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ITP Case Discussion - Ms. Nirmal Kaur from Sangrur (Punjab)

Patient’s Name - Nirmal Kaur
City Name - Sangrur, Punjab, India 
Chief Complaints - Bruises, Nose bleeding, Heavy menstruation, Pain in left leg and irritability
Date of Diagnosis - Since April 2022
Diagnosis - ITP
Diagnosis Criteria - Regular CBC and clinical observation    
Research Parameters - CBC was carried out before and after the treatment.

Contact Number - (+91) 708-768-0417

Past History

On 20 April 2022, The patient had seen red marks on her body and went for a CBC count just to chek for any abnormality. AS per the results of CBC report the platelet count of the patient was low i.e 15000. Then they got admitted to a local hospital in Sangrur, Punjab for 3 days and Infused platelet infusion. The doctors referred them to PGI , chandigarh. After that the patient visited PGI doctors in their OPD. They asked the patient to get admitted as the count was 3000 at that time. Then the patient was admitted in PGI and infused IVIG, The count after the injection was 40000. The doctors did a Bone marrow test and the patient was diagnosed with ITP. After 6 days of IV treatment the patient was discharged from the hospital with an Oral dose of Wysolone-50 mg. They continued the Wysolone for 8 months and decreased the dosage gradually and stopped the medication as per the doctor's advice. After 1 month the patient had nose bleeding and red spots on their body, they took online consultation with an allopathic doctor and again started the steroid but the count was 1000 on 02 Dec 2022. Then they visited the Planet ayurveda on 05 Dec 2022 and consulted Dr. Vikram chauhan at Planet Ayurveda Mohali.

Treatment Given

On 04 Dec 2022 we have started the Rx along with some dietary and lifestyle changes as explained below:-


  1. Kumar Kalyan Ras
  2. Swaran Vasant Malti Ras
  3. Mahamanjishthadi Kwath
  4. Syrup Plato Plan
  5. Syrup Hemo Plan
  6. Capsule Spirulina
  7. Pitta Balance
  8. Kamdudha Ras (moti yukt)
  9. Gandhak Rasayan
  10. Capsule Plato Plan

Diet and Lifestyle

  1. Avoid all dairy products, Non vegetarian food, spicy food, All kinds of packed and processed food, citrus fruits.
  2. Recommended two types of Juices to be taken daily - Green juice and Red juice
    • Green Juice - Papaya leaves, mint leaves, wheatgrass, Durva (Cynodon dactylon) grass, coriander leaves, Spinach leaves, Green grapes and 1 Amla.
    • Red Juice - Pomegranate, beetroot, Ashwagandha leaves, carrot, Apple.

Duration of Planet Ayurveda Treatment (Rx)

4 Months


S.No. Time/Duration Patient's condition before Planet Ayurveda's Treatment Patient's condition after Planet Ayurveda's Treatment
1 1st Month 1000 (02 Dec 2022)
41000 (04 Dec 2022)
189000 (06 Jan 2023)
2 2nd Month 229000 (10 Feb 2023)
3 3rd Month 204000 (26 March 2023)

Graphical Illustration

Graphical Illustration


No bruises, Nose bleeding, heavy menstruation and leg pain and the patient is also feeling very light and active. Platelets is improved within 1 month of taking ayurvedic treatment.

Detailed Summary

The patient came to us on 04 Dec 2022 with a diagnosis ITP and platelet count 1000 (did 2 days back). We have started the treatment and guided the patient with a suitable diet and lifestyle and observed the results within 1 month of giving the rx.On 06 Jan 2023, the Platelet count has been increased to 189000. Continued the Rx for two months to stabilise the platelet count so on 26 March 2023 the count was 204000. The patient was very happy and satisfied after taking ayurvedic Rx from Planet Ayurveda.

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