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Orthovita Oil - Effective Ayurvedic Oil for Joint Pain Relief

Many of us or our family members and relatives want something that can cure the pain by just applying the oil or any cream for joint pain and stiffness. It is obvious why to take medicines if we can get rid by just applying something locally on the affected areas. Many of us always try to find Ayurvedic oil which makes the joint pain, stiffness and other related symptoms of ours / parents / grandparents go away. Ayurveda is the Indian origin science and its preparation has no side effects.

As per its name suggests, Orthovita Oil is used for joint pain as well as stiffness. Joints are defined as the connection between the bones which provide support to the body. The bones in the joints are separated by cartilage and if any damage occurs to them, then it can affect the body movements and causes severe pain. Various conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, sports injuries, strains, etc. conditions lead to joints pain in the affected areas. Joint pain can occur in any part of the body from ankles and feet to the hands and shoulders. In these days knee and hip pain is the most common joint pain which may range from mild to severe and may last for a few hours to weeks i.e., acute or chronic.

As per the Ayurveda aspect

Vata is the main dominating and governing dosha which affects the various body parts and maintains the equilibrium in the body as well as the universe. With the advancement of age, there is a progression of the vata dosha which results in the degeneration of the body gradually.

In Ayurveda, joint pain is related to sandhigatavata (in which sandhi means joints and vata means the vata dosha). This disorder occurs due to the vitiation of vata dosha which is aggravated due to the accumulation of ama (toxins) in the body. Ama is accumulated due to the altered digestive system. Ama gets circulated in the whole body and deposits in the joints which causes pain. Pain occurs due to the aggravated vata dosha because vata is dry in nature and it absorbs the synovial fluid from the body.

According to Ayurveda, joint pain occurs due to mithyaharavihara (due to the improper diet and lifestyle). This main types of joint pain are associated with the poor nourishment or low bone density. The second one is the excessive accumulation of the ama in the joints and these are associated with the severe pain in the joints and muscles, stiffness and fever.

Are you looking for a solution to relieve joint pain and stiffness? Planet Ayurveda offers you herbal remedy or formulation with 100% Ayurvedic herbs. This formulation will give proper solution to your problems and are safe and highly recommended for pain in various joints such as ankle, fingers, wrists, feet, shoulders, etc. This may occur to the people of all age groups. This formulation is important as it not only treats the symptoms like pain, redness, and swelling but also focuses on the root cause and eradicates it at the early stage.

Introduction of Orthovita Oil

Orthovita oil is a wonderful herbal oil which is a combination of various herbs that supports healthy joints and muscles. This oil helps in getting rid of impurities that are embedded in the body tissues. Being an anti-inflammatory it reduces the pain as well as decreases the inflammation.

Benefits of Orthovita Oil

  1. Orthovita oil removes the stiffness of the joints and increases the flow of life by giving oxygen to the tissues. It also flushes out the toxins from them.
  2. This oil is formulated especially for those who have a high level of Vata dosha in the body because Vata dosha increases the degeneration of bones which leads to joint pain and degeneration.
  3. It contains various essential oils with awesome fragrance and also provides a calming effect on the nerves.
  4. It also provides lubrication to the joints and increases the proper functioning of joints.

Ingredients and their Uses

Each 100 ml Contains:-

Sr. No. Ingredient Name Quantity
1. Shul Gajendra Oil 30ml
2. Gandhapura oil 10ml
3. Turpentine Oil 18ml
4. Saindhavadi Taila 30ml
5. Prasarini oil 10ml
6. Camphor 02gm

Tarpin Oil:

Tarpin oil is used to treat neuralgic disorders and muscle pain.

Shulgajendra Oil:

Use of this oil balances the vata dosha in the body and relieves pain as well as inflammation.

Prasarini Oil:

It is a classical Ayurvedic formulation which is applied externally for massage.

Saindhavadi Oil:

Saindhavadi oil treats rheumatism and also useful in sinus, fistula and muscle stiffness.

Gandhpura Oil:

Gandhpura oil has been used in Ayurveda to relieve muscle pain and stiffness due to sprains and strains.


Camphor increases the blood flow locally which reduces the pain and swelling.

Who can Use this Oil?

Orthovita oil can be used by all age groups and in all kinds of joint pain. Mainly this oil is recommended in joint pain due to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, generalized weakness, sports injuries, sprains, strains, etc. It is also useful in backache, muscle pain, etc.

Directions of Use

Take 5 to 10 mil of Orthovita Oil in your palm and massage with it gently over the affected joint. Wrap the affected joint with cloth at least for 2 to 3 hours. Give it proper rest and maintain a warming atmosphere. It restores the energy and repairs the joint naturally.


Apply it gently on the affected areas or joints two times in a day. It is used only for external application.

Side Effects

This herbal oil has no side effects.

Information regarding the Product

  • This product comes in oil form.
  • Bottle pack product
  • Its quantity is 100 ml
  • It can be bought in a pack of 1 to 2 bottles.

Advantages of Using Planet Ayurveda Products

  • Our products are available at a very reasonable rate.
  • These are formulated with 100% pure herbs that are mentioned in Ayurveda texts.
  • These are not tested on animals and does not contain chemicals, colors, additives, and other flavored components.

To buy Orthovita Oil online, please visit

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