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Music Therapy and its Effect in Stress Management

Music Therapy And Its Effect In Stress Management This era of 21st century every other person is stressed, having anxiety, or depression. Adults have stress related to work and families, students have stress related to examinations, etc. There are 3 types of stress like acute stress, chronic stress, and episodic stress. Many approaches are studied to combat stress in a healthy way without the use of medicines like yoga therapy, meditation, breathing practices, exercise, music therapy, hypnotic therapy, etc like

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Role of Stress in Our Health and Importance of Healthy Mind

Role of Stress in Our Health and Importance of Healthy Mind “Oh you are looking so fresh”, these kinds of remarks can make your day, when your body feels good and rejuvenated. Your outer body is a reflection of your inner world. Your inner world can be triggered by a hidden jitters and this jitter is known by a name, Stress. Stress, you can say is an immediate response of your body towards some kind of reaction. STRESSORS: BAD OR

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