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Origin Of Ayurveda

The history of medicine is an interesting subject since it chronicles the battle of humanity against illness. Medical science evolves in tandem with the advancement of civilization and the shift in disease patterns. The medical system known as Ayurveda developed in India with a logical and rational basis, and it has endured as a separate entity from ancient times to the present. The Atharva Veda, which is said to be the source of Ayurveda, lists several illnesses and their remedies. Later, from the sixth century BC to the seventh century AD, a period known as the Samhita period saw the systematic development of science. Several authors created classic works during this time, and there is evidence of organized medical care. Herbal remedies, certain diets, yoga, meditation, massage, laxatives, enemas, and medicinal oils are examples of Ayurvedic therapies. Planet Ayurveda provides pure herbal medications along with a Strict diet which helps in providing relief to the patient to live a healthy life.

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In 1999, almost 25 years ago, we embarked on the mission of "Taking Ayurveda to Every Home Worldwide" when we launched Planet Ayurveda. It is now time to reveal the true history of the Planet Ayurveda and its beginnings. Who is this dude who we are talking about? Why is he the one now that he is? It's the person you all know as Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Dr Vikram Chauhan Researched various Formulas from Ancient books and restored health and saved Human beings from the worst side of chemical-based treatments. The goal of Planet Ayurveda is to promote Ayurveda, its advantages, and its knowledge globally. It does this by operating an Ayurvedic Clinic and manufacturing, trading, and exporting herbal supplements. Among the numerous herbal goods we provide are powders, teas, tablets, oils, Syrups, Capsules, and Cosmetics and Skincare items. Each of our herbal products has a regulated herbal formula and is certified authentic. We target a certain health issue with each of our natural supplements. Every product undergoes rigorous testing for consistency and purity, is produced using the purest herbal extracts, and is enhanced with traditional knowledge. We provide the best selection of herbal supplements, which are great for keeping your general health in check.

CEO And Founder Of Planet Ayurveda

Dr. Vikram Chauhan founder of the Krishna Herbal Company, Planet Ayurveda Products, and Planet Ayurveda Clinic. The author of the book Ayurveda: God's Manual for Healing. He is a skilled Ayurvedic consultant and MD from Chandigarh, India, who practices in Mohali. He has a great deal of knowledge about applying herbs. He has authored articles for numerous health sections in international newspapers and appeared in interviews on national and international TV networks. In addition to maintaining a regular clinic in India, he has delivered papers and lectures at numerous national and international forums and conferences.

Objective Of Planet Ayurveda

  • To spread Ayurveda all over the world
  • Prevents and treats various diseases by improving their diet and lifestyle.
  • Creating new herbal and Ayurvedic mixtures to treat patients globally and identifying more effective substitutes for existing medications without aggravating pre-existing conditions.

Our Core Values

  1. A Holistic Approach To Health - Planet Ayurveda stands out for its comprehensive approach to health and well-being. Recognising that health is a state of harmonious equilibrium between the mind, body, and spirit, the company offers a broad range of goods that address different health issues. Each product is made to target a particular health need holistically, ranging from herbal formulas for joint care, skin care, immunological support, and digestive health to remedies for stress relief and general vigour.
  2. Teamwork - In a boundaryless workplace, our collaboration is based on the ideas of transparency and mutual trust. When we support ideas, even acknowledging hazards, we do it with intellectual integrity.
  3. Expert Consultation And Various Services - In addition to its product line, Planet Ayurveda offers knowledgeable advice & consultations to anyone looking for customized health solutions. Qualified Ayurvedic doctors provide customized guidance that includes dietary adjustments, way-of-life adjustments, and herbal supplements to assist people in achieving their best health. Planet Ayurveda stands out for its customized approach, which strengthens the bond between practitioners and those seeking holistic health.

How Telemedicine Is Helpful?

Other names for telemedicine include telehealth, e-visits, e-health, and m-health (where m stands for mobile) It is a form of medical care online. Online medical consultations involve virtual consultations with a physician who uses digital technology for illness and injury diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Some Benefits Of Online Consultation

  • Safety - The patient does not have to wait for a long time to meet the doctor and can safely stay at home.
  • Convenience - Patients can talk with doctors from their homes and work as per their comfort zone.
  • Privacy - Online video Call Consultation provides complete privacy
  • Affordability - This Online Consultation can save time and money which can be affordable to the patient
  • Infectious disease - Online Consultation reduces the chance of spreading of disease, as you did not come in direct contact with other patients in Hospitals and Clinics.
  • Anytime - Anywhere - Medical crises are never followed by warning signs. It may make strange noises, such as in the middle of the night. However, you can see the doctor without interfering with your routine thanks to e-visits or remote consultations.It is no longer necessary for you to wait for a consultation at the doctor's office. With a free online doctor consultation, you can now wait in the comfort of your own home.

Planet Ayurveda provides Online Video Call Consultations with Top Ayurveda expert doctors. Additionally available are the skilled Ayurvedic experts with Dr. Vikram Chauhan closely working with the patients. You can schedule an appointment with the doctors of Our Planet Ayurveda, as stated above, and talk with them about any health issues you may have.

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For Further Queries you can contact on the number given Below -

  1. 0172-521-40-40 (Calling from Within India)
  2. +91-172-521-4040 (Calling from Outside India)

WhatsApp Numbers

  1. +91-991-559-3604
  2. +91-842-749-4030


1. Who are the Medical Consultants?

Every doctor on staff is a licensed medical professional. In addition to degrees that meet the requirements, experience, research, and a history of practice.

2. Will my problem be solved by the doctor?

With their professional assistance, our doctors will help you determine the best course of action for your condition, which may involve additional testing, medication recommendations, or lifestyle counsel. In order to reach a definitive diagnosis, we encourage patients to provide reports or images where possible, as not all instances call for a face-to-face assessment.

3. Is my doctor's consultation with me private?

Data privacy is one of the essential human rights. Your whole medical history is kept private, during online consultation with us.

4. How much time does the consultation last?

In paid Online Consultation, you can have a talk with an Expert doctor within 10 Days of consultation. After 1 month you can follow up with a doctor to keep them updated.

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