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Zero Volt Therapy: Harnessing Energy for Holistic Healing


The electric current is more important for thriving than oxygen! Can't believe it? Let's discuss electric current and ZVT in detail and come to know - Why electric current is important?When we discuss the topic of electric current for survival, the only thing that points to our minds is the revival procedure (shocks given) done by doctors when the patient's heartbeat drops to zero but the benefit of electric current is not limited to revival only. There are multiple benefits of an electrical current that can be mentioned in our day-to-day lives and one such method is the Zero Volt therapy. Healing through grounding! - The Zero-volt therapy was introduced to the public to relieve the pain of patients in the cheapest, easiest, and zero-effort way. Zero volt therapy is a special technique by which people who are dependent on pills for a long time can get help to get rid of these pills and recover without much effort and expenses in other words, we can say free. In this article, we will be going through the origin, introduction procedure, indications, pros and cons of The zero volt therapy and at the end putting a conclusion to all of this discussion.

Zero Volt Therapy

Origin Of Zero-volt Therapy

The discovery of zero-volt therapy was made by Lieutenant General Pham Tuan who was the first Asian to fly to space. He was convinced by the fact that the zero-volt therapy would be of much use in patients who suffer from unbearable pains and would also help them live a normal and healthy life. To raise awareness regarding zero-volt therapy, he wrote a letter to Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury who was a known medical nutritionist and has a Ph.D. in Diabetes as well. He took forward his research on zero-volt therapy to relieve the issues of the patient most cheaply and easily and he also wrote multiple books on lifestyle changes that can be of much help for patients to recover faster than usual one such book was - Cure@zerovolt which mentioned all the necessary information regarding zero volt therapy. He has cited an example that very well describes the use of this therapy and its correlation to the concept of electromagnetic waves and in this example, he has said - "In a study, it has been found that when there is a natural calamity that is going to strike the environment around us, a strange difference in the behavior of the animals around us (including dogs, cats, birds, etc) can be observed which might look weird to the humans but the reason behind this is very simple. The animals have a sixth sense which helps to detect changes in the electromagnetic waves that are present in the core of the earth and this is so because the animals are directly connected to the ground/earth and can easily feel what is going on deep inside the earth and thus it is observed that during a terrible natural disaster, human deaths are much more as compared to the animal deaths as they move to safer places days before any natural calamity strikes the environment. Humans on the other hand are not able to detect the possibility of such a calamity days before as the humans are insulated (slippers, clothes, buildings, etc) and not connected directly with the earth/ground.

The citation of such an example in support of zero-volt therapy is simple and denotes that if we get back and connect to nature and our earth, a lot of health issues can subside and promote better healing of the ill and maintain better health.

Introduction Of Zero-Volt Therapy

Zero-volt treatment is introducing a brand-new approach to healing. It is a method of connecting your body to the earth's electrons called zero-volt treatment, often known as body grounding or earthing. According to several international studies, it is a process of reconnection with Mother Earth. With the current way of life, we are surrounded by various frequencies of the electromagnetic field, such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, laptops, computers, electrical equipment, and other electronic devices. These devices produce EMFs, which are damaging to both human and animal bodies. This therapy is based on earthing or grounding, which allows us to release potentially damaging body energy and receive energy from the earth. By establishing a link between your body and the Earth, this therapy works. If we give zero-volt therapy to any person, especially someone who is ill if they are kept on zero volts for a few hours, then their disease automatically gets cured; this is the power of zero-volt therapy. There is an electromagnetic field inside our body. If the waves of these fields are made at zero volts, then many diseases start getting cured. ZVT can be practiced in a variety of methods, such as by going barefoot on grass, sand, or dirt; dozing on an earthing mat or sheet, or donning earthing sandals or shoes. Another choice is to use an earthing kit to connect to a grounded outlet or a metal rod buried in the ground.

How To Measure Body's Voltage

Just the way we check the voltage of an appliance, we use a Voltmeter and with the same Voltmeter, we can also check the voltage of our body. This can be done in two ways:

  • To reduce the voltage of your body to zero, bury one end of a copper wire one foot deep in the ground, connect the other end with a copper plate, and place that copper plate on the diseased area of ​​the body. Tie it. Or to apply it on any painful part of the body. What happens is that electrons enter our body through the ground and reduce the voltage of our body to zero. When the voltage of the body and the earth becomes equal i.e. zero, then the diseases of our body start getting cured.
  • And the second way to connect with the ground is to touch the ground with bare feet. Only then it may take 45 minutes to 1 hour for the electrons of the ground to travel in the body. Then you start seeing the effects.

Zero Volt Therapy Kit

Body grounding in the process of zero-volt therapy can enhance your sleep, mood, and immune system while lowering stress, inflammation, discomfort, and exhaustion. By using a zero-volt therapy kit, you may practice body grounding in one of the simplest methods possible. Everything you need to ground yourself at home or anywhere is included in this package. The zero-volt therapy kit includes the following components.

