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The Effect of Spontaneity On Health

In today’s world where the human lifestyle has been revolutionized by technology, which has brought increased connectivity even over the longest distances, the routines of employed adults and students have become highly occupied. When there was less of technology and geographical connectivity, people would take a long time to reach school or work and they would return home before sunset. Today, working hours have been stretched and people are even working during the night. Everyone’s schedule is pre-decided and occupied. This leaves little ‘spontaneity’ in their lives. This article is about what effects a monotonous lifestyle has on one’s physical and mental health and how spontaneity can help in minimizing that effect.

A Monotonous Lifestyle - And Its Effect On Health

We agree that following a routine can help an individual by organizing a major part of their day. But, sometimes it is a break from a routine that is more beneficial than the routine itself. Routines are not bad but it can also be causing anxiety and increasing negativity in one’s life. Stress may result from the pressure of the need to follow continuous strict deadlines. This can lead to a prolonged feeling of negativity and helplessness. Overall, productivity can be affected adversely.

In a study [1] it was found out that when the body is repeatedly exposed to similar circumstances such as activities, objects, food items, etc., our nervous and hormonal systems start performing over normal limits and beyond their capacities. It sometimes leads to enlargement of glands and creation of blockages in the circulatory channels. The hypothalamus, an important section of the brain, is affected and its functions are also adversely affected. The normal ranges of hormones and enzymes in the body are altered and in turn the whole body processes are disturbed. As a result, low energy and enthusiasm, low productivity and many mental conditions start developing inside an individual.

The body starts delaying its response to environmental, physical and mental stimulants. This is called adaptation and is a signal of poor nervous control and coordination. When the endocrine or hormonal function are below normal the whole body starts acting abnormally but we may not notice it until severe diseases have manifested.

Why We Need Spontaneity ?

Have you ever wondered what is so special about friends visiting you suddenly when you didn’t expect them? Events like this refresh your mind and change your routine activities for a while. This unpredictability in one’s behavior is known as spontaneity. Spontaneity in one’s behavior is highly beneficial for rejuvenating inactive energy circulation in their brain since the brain starts to think differently when an unprecedented event happens. It increases alertness and improves performance. Spontaneity is hardly seen nowadays, not only because of the hectic lives of people but also because of current pandemic restrictions.

Some of us can still manage well with life because we may find displeasure in comparing our lives to others especially if we compare it with those who are more prosperous. Even if that is the case, we mustn’t let the other person know that their prosperity is making us uncomfortable. In fact, constant mention of how blessed you are by others can sometimes be annoying since the other person doesn’t know our shortcomings and struggle, just like we may not see theirs.

Focusing on one’s own self, development, habits and needs can improve and clear out the thought process so effectively that one can easily learn which part of their life needs correction. That can then be worked upon with a systematic approach.

How To Make Life More Spontaneous ?

Although no one can specify how exactly one can bring spontaneity and thrill to their life, sometimes words from someone else can act as a confirmation that what you were planning to do isn’t unjustified and it is totally fair and feasible to do. Activities that can bring enthusiasm back to life do not have to be expensive or involve a lot of people or their appreciation. Sometimes small things such as not doing the laundry on a Saturday can also act as the required change. Do not expect people to appreciate you while you look for creative breaks in your life. It is for your own satisfaction and not everyone may understand its importance unless they have experienced it for themselves. Seek some help from friends who would like to join in.

  • Make small changes like the mode of conveyance to work or school.
  • Don’t be rigid in choices like clothes and food.
  • Accept yours and other people’s individuality.
  • Travel to new places.
  • Cook new cuisines. If you don’t cook, join a friend who can do it for you.
  • Go for small walks at places close to nature and animal life.
  • Practice yoga.
  • Find people who you can connect with for a short term. Don’t expect to stay in touch with everyone forever.
  • Do not disregard these breaks, and accept that they are making your work and personal life better.
  • Engage in activities where you can interact with the less prosperous.
  • Volunteer.
  • Alter the furnishings of your workspace and house.
  • Take up new hobbies.
  • Join and learn new languages.
  • Enroll in an activity that you were afraid of doing.
  • Accept that life mostly controls itself and you can only try to preserve your positivity towards it.
  • Do not make it a routine to break routines every other month.


A pre-decided set or pattern of activities apparently makes life boring but it is still little known that a repetitive pattern being followed over and over again throughout the years makes the mind dull too. The mind becomes adapted to regular routines and even the body starts to behave mechanically. Therefore spontaneity is required in one’s life so that normal body functioning can be restored. A break in routine can bring about great, positive changes in one’s health. Currently the diagnosis and treatment of all mental and physical disorders doesn’t involve the effect of one’s lifestyle on their health but this definitely needs more attention.


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