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Role Of Ayurveda In Treating HIV

What is Ayurveda medicine?

The word "Ayurveda" comprises two words Ayu and veda. Ayu means age or lifespan and veda means knowledge that combines to form "the knowledge of life". Ayurvedic medicines originated from an ancient period of time and helps to manage and nourish the mind, bodily tissues, all the senses and soul. The Ayurveda system helps to strengthen the immune system by using personalised routines for meditation, nutrition and spiritualism. This is the oldest traditional system of medicine accepted worldwide for its vast knowledge and herbal formulation. The interrelation of human body compositions as well as the great role of nature that helps the patient to take herb based medicine.

Role Of Ayurveda In Treating HIV

What is HIV?

HIV Human Immunodeficiency virus that is referred to as the main causative factor for AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) which is a very harmful condition of today's world affecting about 50 million people around the world. This is called retrovirus. When it enters in the WBCs or CD 4 cells it produces its own DNA and gets entered into the host cells. Due to certain factors and regulatory mechanisms the viral DNA lies dominantly in the cells of the host for a few years before it starts to damage the body. People who are infected with HIV may take 9-10 years to produce AIDS.

HIV or AIDS is said to be caused by Ojakshaya, that means the loss of vital energies or immunity. Our many Acharyas have already mentioned this disease in Ayurvedic treaties like by Agnivesha in charak samhita, by sushruta in sushrut samhita, by vagbhata in Ashtanga hridaya, by bhavprakash in bhavprakash nighantu etc. Ojas is the essence of Saptadhatu and is the seat for strength and also called as the upadhatu of shukra dhatu, Chakrapani told about dhatu vaha srotas that is referred to ojovaha strotas. The mula of ojo vaha strotas is hrdaya along with the blood vessels attached to it. HIV or AIDS are the types of abnormalities that are caused by the Oja kshaya.

Ojas is of two types Para and Apara ojas -

  1. Para ojas is of astabindu quantity and then it leads to the death of the patient.
  2. Apara ojas is of shradhanjali, if it decreases then manifests 3 kinds of anomalies that are ojokshaya, ojo vyapat, ojovisramsa.

Some of the main causes that leads to ojas depletion -

  • Ojo visramsa shows - Loosening of joints, weakness of body, displacement of doshas, sluggish behaviour.
  • Ojo vyapat shows - Stiffness and heaviness, swelling, loss of complexion, exhaustion, stupor, excessive sleep.
  • Ojo kshaya shows - Fainting, unconsciousness, delirium, wasting of muscles, full of fear, general debility, discomfort in sense organs, emaciation, unstable mind.

HIV/AIDS are mainly caused due to this ojo kshaya. Moreover, our ancient Acharyas have already told us about the management of Ojokshaya.

  • To enhance the ojas, many brihaniya herbs can be given to the patient, these brihaniya herbs help to maintain the dhatu production and improve the karshanata or weakness. Some of the brihaniya herbs that are used in HIV/AIDS ksheer vidari, rajsevak, ashwagandha, kakoli, kshir kakoli, baladvaya, van kapas, vidarikanda, vidhara are the brihaniya herbs that are mentioned by Acharya Charaka in charak samhita.
  • Hridaya herbs are also used as ojas vardhaka, rasayana, vajikarana and use of jivaniya gana herbal formulation may also be taken by patients. Hridaya herbs that are mentioned by Charak are aamra, amtrak, lakuch, karmard, vrikshamla, amlavetasa, ber, anar, matulung.
  • Jivaniya herbs include jeevak, rishbhak, meda, mahameda, kakoli, kshir kakoli, mudgaparni, mashparni, jeevanti, mulethi.
  • In rasayana therapies kuti praveshika rasayna is very effective in enhancing the immunity. Use of vardhamana pippali rasayana is also very helpful in enhancing immunity. And many other herbal combinations that are very supportive in increasing the immunity like Amalaki, Vidang and Atibala etc.
  • Other important Rasayanik drugs that are Guduchi, Aswagandha, Amalaki and tulsi in equal amounts were found to be very beneficial in the cellular and humoral components of immunity.
  • Medhya Rasayna also plays a major role in enhancing the immunity, and it consists of guduchi swaras, shankhpushpi roots and flowers, yashtimadhu churna with milk, mandookparni swaras.
  • Sweet, moist, cold potency and light food should be taken by the patient of HIV/AIDS.
  • Cow Milk, soup of non-veg food, balya and jeevaniya gana aushadhi may also be taken regularly.
  • Patients must live relaxed and stress free in daily life which helps to enhance their immunity.
  • Immunomodulator formulations should be given to the patient to strengthen the overall system and appetite - there are several Ayurvedic medicines which helps in improving the patient condition that concluded chyawanprash, shatavari kalpa, guduchi or kalmegh also.
  • Provide a healthy environment to the patient - Given diet must be easily digestible, provide enough nourishment to the body.
  • Regular and easy exercises, also a proper walk should be done on a daily basis.
  • When patients gain some muscular and body strength then some panchakarma procedures must be advised. Shodhana karma should be done to eliminate the toxins from the body via virechana, vaman or vasti. Several ghee based medications must be used to strengthen the body and for proper detoxification of the body.
  • Liver supportive drugs should also be used to maintain the healthy system.
  • Avoid oily, spicy, acidic or baked products and a consumed diet should consist of ghee.
  • Lifestyle modifications - Our sedentary lifestyle has given strong impact on the body hormones and made the immune system weak due to which food doesn't get digested easily. And at this time if we eat unhealthy food then it may clearly lead to various health issues like digestion related disorders, weakness, more to get prone for certain diseases example liver disorders, GI Tract disorders, that is associated with diminished body health.


Ayurvedic remedy help the patient by its detoxification properties, medicated purgations, emesis and enema; these all processes give effective results in many deteriorating health conditions.

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