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Case Study No: 78 | Psoriasis – Sonia Batra

Case Study No: 78 | Psoriasis – Sonia Batra Mrs. Sonia Batra did suffer from psoriasis for a long time until coming to Planet Ayurveda Mrs. Sonia Batra has suffered from psoriasis for a long time since 2007. She was treated at Planet Ayurveda within 15 days. She found Planet Ayurveda on the net after watching a video of a person who got treated for his psoriasis that he has also been suffering for a longer time. She was impressed

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Case Study No: 28 | Psoriasis – Miss. Lamia Matura

Case Study No: 28 | Psoriasis – Miss. Lamia Matura A Patient of Psoriasis that Couldn’t Find the Treatment Even in Foreign Countries! Miss. Lamia Matura had come to India with psoriasis that she suffered for a long period and she got the treatment out here at Planet Ayurveda only. It all began with a small patch that appeared on her elbow initially. She started using the local creams, but all proved to be futile. She didn’t understand the reason

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Natural Treatment of Psoriasis Introduction Herbal Remedies About Psoriasis Psoriasis is the persistent long lasting disease. It is a common skin condition that changes the life cycle of skin cells. It’s a non-contagious inflammatory skin disease characterisized by reoccurring reddish patches covered by silvery scales occurs especially on the scalp, ears, genitialia and the skin over bony prominence. In Ayurveda any skin disorder classified as khustha-Roga. Psoriasis resembles Ek-Khustha and kitbha khustha. In Ek-Khustha in this type of khustha the

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Case Study No: 23 | Psoriasis – Ishmeet Saini

Case Study No: 23 | Psoriasis – Ishmeet Saini Ishmeet Saini – A little girl, who got infected by psoriasis, due to many reasons like it could be genetic, not having a proper diet, having some wrong or stale food and much more. Actually, her father is working abroad and her mom is a housewife and she has a younger brother. Prickly heat came out on her back when she had just started going to school and her mom, Mrs.

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