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Yoga Tips And Home Remedies For Height Gain

We know that height is chiefly decided by genes. But what is not known is that lifestyle and nutrition are also contributing factors. Our body grows very fast until puberty and this is the best time to boost height. Growth still continues until twenty-one years. With an ability of targeting stimulation of hormones, Yoga and ayurveda can unexpectedly support nutrition. This article is for you if you’re worried about you or your kids being short. It describes easy but effective yoga practices, some ayurvedic supplements and nutritional tips to boost height gain, as a programme for an overall healthy growth and development.
Yoga Tips For Height Gain

Introduction: How Do Our Bodies Grow?

When we are born all our tissues are soft because they haven’t formed completely. The bones are especially soft; do you remember when you meet a newborn you’re advised not to touch its head since its skull is still soft, also, there is fear of joint dislocation while lifting a baby up. Then how do our bodies grow strong and so many times bigger, and what is the age when this growth and development can be maximized so that our kid grows a little taller than he was going to be?

Our growth is the maximum in the uterus and then even if it slows down, it continues until early twenties. Important changes happen to the body during the age twelve to eighteen, like growth of sexual characteristics. Teenage is considered an important phase for growth and development for many reasons, because important developmental changes take place in the child not just physically but also mentally and even deeper than that.

Factors Affecting Height

Our total height is greatly dependent on the length of our skeletal system. Our long bones i.e. the bones of the arms and the legs can be lengthened by exercise. Also, the health of the skeletal system should be maintained by taking special care of it via optimum nutrition. Nutrition can further be supported by herbal supplements that specifically target and keep away problems relating to the growth and development of the skeletal system. Hormones play a key role in metabolism, growth, coordination and development. Certain yoga practices can regulate and stimulate the production of all hormones including growth hormone.

Yoga For Height Gain

The following exercises should be performed as a sequence every morning on an empty stomach. Each exercise should be done at least thrice.

1. Tadasana

literally meaning ‘the pose of a palm tree’, Tadasana stretches one’s spine as well as the legs. It is a great exercise to perform especially in one’s growing years. It increases blood flow and removes blockages in the spine, allowing optimum secretion of growth hormone.

2. Tiryaka-tadasana

literally meaning ‘the pose of swaying palm tree’, tiryaka Tadasana should be performed to enhance the effects of Tadasana. It makes the spine as well as the arms stronger and longer. It prepares the legs for the next exercise.

3. Parvatasana

literally meaning ‘the mountain’s pose’, Parvatasana is an excellent pose since it not only stretches the legs and back but also develops arm, chest and shoulder muscles. Its name justifies its benefits i.e. it makes one strong, tall and well-balanced.

Ayurvedic Remedies For Height Gain

Genetic constitution plays a great role in deciding the physical composition of an individual. We can still contribute to height growth as experts suggest that consumption of some ayurvedic herbs can supplement bone growth during the growing phase of life i.e. until when the soft ends of the long bones have not hardened and fused. Such herbs are:

  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): an excellent cell growth promoter, this herb is known for its growth enhancing properties at all anatomical levels. It can be used as a powder or as capsules.
  • Asthisamharaka (Cissus quandrangularis): also known as asthi shrinkhala, this herb itself looks like the skeleton of a plant and is used for its many benefits for the skeletal system. It promotes proper bone growth. It is used as a fresh paste/ juice for consumption.
  • Moringa or Drumstick Tree (Moringa oleifera): this tree is used for it is full of medicinal properties. It also promotes growth and is a balanced source of macronutrients in itself. It is used as a powder.

Nutritional Tips

Nutrition is very important for children in their growing years because their bodies form from what they eat. Therefore the following steps should be incorporated into teenagers’ routine diet at least as long as they are still in their growing years.

  • Avoid Junk: teens want to have a fashionable social life which means that they want to eat out more often with their friends. This can cause several nutritional deficiencies in them. Eating out should be minimized by preparing good food at home itself.
  • Bad Habits: teens can also pick up habits like smoking and alcohol which impair their natural growth and development. This should be taken care of by the means of education and information by the parents.
  • Consume Beans and Legumes: They provide you with good-quality protein which is essential for stimulation of growth hormone. They can also provide iron and vitamin B complex, which is common to be deficient in an average teen’s diet.
  • Nuts: nuts like walnuts and almonds are a great source of healthy fats and trace minerals. They can help rule out the deficiency of trace nutrients and thus promote growth.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: green leafy vegetables include spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, and practically any greens. They contain more nutrients than you think. They supply your body with calcium, which is an essential nutrient for bone health.
  • Curds and Yogurts: Curds and yogurts are made with regular as well as plant based milks, and are a great source of protein and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.
  • Vegetables with Starchy Fiber: vegetables like sweet potatoes, corn, colocasia and sago are extremely essential for teens because they contain special types of carbohydrates that are different from those found in bread and potatoes.
  • Brown Rice: brown rice should be consumed by teens because of its high fiber and mineral content and versatility. It also contains amino acids that the teens require during their growing years.
  • Fruits: fruits are loved by everyone young and old but growing children should compulsorily eat big portions of fruits because fruits contain almost all the vitamins required by the human body in adequate quantities.
  • Milk: milk is the most nutritious and balanced food for us. It contains the essential composition of enough protein, fats and carbohydrates. When combined with fruits and nuts it makes a great supplement for bone growth.


Although the height of an individual majorly depends on the genetic makeup of their family, the possible height can still be maximized by supporting growth externally by means of yoga, ayurvedic supplements and a balanced diet. The practices described in this article are best supported by the supplements mentioned after them, and the results can be maximized by following the nutritional tips mentioned at the end. This combined programme shall require dedication and patience, but the reward shall also be worthy of it. All these practices provide multiple benefits and no side effects. Thus, these should be given a try especially when the person is in their growing years where growth can be increased by supporting the body’s natural growth.
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