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Lohasava (Lohasavam) - Benefits, Usage, Indications and Dosage


Lohasava is an Ayurvedic medicine in the form of liquid containing naturally processed Iron which can pacify Kapha and Vata Dosha. Lohasava comprises of 4 - 10 % of self-generated alcohol in it. This self-generated alcohol and the water present in the product acts as a media to deliver dissolved active herbal components in water and alcohol to the body.

It is indicated in deficiency of iron in body acting as an iron tonic. Lohasava shows beneficial effects in anemic dropsy and diseases of the spleen.

Reference: Sharangdhara Samhita madhyam khand 10/34-38.


S. No.NameLatin Name Part UsedQuantity
1.Shodhita Loha (Purified, herbal processed Iron)--192 g
2.Shunti (Ginger)Zingiber officinaleRhizome192 g
3.Black pepperPiper nigrumFruit192 g
4.Long pepperPiper longumFruit192 g
5.HaritakiTerminalia chebulaFruit rind192 g
6.VibhitakiTerminalia bellericafruit rind192 g
7.AmlaEmblica officinalisFruit192 g
8.YavaniTrachyspermum ammiFruit192 g
9.VidangaEmbelia ribesFruit192 g
10.MustakaCyperus rotundusRhizome192 g
11.Chitra (Eranda)Ricinus communisRoot192 g
12.DhatakiWoodfordia fruticosaFlower960 g
13.Honey--3.072 kg
14.Jaggery--4.8 kg
15.Water--24.576 liters.


Take 15 - 30 ml. of medicine once or twice daily and it is usually advised after meals.

It should be mixed with equal quantity of water.

Method of Preparation

All above given herbs are prepared to a coarse powdered form. First of all jaggery is mixed with water, dissolved and filtered for waste particles. It is then added with rest of the ingredients and reserved for fermentation in a clean air tight vessel.

After fermentation get completed, the contents are filtered out and the liquid which is obtained is Lohasava.

Therapeutic Uses

Lohasava is used as Ayurvedic medicine for Anemia. Apart from anemia, lohasava is also used in the treatment of swelling, inflammation, liver and spleen conditions, itching, diabetes, gulma, ascites, piles, asthma, anorexia, cough, fistula, grahani (malabsorption) and certain digestive diseases. It increases digestion quickly and improves pallor.

  • Lohasava is an Ayurvedic medicine that has property to improve digestion.
  • This Asava is beneficial in Anemia.
  • It treats constipation.
  • Useful medicine in hepatomegaly & splenomegaly as a result of anemia and other liver and spleen disorders.
  • Effectively brings good results in diabetes, skin diseases, asthma & cough etc.
  • Also beneficial in weak Jatharagni (weak digestion), Aruchi (tastelessness) & Agnimandya (digestive impairment).
  • It is a suggested herbal medicine in Grahani (malabsorption syndrome) and Gulma (abdominal lump).
  • Lohasava is a useful remedy in piles and anal fistula.
  • Gives effective relief from edema (Shvayathu).
  • This Asava is good for heart patients.
  • Also benefits in conditions like chronic fever, malarial fever, jaundice and hepatitis etc.
  • It manages accumulation of fluid inside body.


  • Lohasava has Iron, overdose in children below 6 can lead to fatal poisoning symptoms therefore it must be taken under medical supervision and preferably after food.
  • High dose in adults may results in gastritis and vomiting.
  • It is safe to use this medicine in lower dose, in children above 5 years of age.
  • In pregnancy it is better to have it only under medical supervision. Avoid self-medication during pregnancy.
  • During lactation period it can be taken but under doctor's advice, for a short period of time.
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