Reference: Sahasrayogam taila, Yogaprakaraṇa.


Tekaraja Thailam (Oil) is an Ayurvedic herbal oil, prepared with coconut oil base, which is useful in respiratory conditions. As it is generally prepared with coconut oil, so is also known as Tekaraja Keram/Tekarajadi coconut oil.


  • Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) powder - 60 grams
  • Coconut oil - 240 grams
  • Bhringaraja - Juice extract of - 960 ml.

Method of Preparation

Heated all above given ingredients till the oil is formed

Medicinal Properties

Tekaraja Thailam is herbal oil preparation which is effective for various disease conditions. Use of this oil is beneficial for all type of respiratory problems like asthma, cough, cold and other chronic respiratory problems. It helps to clear the respiratory channels and improves the respiration process. It is used for external application only. Apart from these it is used for hair problems, also gives natural color to hair.

Therapeutic Uses

Efficient Ayurvedic treatment for cough, cold, and chronic respiratory conditions

How to Use?

  • It has internal administration and external application too.
  • It can be applied externally over chest, throat and head.

Contraindications/Side Effects

  • No side effects are being reported till now with external application of this product,
  • Oral administration must be done under doctor's advice.
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