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Home Remedies for Fracture


Fracture occurs, when a bone cracks or breaks. When fracture takes place, there exist tenderness, terrible pain, inflammation, numbness, blood accumulation underneath the skin, paralysis in the injured part and tingling.

There are two major types of fractures:-

  1. Closed Fracture: When the skin covering the bone keeps intact
  2. Open Fracture: When the bones break the skin below it

When a person undergoes fracture, it is highly important to consult a professional. But, there are certain home remedies and natural ways to do the preliminary treatment.

Effective Home Remedies

Right in the beginning apply the RICE treatment plan. RICE stands for the following:


Stop moving the broken part immediately. The more you provide rest to your fractured part, the more easily it will get cured.

2. ICE

Immediately apply ice packs to the broken part. This reduces swelling of the affected area.


Wrap the injured part in a bandage. But, do not do it tightly. This is because; wrapping tightly will stop blood circulation leading to more swelling.


Keep the broken part in an elevated position. This is because; it prevents the blood from getting accumulated in the injured part leading to inflammation.

Apart from the RICE therapy, there are some other remedies as well. These are:

  1. Consume half pineapple everyday till you are completely cured. The fruit contains the enzyme, Bromelain, which diminishes inflammation. But, it is recommended not to consume processed or canned pineapples.
  2. Avoid red meat, caffeinated beverages and aerated drinks.
  3. Do not eat foods, which have preservatives. They have phosphorus, which leads to the loss of the bones.
  4. Consume boron. It is an important component for healing the fractured bones effectively.
  5. Consume zinc. It repairs the damage caused by the tissues to a huge extent.
  6. Consume magnesium, potassium and calcium. These minerals form essential ingredients to repair the damage caused by the bones and to maintain the condition of the heart and the muscles.

Besides following the therapy and home remedies, it is essential to take proper care of the fractured part of the body. Also, make sure to visit an orthopedic specialist to get the problem cured completely.

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