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Crest Syndrome

Ayurvedic Treatment For Crest Syndrome With Herbal Remedies Abstract The CREST syndrome is made up of a mixing of five diseases and each letter stands for a different disease. C letter stands for Calcinosis which means calcium deposits in the body such as under the skin, and fingers. R letter stands for Raynaud’s phenomenon where due to excessive cold weather and stress the spasm of blood vessels occurs in fingers or toes. E letter stands for Esophageal dysfunction It is

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Vertibular Hypofunction

Ayurvedic Treatment For Vertibular Hypofunction With Herbal Remedies Abstract Vestibular Hypofunction is a condition where the inner part of the ear is not working properly. It is unilateral or bilateral. Bilateral occurs due to damage to inner ear nerves. The inner ear cochlea and semicircular canals help in the balance of hearing defects in the inner ear leading to vestibular hypofunction. The vestibular system works with the eyes and muscles to maintain the normal functioning of the body. Abnormality in

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Bartholin Gland Cancer

Ayurvedic Treatment For Bartholin Gland Cancer With Herbal Remedies Abstract Cancer is a disorder in which the body’s cells grow out of control and spread to different bodily areas. In the body, it can begin anywhere and grow into trillions of cells. Typically, human cells divide and develop, giving rise to new cells that are crucial for the body’s continued growth. Also, in the regular process, damaged cells die and are replaced by new ones. Sometimes, this balance is upset,

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Diarrhea In Horses

What Is Diarrhea In Horses & Its Ayurvedic Treatment Abstract Diarrhea is an illness in which more than two or three stools are passed in a day that is watery in consistency. Diarrhea can occur in human beings and these animals including horses. Though it is not a fatal disease, it can become a medical emergency depending upon the severity of the infection and intensity of motion. What can be the causes of diarrhea in horses? And what can be

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