutions of our grief, sadness, mental sickness and physical ill-health. Let us know what is it and how it helps?

Ashoka Tree

Ashoka is considered as a sacred tree in India. It holds the vibes and energies that attract health, happiness and prosperity in homes. It represents the love, beauty and elegance. As per the vedic tradition, known as a grief-reliever and bliss-giver tree due to many reasons. According to ancient literatures, Ashoka means no grief, and it is not illogical but a proven concept. Let us understand it as Ashoka, when we divide it in two parts as A-Shoka, then A expresses the term no and Shoka is a hindi word that means grief and sadness.

Ashoka, saraca asoca, ashoka tree

There are many stories in our Shastras (ancient literatures) about this grief healing tree. Here sharing a story with you all, to know about its birth and the real objective behind its existence.

How did the Grief-Giver become Bliss-Giver forever?

As per some ancient texts, Bhavishya Puran, centuries ago, there was an evil person named Sashoka, who was involved in all the wrong deeds such as theft, robbery, murder, etc. He used to impose grief on people in order to find happiness and peace. Yes, it was not the right way but he was moving on that path until he found the right one. Let us know how it happened? Was the right path transformed him to be a good person? Did good win over evil here also?

One day while searching to target someone in order to fulfill his usual criminal task, he reached a hut of a Rishi. The Rishi was in deep meditation. For the first time in life, he witnessed such moment of deep meditative energies. Rishi stood there glowing in his own positive vibes, did not notice him even once. Sashoka saw the Rishi and drew in his endless and peaceful vibes. When Rishi opened his eyes and came out of his meditative trance, Sashoka was a completely transformed person.

He asked Rishi to share that peace and energies with him, so that he can get rid of his mental torment, sins and the memories of his sins. He said that he wanted to be at peace like Rishi.

Rishi taught him all about meditation, that he could and cautioned him that he did not have power to get him rid of his sins but gave him blessings by saying that he would get re-birth in his next life as a grief-reliever tree. Ravana will keep Goddess Sita under its shadow, it would provide her shelter and help Goddess Sita to stay positive and relieve her grief while waiting for her beloved Lord Rama. He also informed that Lord Hanuman would find Goddess Sita under its Shadow and would climb it, through his touch; it would get freedom from all his sins and then you would be known as Ashoka, one without grief and who eliminates grief.

Some Other Stories and Beliefs with Ashoka

According to another story, it is said that one of the arrows of Kamdeva, the God of Love was made with the flowers of Ashoka, hence, there are rituals in some parts of the country. As in West Bengal, during spring season, the young girls and women dance around the tree and worship it to receive blessings for a successful and fortunate love-life forever.

As per the Buddhists, it is also believed that the Birth of Buddha also happened under the Ashoka tree.

So, it was all about the religious ancient literatures but as today people believe in the things as per their knowledge and intuitions, moreover find logics and scientific explanations for each concept. Thus, it is to inform here that as per the scientific researches and studies, it is also found that Ashoka holds a lot of spiritual and medicinal properties that benefit human holistic health in many ways. It is highly rich in many essential nutrients, such as glycosides, essential oils, tannins and calcium.

Scientific Properties of Ashoka Tree

The latin name of the tree is Saraca asoca and some of the scientifically proven properties of Ashoka tree are:

  • Analgesic
  • Anti-Diabetic
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Cancerous
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-menorrhagic
  • Anti-ulcer
  • Cardioprotective
  • Antipyretic

How it helps?

As we have already read and understood about the various properties and benefits of Ashoka tree as per the ancient beliefs and literatures as well as the scientific studies on the said tree. Thus, we can easily say that this tree consists of all such essential properties that can help us in many ways, some of which are as follows:

  • To improve intellect
  • To prevent and treat Mental Illnesses like Depression, etc.
  • To treat skin problems such as Acne, etc.
  • To improve the skin complexion
  • To treat gynecological problems
  • To prevent internal bleeding
  • To help in dealing with stomach inflammation
  • To be helpful in Diarrhea and Piles
  • To prevent and treat Diabetes
  • To relieve Pain
  • To help in eliminating Kidney Stones
  • To prevent and treat Asthma

Will it really be helpful in Healing Depression?

As per all the above ancient stories and proofs, we can believe that as the name of Ashoka means "no-grief or un-grief", the one with no grief and that relieves grief of others as well. Now, let us put a light on Depression. What is Depression? Are the grief and depression are inter-related? The answer is well understood and well known to all of us that the grief is the root of the depression. The severe stage of grief is termed as depression. Therefore, Ashoka tree can help in providing a person, freedom from his depression, grief, mental illness as well as can support in treating the bodily illnesses of a person.

Side-Effects of Ashoka Tree

For precautionary measure, we can say that the pregnant women and the people suffering from various diseases should only can intake Ashoka leaves, bark or flower after consulting with a medical professional. But, when it is about the fresh air that we can have by sitting under the Ashoka tree or the goodness and positive energies that we can borrow from it, in this aspect, it never has any side-effects, as its name defines it as a tree with no-grief at all.


Hence, in the above discussion, we have gone through almost all the related studies and references to learn and prove the health benefits of Ashoka tree. A tree that is free from any type of grief as well as helps others in eliminating grief from their lives and attracting happiness, love, prosperity and positivity for a peaceful and free life from the mortal wealth of this world.

Stay Positive!! Spread Positivity!!
Stay Healthy!! Spread Health!!
Stay Happy!! Spread Happiness!!

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