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How to Choose a Favourable Water Vessel for You?


You need to take sufficient care of the water that you consume, not just in the case of impurities but for bacterial free state and it must have various medicinal properties that help you to make your life healthy. Historically, copper vessels were used to store and drink the water, ancient societies used the copper in various forms like from currency to different household products. In our traditional Ayurvedic texts it has been mentioned that drinking water can be consumed in copper vessels, it has various medicinal properties like it is anti-bacterial, is helpful in curing various health ailments like cholera, infectious dysenteries, headaches or even varicose veins. So taking care of drinking water is an important aspect of life that can help us to fight with various health infections that may change to various life-threatening illnesses. In this article we are going to discuss the health benefits of different water vessels and different water temperatures according to the prakriti.

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Enormous number of systems teach us how to take water. Traditionally, people were very conscious about these small certain things and were still doing correct things without understanding their reason but just doing it on someone's advice. Even today, some of us are doing the same thing like nowadays in some homes we can see they have kept their drinking water in metal pots or in copper pots or brass pots. Traditionally water was drunk by first bowing down to it because it was said to be that water's behaviour depends upon how you treat it. The volume of memory and intelligence power that are carried by every water molecule is very specific along with its activities going on within you are very different. Before intake of water just bow down and give a moment of gratitude to the water. There are many things that can be remoulded according to your health and purpose, like treat water with gratitude or reverence, drink it with your hands, take it at an accurate temperature according to season, note the quantity of water that you are drinking, try to take sip and sip of water like food.

Copper Vessel Water

In today's life many of us have started using the plastic bottles but in ancient times people were more aware regarding to storage of water in very efficient manner, they always filled the water in copper vessel and put a pinch of turmeric in that vessel and put an aromatic flower on the top of it and keep it in the moonlight and sleeps. In the early morning they drink that water which is filled with various copper properties and it gives really great benefits in their normal day to day life. Some major benefits of copper are fighting off from the cancer cells, balances the hypertensive conditions, helps to reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride level, prevents anaemia, gives good results in digestion and also give strong effects on cardio-vascular disease, like impaired blood circulation in the body, even prevents the stroke.

Mud Vessel Water

Mud pot is also used as a water container, it also gives healthy and therapeutic properties to stay fit. It is widely used in the summer season for its natural cooling properties because its surface has tiny pores on the surface that leads to evaporation of water from these pores that helps to lower the temperature of water. This water is alkaline in nature and helps to eradicate the toxins from the water, it is very wonderful in pittaj vikaras, relieves hyperacidity, gastric related diseases. It helps to boost the metabolism with improvisation of digestion, prevents disorders that originate from the contaminated water, is gentle or soothing on the throat and is naturally purified.

Temperature Of The Water

Nowadays, especially in the summer season a lot of people fill their tumbler with ice cubes and then take this much chilled water. If you want to help your system and want to modify it with a simple cup of water then try to take water within four degrees of your body temperature. You can decide your water temperature in between thirty-three to forty-one degrees centigrade. This is not a common statement that whatever you are consuming must be in the range of your body temperature, and this is ideally applicable for everything that we are eating.

Benefits Of Warm Water

  • Warm water may help us to get relief from various respiratory conditions like nasal congestion, even the vapours of the warm water can give you various benefits in many diseases. It helps to eradicate the sinusitis, running nose, and sore throat.
  • Warm water also helps us to get relief from the indigestion, water moves through your alimentary canal and eliminates the waste easily.
  • It also helps to improve the mervine system functioning as well as various hormonal disturbances.
  • It also affects the mood and brain functioning and helps in boosting the immunity.
  • Warm water is very commonly used to get relief from the constipation or to make the stool soft.
  • In the cold season warm water is used by everyone so it helps with shivering or keeps our body warm for a longer time.
  • It also improves circulation and keeps your blood pressure at normal levels, bathing with warm water also helps in improving circulation throughout the body.
  • Warm water enlarges our blood vessels slightly, and enhances the supply of blood to respective organs, it also results in proper oxygenation to all organs of the body that increases their productivity.
  • Warm water shows wonderful results in sinusitis problems, by eradicating the mucus or phlegm and hence reduces headache also.

So we can say that warm water is very beneficial for us as compared to cold water. If someone wants to have cold water as in the summer season then he must use it as storing in a mud vessel or copper vessel.


Many of us have heard from our grandparents that water that is used for drinking should be stored in copper vessels that are provenly beneficial for our health because as it does so by positively charging the water. This water is very beneficial as it helps in maintaining all the three doshas in our body, kills all the harmful bacterias, and balances the pH level. There are various health advantages that have been used after soaking overnight or at least for 8 hours for having wonderful results.

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