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Winters Need Special Care And Hot Drinks

A year is divided into 4 seasons which are spring, summer, winter and autumn. Every season has characteristic qualities of its own. Changes in the seasons are the cause of the earth's axial tilt and the revolution of the earth around the sun. In ayurveda acharyas have mentioned 6 seasons which are like shishir (late winters), vasant (spring), grishma (summers), varsha (rains), sharad (autumn), hemant (early winters). Regime for every season is written in detail in ayurvedic texts. Winter is not a season it's a celebration as winter is the coldest season of the year so it requires special care and special diet which we will be discussing in detail in this article.

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A year is divided into 2 phases in ayurveda i.e. adaan kaal and visarga kaal. And the late winters fall under the adaan kaal, early winters fall under the visarga kaal.  So the early winters are a season which is kind of rejuvenating in nature and also heals the body it is also known as the healthy season of the body; but the late winters fall under the category of adaan kaal which means person will have low energy and the energy of sun is very high due to which human body gets dry and more prone to get diseased. It is very important for our body to keep it healthy during the winter season and protect it from getting ill.

Doshas In Winter Season

There is prakopa of vata dosha, sanchay of kapha dosha and shaman of pitta dosha in the winter season due to which it is a dry and cold season.  Vata dosha prakop will keep the body dry and cracked which can lead to different pains in the body and decrease of the immunity.

Diseases Related To Winter Season

Winter is the season of celebrations but it’s also a season in which many diseases affect people because there is prakopa of vata dosha in the body and most of the disorders which occur are due to the vata dosha.

  • Common cold
  • Pneumonia
  • Ear infections
  • Infection of norovirus
  • Sore throat
  • Joint and body pains
  • Dry skin
  • Eczema

Diet In Winters

  • Winter diet should be according to the dosha in the body. As there is prakopa of vata dosha in the body so we should take oily foods, foods which are sour and salty should be consumed.
  • Animals which live in water like turtles and fish and the organisms which live in anupa desha (wet land) should be consumed during the winter season.
  • Organisms which have more fat in the body should be consumed during the winter season.
  • Alcohol, sidhu (ayurvedic alcohol type) can be consumed during the winter season with the use of honey. This alcohol should be consumed after the intake of food.
  • Food which is made up of milk like curd, cream, sweets should be consumed
  • Oils, animal fats and old rice should be consumed
  • Use of chyawanprash regularly
  • Use of spices in winters like black pepper
  • Use of vegetables which have hot potency like ginger, potatoes, sweet potatoes etc.
  • Use of ghee

Lifestyle In Winters

  • Massage with the hot oils
  • Oleaginous paste should be applied on the body
  • Regular head massage
  • Sun bath
  • Staying in the warm room
  • Sauna bath
  • Using warm blankets
  • Wearing warm clothes
  • Applying paste of agar (Aquilaria malaccensis) on the body which will keep the body warm

Unsuitable Diet And Lifestyle For Winters

One should avoid diets and lifestyles which increase the vata in the body, foods like barley, curd, dried foods, light foods, and sattu (made with dried and roasted grains).

How To Avoid Illness During Winters

One should take measures to prevent the illness during this season as anybody can get ill due to the cold and chilly environment. Some methods through which we can stay warm and healthy in winters are mentioned below

  • Use of hot foods
  • Use of herbal teas
  • Using herbal decoctions and infusions
  • Using chyawanprash
  • Following diet which is good for winter
  • Exercising regularly
  • Take enough of vitamin D and vitamin C

Some Home Made Drinks For Winters

  1. Amla Juice - This juice can be used in the winters by adding some black pepper and honey it will provide vitamin c and black pepper will keep the body metabolism healthy.
  2. Coriander Lime Green Tea - It’s a detoxification tea which eliminates the toxins and provides vitamin C. Also coriander will boost up the metabolism.
  3. Ginger Lemon Tea - This can be made using green tea, ginger and lemon it is very good in winters.
  4. Lemon Honey Water - Warm lemon-honey water with some black pepper and aloe Vera juice is also very effective in winter’s aids in weight loss and keeps body metabolism high.

Some Drinks From Planet Ayurveda

  1. Detox Tea - It’s an herbal tea which contains arjuna (Terminalia arjuna), Taruni (Rosa centifolia), dalchini (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) these herbs are good for the metabolism of the body, it boosts up the immunity and detoxifies the body. All the ingredients in the tea are the best alternative for the regular tea with added benefits.
  2. Shwas Ambu Chai - This tea is beneficial for the winters it is helpful in the respiratory disorders like cold and cough and pneumonia symptoms which are a major problem in winters.
  3. Arjun Tea - This tea contains 5 ingredients which are beneficial for the heart and metabolism. Ingredients like Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna), punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa) will keep you warm and lower the cravings for the tea.
  4. Respi Support Tea - This tea contains ingredients like tulsi (Ocimum Tenuiflorum), ginger (Zingiber officinale), licorice etc which are very effective for the respiratory system and increasing immunity. It will protect the person from common cold and cough in the winter.


Winters are the season which is very chilly and it needs special care. In some regions it’s the coldest time of the year but in some regions it’s not that much cold though it will require extra efforts to keep you warm and healthy. Ayurveda has a special mention of different seasons and regimens according to the different seasons. Some diet and lifestyle modifications are to be done according to the seasons. There are some hot drinks and teas which you can add in your diet which help to boost your immunity and metabolism in winters. There are also many drinks from planet ayurveda which can be included in your diet in winters.

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