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ITP Case Studies - Vineet, Prinyanka, Sunil, Deepak & Ayansh

1. Case Study Of Vineet

A Boy from Jaipur who was suffering from ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or Auto immune thrombocytopenia)

Vineet, a 6 year old boy was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan. When he turned a year old, his parents noticed some bluish patches on his body during the Holi event. At First they thought it was just normal patches, but patches increased day by day. Then they decided to consult with an Allopathic Doctor for the diagnosis. Doctor advised them Complete Blood Count i.e. CBC and diagnosed it as Hemophilia as the Platelet count was less than 20 thousand. Then he was admitted to SMS Hospital, Rajasthan, for treatment of a low platelet count. After so many allopathic treatments, the patient was finally diagnosed with ITP i.e., immune thrombocytopenia purpura. With allopathy treatment, Platelets count fluctuates, but the patient was fine for 2 year. After 2 years, his father was transferred to Udaipur. Within a few days, again bluish patches appeared on his body. The platelet count was 2 thousand at that point. Then his father admitted him to Government Hospital, Udaipur. Doctor said there is no treatment for ITP in allopathy in this condition. His father got stressed and started thinking about the solution. Then he came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and they visited his clinic Planet Ayurveda (Mohali) and started taking treatment from him. Within one month, the platelet count increased from 20 thousand to 1,50,000. Vineet's father was shocked to see the increased platelet count and happy at the same time. He didn't have words to thank Dr. Vikram chauhan. Then they continued treatment for one and a half years, and are now absolutely fine.

2. Case Study Of Priyanka

A Girl from Gujarat who was suffering from ITP (Immune thrombocytopenic purpura)

Priyanka, a 26 year old girl born in Gujarat. At the age of 19, she noticed some bluish rashes on her body parts like on hand and feet. Then she went to the local Doctor. There she did her CBC and platelet counts were 20,000 at that point. Doctor referred her to a Hematologist, where she was diagnosed as ITP. Then she started taking steroids for around 1-2 years. She was fine during this interval. But when she reduced her steroid dose, the platelet count again started to decrease. Again she went to the Doctor, where she was advised for a splenectomy. In 2017, she came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and she visited his clinic Planet Ayurveda (Mohali) and started taking treatment from him, at that time her Platelets were around 20,000. Then she started taking treatment from Planet Ayurveda. After one month, her Platelets increased by 90,000. She continued taking treatment for the next 2 months, by this time her platelets reached 2,50,000. Now she is totally fine and very happy. She stopped taking medicine now. She said she will be always thankful to planet Ayurveda for her great experience.

3. Case Study Of Sunil

A Boy from Dehradun who was suffering from ITP (Immune thrombocytopenia)

Sunil, a 37 year old boy, was born in Dehradun. He observed some symptoms of ITP in 2018. One day in the evening, he observed a pimple on his neck and for the first time his nose started to bleed. He went to the local hospital the same night and was admitted. Platelets were 15,000-20,000 at that time. After 10 days, platelets increased by 1,50,000. But after 15 days, his platelets decreased to 1 lacs. Then he stopped taking steroids and went to another allopathic hospital for his treatment. After allopathic treatment, he decided to switch to Ayurvedic treatment. In April 2018, he came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and he visited his clinic Planet Ayurveda (Mohali) and  started taking treatment from him and after two years his  platelets increased by 2,32,000. He stopped taking medicines and started following the dietary plans of Planet Ayurveda. Now he is absolutely fine and his platelets were 1,65,000. He is very happy now.

4. Case Study Of Deepak

A Boy from Haryana who was suffering from ITP (Autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura)

When he was in 5th standard, he went to his uncle’s house in Delhi. At night he suffered from fever, but he didn’t tell anyone about this. In the morning, his uncle took him to Hospital, where the doctor said dengue and malaria are going on, to get his blood test done first. When the test was done, his platelets were around 30,000. Doctor said to get him admitted here, as his condition is very serious. Then his father took him from Delhi to Rohtak in PGI. After reaching there, Doctors kept doing tests. At the end, the Doctor did a bone marrow test and was diagnosed as ITP. Then he shifted to the cancer ward. He was admitted there for 7-8 months. Doctor advised him to take steroids, but steroids cause side effects to him and platelets remain the same and he was advised for a splenectomy. Then they came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and they visited his clinic Planet Ayurveda (Mohali) and started taking treatment from him. At that time his platelets were between 10,000-15,000 and he was also taking steroids. Dr. Vikram sir gave him medicines and told him to get his reports done after one week. Only after one week, his platelets turned 1 lacs from 15,000, and after one month the platelets were 6.5 lacs (more than normal). When he showed his report to his family, his father hugged him, started crying. On this day his family members celebrated Diwali.  After 8 months he discontinued his medicines. It has been 3 years now, he didn't take any medicines and is absolutely fine. His father is very happy, even though he wrote the Doctor's personal number on T.V., on slip, or kept in his pocket always. All are very happy in his family after receiving treatment from Planet Ayurveda.

5. Case Study Of Ayansh

A Boy from Indore who was suffering from ITP (Auto immune thrombocytopenia or Low platelet count)

Ayansh is a 3.5 years old boy from Indore. His parents noticed blue-colored patches on his body and thought that he might be injured or have fallen. Then they consulted an allopathic doctor at Indore and he advised some blood tests.  When the test was done, his platelets were 16,000 only and the doctor advised them to admit him to the hospital. During hospitalization, the doctor gave him steroids and some medications and discharged him. They continued the treatment for 2 years but his platelet count didn’t increase. Then they consulted a doctor in Bombay and during their treatment, the platelets count increased, the patient was fine but when they stopped the medicines the platelets counts decreased again. Then they came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and they visited his clinic Planet Ayurveda (Mohali) and started taking treatment from him. At that time his platelet count was 26,000. They started the treatment of their son Ayansh from Planet Ayurveda and followed the diet charts and medications strictly. Soon, his platelet count increased to 1,50,000, and then the dosage of his medication gradually decreased and then stopped. Now he is absolutely fine and his recent platelets are 3 lakh.

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