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Get Ready To Rock In Healthy Way After Lockdown

As we all know that the whole world is in a very dangerous situation due to fear of COVID-19. Therefore our government in India has implemented lockdown in the entire country. People are strictly advised to stay in their home to minimize the gathering and prevent the spread of coronavirus. In order to keep yourself and your family safe, it is very important for all people to stay at home. By doing this you can not only save your family but also save the nation. All the doctors and police are working for us in this deadly situation. If they are giving us priority then it becomes our responsibility to support them. We are all praying and wishing for the eradication of this virus and want to go out of the house to live our daily lives. Maybe this lockdown makes us feel stuck in one place, but if we look at the other side of the lockdown, this is the time when we can spend time with our family, give up our sedentary lifestyle and be healthy and can adopt healthy habits. All is in our hands whether we want to waste our time or try to be productive.

Everyone wishes for the end of the lockdown, after that some people want to party, our old elders want to go to the temple, women want to do kitty parties and some want to travel. This may make us feel happy but have you thought about the other side as well, by doing this we will ruin our efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus, not only ours but also the hard work of doctors, police and others.

It is very clear that after lockdown we have to live our normal life but we also have to adopt healthy habits in our life which we are learning during the lockdown.

And we know that soon we will conquer this hilarious situation, so we have to be ready to rock after lockdown but with healthy habits. Following we are going to discuss some healthy habits which if we follow after lockdown then we live a healthy, calm and happy life. Just keep this in your mind, the work you do and your actions after lockdown can directly affect your family and you are following these habits, not only for yourself but also for your family and people all over the country. If you do not do this then you do not risk your life only but also the life of your loved ones.

1. Keep yourself and your household things clean

During this phase of spread and fear of coronavirus, the best thing we all have learned is to maintain cleanliness. Our parents and teachers teach us to wash our hands before eating and doing other things in our childhood. But as we started growing we forgot all the things. But now we are knowing the importance of washing hands and also the other things. So, it is also important to follow it after lockdown.

  • If you are coming from outside, always wash your hands before entering the house.
  • If you are going to the office, first clean the computer and the place where you are working.
  • Keep a sanitizer with you.
  • Do not cough and sneeze in your hands. Sneeze on your elbow.
  • Wash your grocery before use.
  • Keep your house clean.

2. Avoid gathering

This lockdown has been basically implemented to reduce crowd as it is also the major cause of the spread of coronaviruses. By staying at our house we are participating in reducing the gathering, but after lockdown, also keep in mind that avoid gathering at one place.

  • Do not party in the joy of the end of the lockdown, stay home and celebrate it in a healthy way by thanking everyone like doctor, police, and seller.
  • If you are going to the office, also keep a distance with your colleague.
  • Do not crowd the grocery stores.
  • Do not crowd the relative's house or invite many relatives to your house.
  • Do not allow your children to play outside, especially in groups.
  • Do not crowd in the temples.

3. Eat healthily and avoid packaged food- Don't eat such things that can eat you.

Every doctor, our mothers used to tell us to eat homemade healthy food but we always insist on eating junk food. Throughout our lives, no one succeeded in keeping us away from fried food, but this lockout succeeded in understanding the pitfalls of packaged food. Eating healthy food has now become a habit. There is no doubt that many people are waiting for this lockdown to end and want to jump to fast food again. But before doing so just go into flashbacks and remember the things that happened with many people due to coronavirus. Eat healthy food and make this habit a part of your life to save the life of yourself and your family.

  • Eat immunity-boosting food.
  • Avoid fried food available in markets.
  • Prefer herbal tea in place of your regular tea and coffee.
  • If you are craving for snacks, try to eat fruits, make fruit salads, fruit punch instead of having fries, chips, etc.

4. Live with nature

As we are seeing nowadays fewer vehicles on the road and less smoke from industries makes a big difference in nature. The environment became less polluted. Whenever we look outside we can see greenery in front of our eyes. People used to do things that harm our nature, but due to lockdown, we can feel how we can save nature by avoiding certain things. Thus, we have to follow these even after lockdown. By doing this, we are not only saving nature but also saving our nation.

  • Use polythene bags less, always prioritize reusable shopping bags
  • Make a habit to water the plant in the morning and plant new plants.
  • Do not waste water, understand the value of water.
  • Try to drive vehicles less, use a bicycle.

5. Exercises and yoga

Due to our sedentary lifestyle, we are the reason for creating health issues for our body. During lockdown even if only to spend time, we started doing exercises and yoga. But this is only good for our health. Even after lockdown, we have to keep it a part of our lives. When we hear the word exercise we start thinking about gyms and other heavy exercises but this is not true. We can also do some light exercise which specifically involves walking. Yes, walking is the best exercise. You can walk regularly to keep yourself healthy. Yoga maintains a balance between body and mind. You do not need to go to any particular place to do yoga, you can do yoga in a quiet place in your house. You can also do meditation to calm and organise your mind. That way, you can keep yourself healthy after lockdown.

6. Spread awareness instead of spreading coronavirus

Now, this is the important point that you all have to keep in your mind. You can teach people not only about coronavirus but also about the measures that should be taken during and after lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Our education can help others to protect them and their families from being affected by coronaviruses. The following are some steps you can spread with your friends, with other people, but that doesn't mean you have to gather people, you can teach people where you are seeing indiscipline about lockdown and coronavirus preventive guidelines.

  • Teach your children the value of washing hands before doing anything especially before eating.
  • If you are seeing a gathering of people anywhere, ask them to keep a distance.
  • Tell people not to cough and sneeze in their hands.
  • Ask people to wear masks and gloves, wash hands and keep sanitizers even after lockdown.
  • Tell everyone to eat healthy food and do yoga and exercise.
  • Let the last thing be known to people, these measures are not only for them if a person is doing so, he is not only saving his life but saving many lives. This can become a proud moment for him.
Life after Corona demands more compassion and kindness to ensure better harmony with nature.


This article concluded with complete information that we should follow all healthy habits even after lockdown. The above discussion points are our steps to save our nation. So follow these healthy habits and keep the environment around you healthy.

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