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How Oil Pulling Can Help In Slow Down Receding Gums?


There is a big relation between oral health and overall health. Like all body parts the oral cavity is also prone to bacterial growth and as the oral cavity is the entry point for the respiratory as well as digestive tract so these bacterias may enter both these systems and lead to various diseases. Thus it is important to maintain oral health. Most usually the natural defense of the body along with good oral health keeps these bacterias under control. But sometimes after complete oral care bacterias may grow up to such an extent that they lead to some diseases of the oral cavity. One such condition is Receding gums about which we will discuss in  this article. Also we will discuss the process of oil pulling and how it helps in slowing down receding gums.

Oil Pulling


Oil pulling is one of the ancient procedures in which one wishes the oil in the mouth for removing bacteria and to promote overall oral hygiene. Recent studies recommend that oil pulling helps in killing bacteria in the mouth and maintains oral hygiene. The benefits of oil pulling depends upon the oil used for it and in this we can also use other liquids instead of oil. So various liquids used in oil pulling procedures depend upon different types of oral conditions. Further in this study we will discuss its Ayurvedic view and the benefits of oil pulling.

Ayurvedic View Of Oil Pulling

As per Ayurveda oil pulling includes two procedures that are Gandusha and Kavala. Acharya Charaka explained only Kavala whereas Acharya Sushruta and Vagbhata mentioned Gandusha and Kavala both. Following is the description about Gandusha and Kavala.

  • Gandusha: Gandusha is a procedure in which a person holds medicated oil or liquid in mouth. The quantity of liquid is so much that a person is unable to move the mouth. So during this procedure the person has to hold the liquid for some specific time and then to spit it out.
  • Kavala: Kavala is a procedure in which medicated oil or liquid is to be kept up to that amount which can easily rotate in the mouth. After rotating it for a specific time then the liquid is to be spit off.

Types Of Oil Pulling

  • Snehana (Lubricating): This type of oil pulling is to be done with the help of oils and fats and especially practice in vataj conditions. The oil is processed with sour, salty and sweet herbs. 
  • Prasadan (Palliative): This is the type of Oil pulling which is to be done with the herbs of astringent, bitter and sweet taste. 
  • Shodhana (Cleansing): This is done with herbs of pungent, bitter, salty and sour which have hot potency. And this type of oil pulling is beneficial for kapha disorders.
  • Ropana (Healing): The herbs used for Ropana type of oil pulling is of bitter and astringent quality.

Liquids Used For Oil Pulling

  • Fats
  • Honey and water
  • Fermented gruel
  • Wine
  • Meat soup
  • Animal urine such as cow’s urine
  • Dhanyamla (fermented grain liquid)

The above mentioned liquid can be mixed with kalka that is a herbal paste as mentioned in types of oil pulling. The liquid used can be raw or cooked and the temperature must be normal that is easy to keep in mouth.

Mostly Used Liquids For Oil Pulling In Practical Use

  • Sesame seed paste and water: In this 1 tablespoon sesame seed paste is to be taken and add 1 cup of lukewarm water into it. Then use this mixture for gargling. Uses- tooth weakness, relieving tingling sensation, vataj disorders.
  • Sesame oil: Gargling with sesame oil is effective for strengthening the jaws, flabbiness of face, depth of voice, perfect gustatory sensation and for good taste of food. According to Acharya charaka if anybody does oil pulling with sesame oil on a regular basis, they will never face problems such as cracked lips, sore throat, dental caries, toothache.
  • Ghee along with milk: Oil pulling with this remedy is very effective for those who are suffering from mouth ulcers, burning sensation, burns with alkali or fire and poison wounds.
  • Honey: This remedy is beneficial for alleviating sliminess in the mouth, relieves burning sensation, gets rid from ulcers and is most effective in healing the mouth ulcers.
  • Dhanyamla: Dhanyamla as we discussed earlier is a fermented grain liquid, this is to be used in case of diet, bad smell and alleviating distaste from the mouth.
  • Dhanyamla without salt: It is considered as best for alleviating dryness of the mouth.
  • Ksharambu (Alkaline water): This alkali water is best for removing kapha dosha from the mouth thus it can be given in case of kapha disorders.

Method Of Oil Pulling As Per Ayurveda

Following is exact method for oil pulling as per ancient science: 

  • A person is to be seated in a place devoid from the breeze and with mild sunlight.
  • Before oil pulling the neck and shoulders should be massaged with sesame oil, bala Ashwagandha oil, Maha Narayana Taila or Ksheerbala Taila at least for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Then for 2 to 3 minutes do fomentation which includes washing of neck and face with hot water or one can even mop it with a towel dipped in hot water and the face and neck can be exposed to the steam. While performing fomentation eyes should be kept covered.
  • The next step is oil pulling. While oil pulling face is to be kept slightly up and one has to hold the liquid for oil pulling in mouth till kapha gets accumulated in the mouth and the water starts secreting from eyes or mouth. After this one can spit off the liquid out of the mouth.

Till now we studied about what is oil pulling, now we are going to discuss how it helps in receding gums.

How Oil Pulling Helps In Receding Gums?

Before studying how oil pulling is effective in receding gums let’s discuss what actually the term receding gums meant. Receding gums is the condition in which the gums surrounding the teeths wear off and expose the teeth up to its root. The gum recession leads to formation of gaps or pockets between the gum line and teeth which makes the bacteria buildup easier. If this is left unmanaged then it will damage the tissue and bone structure which surrounds the teeth and cause severe damage which at last results to tooth loss.

Receding Gums

Causes Of Gum Receding

There are many reasons for gum receding which includes - Periodontal diseases (a bacterial infection of gums which destroys gum tissue), genetics, aggressive tooth brushing, hormonal changes, insufficient dental care.

Symptoms Of Gum Receding

Increased sensitivity to hot and cold, tooth appears longer than normal, increased space in between teeth, losing teeth, tooth decay, bleeding gums, bad breath.

How Oil Pulling Is Beneficial For It?

As we studied receding gums occurs with bacteria accumulation and also we studied oil pulling is good for alleviating bacteria build up. So eliminating bacteria buildup in the mouth and removing plaque from the mouth oil pulling helps in  alleviating receding gums.


Oil pulling is one of the ancient procedures in which one swishes the oil in the mouth for removing bacteria and to promote overall oral hygiene. As per Ayurveda oil pulling includes two procedures that are Gandusha and Kavala. Receding gums is the condition in which the gums surrounding the teeths wear off and expose the teeth up to its root. The main cause behind receding gums includes accumulation of bacterias and plaque formation. The oil pulling with certain anti-infective, antiinflammatory and antioxidant liquids helps in alleviating bacteria from the mouth and heals the infected gums with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. So without worrying you can use Oil pulling if you have receding gum problems. Also you can use oil pulling in cases such as burning sensation in mouth, mouth ulcers, tooth weakness, relieving tingling sensation, dryness of the mouth, bad smell and alleviating distaste from the mouth.

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