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Tekaraja Thailam (Oil)

Tekaraja Thailam (Oil) Reference: Sahasrayogam taila, Yogaprakaraṇa. Introduction Tekaraja Thailam (Oil) is an Ayurvedic herbal oil, prepared with coconut oil base, which is useful in respiratory conditions. As it is generally prepared with coconut oil, so is also known as Tekaraja Keram/Tekarajadi coconut oil. Ingredients Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) powder – 60 grams Coconut oil – 240 grams Bhringaraja – Juice extract of – 960 ml. Method of Preparation Heated all above given ingredients till the oil is formed Medicinal Properties Tekaraja Thailam is herbal oil preparation which is effective for various disease conditions. Use of this oil is beneficial for […]

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