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Ashoka / Saraca Asoca

Ashoka (Saraca Asoca) – Properties, Benefits, Part Used, Dosage & Uses Ashoka (Saraca asoca) is small evergreen tree. The Ashoka leaves are alternate, paripinnate compound, stipulate, large & spreading horizontally. This Ashoka tree has orange colored flowers with a beautiful aroma. 7-8 stamens are found in flower. Ashoka Fruits are smooth, leathery and flat pods including 6-8 seeds inside. Bark is externally dark green to greenish grey in color. It is smooth with transversely ridged & circular lenticels. General Information

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Ayapan / Eupatorium Triplinerve

Ayapan (Eupatorium Triplinerve) Description of the Plant Ayapan is an evergreen perennial plant that has its origin from South America. It also grows in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and India. It is a common ornamental plant with great medicinal value. But apart from the fancy value that it holds, it has many medicinal benefits also. Ayapan is the common Ayurvedic name of Eupatorium Triplinerve. It belongs to Asteraceae family. It is a tropical American shrub that is commonly

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