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The Need To Switch To A Plant-Based Diet

There will be a morsel of meat again in your mind that you so badly want to grab and have ataste of. Or you might be someone in the category to choose the raw vegan diet over the meatballs on your table. It depends on people. How they want to slip into a vegan diet or if they wantto go for a flexitarian diet routine. It depends upon the goals you set and how you want toperceive it. So coming to the thought of switching into a vegetarian diet, let’s see the benefits itcan offer on our body.

For some it could come out as a very heavenly experience but for some it can be quite theopposite. There will be people around who run back into their cravings for a non-vegan foodafter struggling through a one week trial and there are also people who switch to it and getadapted so easily. All throughout the journey it will be highly appreciated to keep the attitude ofa critical thinker. There will be rumours on both a plant-based diet as well as a non-vegan diet.Be distinctive towards all sorts of ‘cowspiracy’ theories before you come to a conclusion onwhat fits best for your body.

What is Health & Healthy Diet?

A healthy diet is characterised by a collection of food materials for an entire day such that it hasthe potential to provide and meet all the mineral and nutritional requirements of the body. InAyurveda we describe the observance of good health as the state of existence when one alwaysresorts to desirable food and regimen primarily. The ancient science of Ayurveda gives greatimportance to the adaptation of suitable food regimens to one’s own body. Ayurveda is a sciencethat holds close the moral and practical correlations of food and diseases. As the saying goes, ‘You are what you eat.’

Why A Plant-Based Diet?

If you were priorly a non-vegan diet follower, then keeping aside the magnitude of frustrationand disappointment you will feel when you blend into a plant based diet slow and steady, let’sanswer these questions’

Is Eating Meat Products Necessary?

Maybe or maybe not. There is zero carb meat which is extremely useful for those following aperfect fitness schedule. They might end up arguing yes, but the truth is that there is a whole lotof vegan food that can replace any low carb food article.

So Does it Mean That A Plant Based Diet Becomes Your Bulletproof Diet Against All Health Disorders?

Again it is a No. But, it is an undeniable fact by the health experts that in the long run, a plantbased diet comes handy to us. What might appear to be an ethically and morally and health basedpoint of view as right for someone could be utterly a stupid opinion for another. Understandingthe pros and cons about what you are talking about becomes extremely necessary in such cases.Unless you do so, it will be difficult to contemplate what is good or what is bad for your health.Refrain from coming to a conclusion unless you understand the health topics in depth.

So What is A Plant-Based Diet?

You shouldn’t relate a plant based diet with a balanced diet or get under the fogged conceptionthat a plant based diet is less effective when compared to a balanced diet because in many cases aplant based diet is more efficient and beneficial than a balanced diet.

A plant based diet is where a person focuses on plant products. It is a diet based on fruits andvegetables. Another way of looking at it is as the diet where we use no animal products. Heavymeat product users experience a high protein and amino acid content within their body whicheventually leads to inflammation and high cholesterol levels. This is where the plant based dietcan be effective for many. So now let’s see the benefits of this herbivorous diet over theomnivore's one.

  • Don’t Worry About Vitamins. This Provides it All.
    Fruits and vegetables are the storehouse of vitamins. Be it water soluble ones or the fatsoluble ones, plants provide all the essential and non-essential vitamins required for thebody. Leafy vegetables, green leaves, legumes, oranges, tomatoes etc. just as the startersare high in vitamin A, vitamin B, as well as vitamin E, D and K.
  • Are You Worried About Proteins?
    Okay so stop panicking. It isn’t true really that you need meat products to get protein;you can get it from a plant based diet too. For example, a bowl of lentils possess around18 grams of protein. Beans, broccoli, lentils, spinach etc. are very high in protein contentso break the misunderstanding that you need a meat product for protein because younecessarily don’t.
  • What About Minerals?
    Calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium… thinking how those could be acquired? Welltomatoes, bananas and nuts could be your call. Simple as that. Even the most easily andcommonly used vegetables hold high nutritional values within them. It’s high time werecognise the importance of that tomato in our kitchen. Same goes for the rest of thevegetables and fruits too.

Real Benefits of A Plant-Based Diet

Your hormones will be under control. No high and lows but a stable and healthy level ofhormones can be maintained. The same will come very useful in the case of insulin ordiabetic issue management.

A plant based diet can potentially reverse your obese conditions. It can lower your fatdeposits and could possibly fix the imbalanced levels of cholesterol too.Fibres. How can we forget them? Fibres are the basic components that promote a healthykindled bio fire which is the determining factor for digestive reactions according to thescience of Ayurveda. Want that glow to your skin, better collagen levels..? Vegetablesare the roots for all those mind blowing effects.

Your body can be provided with all the essential macro and micro nutrients with a plantbased diet. In an era where the meat produced is basically outputs from hormoneinjections it is always a better choice to have some plant products in your diet. Muchmore effective if you could get the diet shifted into purely plant-based. Maybe you willend up wishing that you could have made the change earlier. Who knows? Give it a tryand find it out yourself.

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