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Home Remedies for Edema Modern lifestyle, smoking, excessive intake of alcohol, hypertensions lead to several diseases and one of them is edema. Edema is swelling affecting the hands, legs and ankles due to accumulation of excessive fluid in the body. Patients suffering from conditions such as kidney and liver disorders, heart disease, lymph nodes inflammation, allergies, diabetes, pregnant women have symptoms of edema. Noticeable symptoms of edema are : Tissues swelling under the skin Stretching, puffiness and dimpling of skin

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Ayurvedic Treatment of Edema Introduction Herbal Remedies Introduction It is well said that if we are physically unfit then all the luxuries of life are of no use. Health is real wealth, these few lines sum up the biggest fact of life. There are various factors like our life style, improper eating habits and hectic schedules which are responsible for health complications. Bottom line of this article is edema or we can say swelling in overall body like our hands,

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