Reference: Ayurveda Sara Sangraha, Rasa Rasayana Prakarana.


Kamdudha Ras is a classical preparation that maintains the balance of Pitta. This Ayurvedic formulation consists of herbal and mineral ingredients and is available in tablet form. It is useful in treating gastritis and bleeding diseases.


  • Helpful in treating female complication - leucorrhea, heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Beneficial in managing gastritis and diarrhea
  • Also treats blood discharge and diabetes.


  • Amrutha satva (Giloya satva) - Water extract of Tinospora cordifolia - 10 grams
  • Svarna Gairika (Red ochre - purified) - 10 grams
  • Abhraka Bhasma (Silica Bhasma) - 10 grams
  • Moti pishti - 10 grams
  • Praval pishti - 10 grams
  • Mukta Shukti pishti - 10 grams
  • Kapardik bhasma - 10 grams
  • Shankh bhasma - 10 grams

Method of Preparation

All ingredients are taken to form tablets.


  • Consume 125 mg - 1 - 2 tablets 1-2 times daily before or after having meals or as suggested by Ayurvedic doctor.
  • Female conditions - Taken with cow milk or rice washed water.
  • In case if Pitta is imbalanced, it can be taken along with sugar and cow milk.
  • In diabetic patient it can be taken along with long pepper.

Therapeutic Uses

  • A useful Ayurvedic treatment for Gastritis, diarrhea with blood discharge and diabetes.
  • Very good to use in female problems like leucorrhea, heavy menstrual bleeding

Contraindications/Side Effects

  • This medicine must be taken under strict medical directions.
  • Its self-medication might be unsafe.
  • Better to avoid in children and pregnant women.
  • It's over dose might results in side effects like tremors, dizziness etc.
  • Have only prescribed dose and for the suggested period of time only.
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