  • A Zero bolt bedsheet - This bed sheet can be used like any other bedsheet but has a plus point that whenever someone sleeps on this bedsheet their body remains at zero voltage because one end of this bedsheet is connected with the earth from where the electrons are transferred to the body. This process helps the body to heal from numerous diseases.
  • Pillow covers - The Zero Volt pillow coverings are intended to improve sleep quality and advance general well-being. Anyone who uses them experiences enhanced quality of their sleep, but those with diseases like depression, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and dementia benefit the most from these products
  • Copper connecting band - These bands help in interconnecting the copper wires so that there is a free flow of electrons.
  • Earthing copper rod - Solid copper bars are used to make copper earthing rods, which include internal threads for jointing.
  • Connecting copper wire - The wire may be used to slash the voltage in your body to zero.
  • Continuity tester - A continuity tester is a piece of electrical test equipment that evaluates whether or not two points can build an electrical channel. It is utilized to inspect the functionality of the grounding apparatus.
  • Male and Female connector - To identify between mating connections, there are male and female connectors. The orientation in which they link is the primary distinction between the two. The female end accepts the male connector from another device, while the male endpoints outward. A solid pin for a central conductor is included on the male end. The middle conductor of the female end has a hole in it to receive the male pin.
  • Other equipment is also available for zero-volt therapy which is much easier to use and helpful. These products include

    • Zero volt mats - These mats can be used on the bed as well as on the floor and are useful for patients who want to travel or have long meetings or conferences. These mats can be kept on the ground keeping feet on them so that the body remains at zero voltage.
    • Zero volt sandals -Zero volt sandals - These sandals can be used whenever we want to go outside the house and are easy to use plus give long-term benefits. Other footwear insulates the feet and does not let the free flow of electrons happen but wearing a zero-volt sandal helps in the free flow of electrons from the earth to the body thereby maintaining zero voltage in the body.

How Is Zero-Volt Therapy Performed?

Depending on your preferences and availability, you can practice Body Earthing or Zero Volt Therapy in a variety of ways. Walking barefoot on natural surfaces like grass, sand, dirt, or water is the easiest method. This enables you to experience the advantages of the energy of the Earth and connect with it firsthand. You can utilize ZVT devices that imitate the energy of the Earth if you don't have access to natural surfaces or live in an urban environment. These tools can be mats, sheets, bands, patches, rods, or wires attached to grounded outlets, or a rod made of metal driven into the ground. These gadgets may be used at home or the workplace when you are sitting, working, sleeping, or unwinding. It is advised to perform Body Earthing or Zero Volt Therapy consistently and for at least two hours each day to gain the maximum benefit. You could feel more at ease, peaceful, or revitalized right away after performing ZVT. However, advantages, including lowering blood sugar levels, inflammation, or discomfort, can take longer to become apparent. Therefore, it is crucial to practice ZVT consistently and patiently and when it is done properly and with consistency, nearly 100% of the patients who use it claim some sort of benefit, with 80% of them reporting good sleep and over 75% reporting pain relief.

What Happens During The Process Of Zero Volt Therapy?

What occurs when you come into contact with the Earth?

Keep in mind that each foot contains 1,400 nerve endings, and those nerve endings are in direct contact with the Earth as you walk on the ground barefoot. Thus, the mending process quickens when the body begins to absorb the electrons through those nerve endings under your feet.

Let's examine an intriguing scientific report that claims that once you are in contact with the ground, your blood viscosity returns to normal due to the Earth's donation of electrons. The key factor is blood viscosity. The blood clotting factor decreases with decreasing blood viscosity. The likelihood of cardiac arrest and heart arrest decreases when the blood clotting factor decreases.

The first event that takes place right before you get an illness is inflammation. It is the start of all diseases. Inflammation is the main player in all diseases, whether it is metabolic syndrome, cancer, heart disease, or Alzheimer's. Therefore, in cases of inflammation, the relief via zero-volt therapy can be justified by the theory that - "There is one unpaired electron in the free radicals. Now, if you give the inflammation electrons, the inflammation will go down, the free radicals will go down, and as a result, as a consequence, the condition becomes curable." Recognize this: the earth is the main source of electron donations and you can only obtain those electrons when you are in contact with the ground receiving this electron helps to pair the electron with the free radicals thus, healing the condition.

