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Vamana Karma- Medicines, Indications, Procedure & More

Vamana Karma- Medicines, Indications, Procedure & More Abstract Vamana Karma is a process by which the elimination of vitiated dosha (kapha and pitta) from the stomach and whole body through the mouth. The endotoxins (vitiated kapha and pitta) which are present in the stomach, in cells and tissues of the entire body are eliminated by the vamana therapy. When kapha dosha is raised in a small quantity it leads to diseases like cough, cold, heaviness, indigestion etc. then the oral

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Detoxification And Immunity

Detoxification Tips To Enhance Your Health & Immune System ABSTRACT Ayurvedic literature presents a wide range of concepts to enhance the health of the body. The prime motive of ayurvedic science being ” Swasthasya swasthya rakshanam, aturasya vikara prashmanamch”, i.e. to maintain the health of a healthy individual and eradicate the disease or abnormality of a patient. To maintain the health of the body, immunity and detoxification play a pivotal role. The immunity on one hand, fights to keep the

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How Detoxification Can Support A Healthy Immune System?

How Detoxification Can Support A Healthy Immune System? According to Ayurveda, A person is considered as healthy when he has balanced doshas, balanced agni (digestive fire), balanced dhatus (body components), three waste products urine, stool, and feces and mind are in balanced and functioning properly and to maintain this state of healthy one should follow healthy lifestyle and diet. Nowadays people are so busy in their daily routine, eating junk food, living in so polluted environment it has been so

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