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Satmya And Asatmya In Ayurveda

Satmya And Asatmya In Ayurveda Abstract Ayurveda is an age-old great science with explanations of vast health related topics. The purpose or aim of ayurveda is compiled very beautifully in a shloka-“SWASTHASYA SWASTHYA RAKSHANAM ATURASYA VIKARA PRASHAMANAM” which translates to safeguarding the health of the healthy and eradicating the disease of the diseased. This interprets that ayurveda not only includes the remedies for the diseased but also the daily and seasonal regimen to maintain the health of a healthy individual.

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Winters Need Special Care And Hot Drinks

Winters Need Special Care And Hot Drinks A year is divided into 4 seasons which are spring, summer, winter and autumn. Every season has characteristic qualities of its own. Changes in the seasons are the cause of the earth’s axial tilt and the revolution of the earth around the sun. In ayurveda acharyas have mentioned 6 seasons which are like shishir (late winters), vasant (spring), grishma (summers), varsha (rains), sharad (autumn), hemant (early winters). Regime for every season is written

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Why Kriyakala is A Successful Diagnostic and Treatment Tool?

Why Kriyakala is A Successful Diagnostic and Treatment Tool? The basic goal of Ayurveda is quite simple, use opposite qualities to maintain or restore balance. When a person loses balance, they enter into a disease stage; regardless of how minor the signs and symptoms appear to be. These six stages of disease are called kriyakala. Accumulation Aggravation Overflow Relocation Manifestation Diversification These six stages refer to the doshas movement in our physical body, the tissues and channels, as well as

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