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How Vedic Mantras Can Help In Healing Headache


Headache is a very common illness among the people nowadays. This is defined as the pain in the head and around the face or may involve the upper neck. Headaches can be experienced many times during life, even these days children are also affected by headaches. But in the past, this illness never affected the children. If we discuss headache nowadays its main cause is our modern lifestyle. This lifestyle has a major impact on our health, leads to increased mental stress or even in this modern world we use a lot of gadgets that directly affect our nervous system and give symptoms like headache or eye pain, or neck pain. In today's fast moving world if someone feels headaches whether it's minor or severe everyone wants instant relief and takes pain reliever medications. These medications can relieve the pain instantly but may show many side-effects on other parts of the body. Vedic literature gives us a very effective way to reduce the headache without using any pain reliever combinations. Chanting mantras can develop mental power and give strength to the body to fight against these symptoms. Now we are going to discuss how vedic mantras can help in healing the headache.

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Vedic mantras are described in our holy vedic scriptures. These mantras are used as the puja or aradhana of lord and these effects are very sattvic. Mantras can be highly beneficial for our brain. The primary effects that can be felt by chanting the mantras are relaxation or stress free mind, nervous system and body. With the recitation of Mantras various parts of our body gets activated which results to get peace of mind. It is said to be a positive vibe that eliminates the negative thoughts or harmful substances from the body. But the main condition is to chant the mantras properly in an efficient way that is written in vedas. The very important word AUM is distributed as the mantra and is also believed that the first originated sound in this universe is AUM and without the word AUM every single mantra is incomplete. Ayurveda, being a holistic system, also includes management of all the neuro-muscular diseases, the main aim of Ayurveda science is to strengthen mental and physical health. To reduce the stress and keep the calming effect by the use of daivik chikitsa, meditation, yoga exercises and herbal medications.

What are Mantras?

Mantras are the sacred utterances in hindu religion, some people just spoke out loud these mantras and few can recite internally in their mind. In hindu religion these mantras are kept for spiritual and ritual practice both. Mantras develop the protection sheath against our body to protect us from negative energies that can be created by bad or abusive words, angeriness. Chanting mantras brings a lot of positive energy. Hindus believed that Aum is the first sound that is produced from emptiness. And then Buddhists help to forward this science. Their three trinity are speech, mind and body of the buddha.

Benefits Of Vedic Mantra In Headache

The enchanting of Vedic mantras helps to originate the mental power and gives strength to the body and mind. It releases the stress and helps to live consciously with a proper peace of soul and mind. Vedic mantras help in improving the vitality and energy levels within the body and give great relief from disturbed conditions. When we chant mantras, its positive energy touches our mind, body and soul and works on little to little parts of our body so it can even cure incurable diseases. In our Vedic textuals, there are lots of mantras mentioned for treating the various kinds of diseases. In modern eastern traditions, AUM is still regarded as to open the third eye, this is a very helpful mantra to restore all the functions of organs and senses, and also helps to regenerate the aura and energy channels in the body. And ultimately helps to relieve the headache by relaxing the nervous system. Some Vedic mantras are explained below verse to heal the headache -


This mantra harmonises functions of marm (life points) and chakras. This mantra is also very helpful in relieving stress and headaches.


This mantra protects marmas and chakras and fulfils the patient's desires. It is very beneficial in elimination of toxins, and stress related conditions.


Mantra for cleansing and calming the mind.


Enchanting of this mantra will give you relief from headache.


This mantra is dedicated to lord Hanuman ji, that relieves despondency, stress, depression, headache, feelings of doom, hopelessness.

How To Work with Mantra in Headache

Mantra shows great influence over the mind and body, mantra should be practised regularly to get effective results. Different Mantras give different benefits in diseases. Mantras can also be classified as different purposes like some are peace mantras, purification mantras, headache mantras, calming mantras etc. Mantras help to turn all the negative vibes into positive energies and make you more attractive. This is the strength of the mantras, mantras give more results when chanted after a yoga session or after meditation. In headache there is an imbalance of manovaha srotas, these mantras directly affect the manovaha srotas and maintain the balance between the doshas. It gives strength to the mind and body, these mantras act by some kind of vibrations that are produced when we speak the mantra loudly. When we chant AUM, the hymn of this word starts from the navel and goes upto the throat. This motion balances the apana vayu that is mainly used to excrete the waste products and helps to keep the normal functioning of the body.


Our vedic mantras are very useful in managing the various disorders in a very different way. By enchanting these mantras you can get relief in many diseases, like headache, stress and many other disorders. Regular and proper use of vedic mantras in a classical manner. These mantras help in maintaining the neuromuscular system and are also beneficial in providing a calming effect on the mind.

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