Time Effect on Body
After 10 seconds You'll have zero voltage
After 20 minutes Mood and stress improve
After 30 - 45 minutes Reduction of palpitations
After 1 hour Relief from pain
After 1 - 2 hours Improved sleep
Overnight Rapid wound healing, reduced stiffness, Parkinson's symptoms reduction, and a drop in blood pressure.
After 7 days Reduction in blood pressure especially in diabetics
After 1 month Reversal in blood disorders

During the state of disease, your body is electron-deficient, and when your body comes in contact with the earth, the number of electrons in your body and the number of electrons in the earth becomes equal, as the electrons begin to flow into the body. This is known as "zero volt." It is well known that the earth has no voltage. Your body has no voltage at that moment, as you will discover if you use a voltmeter to examine it. The voltmeter will display some readings on its display screen when your body is not grounded or linked to the earth, such as when you are wearing shoes or are in a confined space. However, the body can only begin to heal until the voltage drops below zero. Only if something or someone provides electrons to your body is that possible and in that case the earth is the best supplier of electrons. Thus, during the first 10 seconds of our touching the earth's surface, electrons will begin to freely flow into my body, causing the voltage to drop to zero and the inflammation to begin to gradually fade. The condition will begin to progressively diminish as the inflammation goes away. This is the least expensive way for someone to cure themselves. Instead, it's a cost-free approach to doing so. Lastly, keep in mind that "chronic inflammation" is a term that may be used for any major disorder, and electron deficiency is the root cause of all ongoing inflammations.

Benefits Of Zero-volt Therapy

A natural and easy approach to connect with the energy of the Earth and enhance your health and well-being is through Zero Volt Therapy, also known as Body Earthing. It entails putting conductive material that is linked to the ground in touch with your bare skin. Examples of such materials include mats, sheets, and rods. By doing this, you let the unrestricted entry of Earth-derived electrons into your body, which may have a variety of advantageous benefits on both your physiology and psyche that include the following

  • Helps to reduce the inflammation in the body - Although inflammation is a normal immune system reaction to injury or infection, it may also develop into a chronic condition and lead to several disorders. By balancing the body's excess positive charge, which contributes to oxidative stress and tissue damage, ZVT can help decrease inflammation.
  • Helps to reduce pain - Numerous people have chronic pain as a result of diseases including fibromyalgia, neuropathy, or arthritis. By regulating the neural system and lowering inflammation, ZVT can benefit those with pain.
  • Helps to reduce the response to stress - Stress is a prevalent aspect that has an impact on both our physical and mental well-being. It could lead to an elevation of chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline, which may have negative consequences on our blood pressure, immune system, mood, and sleep. By bringing the autonomic nervous system into balance and raising heart rate variability, ZVT can help reduce stress levels.
  • Helps in improving the sleep cycle - Our health and well-being depend on getting enough sleep, but many individuals have insomnia or have trouble getting a good night's sleep. By regulating the circadian cycle and boosting melatonin synthesis, ZVT can aid with sleep quality.
  • Helps to keep blood sugar levels under check - Millions of individuals throughout the world suffer from a serious ailment known as diabetes. High blood sugar levels, which have the potential to harm many organs and tissues, are what define it. By enhancing insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, ZVT can lower blood sugar levels.
  • Helps safeguard against dangerous EMF - Power lines, mobile phones, laptops, and Wi-Fi routers are just a few examples of the different devices that create electromagnetic fields (EMF), which are invisible waves of energy. According to some study findings, exposure to EMFs can harm human health by interfering with cellular communication, changing DNA, and elevating oxidative stress, among other things. By generating a barrier of negative charge around our bodies that repels the positive charge of EMF, ZVT can help shield us from damaging EMF.

Other benefits can include

  • Enhanced vitality and energy in the body,
  • Balancing the stress hormones,
  • Maintaining biological rhythms of the body,
  • Manage headaches and muscle tension,
  • Reduce menstrual issues,
  • Helps manage jet lag,
  • Helps to heal wounds faster,
  • Helps to speed up the recovery from athletic activities,
  • Helps to fall into a deep sleep,
  • Balances reproductive hormones in females and males.

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhary stated that many major disorders may be treated with Zero Volt Therapy as he was describing the therapy. Our bodies contain electromagnetic waves, whose voltage may be decreased to zero to treat a variety of illnesses. A patient may be connected to the earth and environment through Zero Volt Therapy, which eliminates the bad energy in their body and replenishes it with good energy. The earth's voltage and this good energy can be used to successfully heal people.

Disadvantages Of Zero Volt Therapy

Although applying electricity to the body may seem gruesome and unpleasant, this is not the case. Many individuals discover it to be soothing. A tingling, vibrating, or buzzing sensation that people perceive is not unpleasant. It involves a variety of procedures that use the earth's electrons to lessen discomfort, boost circulation, mend tissues, bolster muscles, and encourage bone formation. However, the following disadvantages cannot be looked over

  • The most frequent adverse reaction to zero-volt therapy is skin rash or irritation, which is brought on by the adhesives used in the electrodes or the tape used to secure them.
  • A burning sensation in the skin might result from overusing Zero Volt Therapy. To prevent a problem, directions about the length of therapy should be carefully followed.
  • Applying electrical stimulation to locations with damaged skin, infections, or malignancies is not advised.
  • Zero Volt therapy has the potential to cause bruises, bleeding, or infections.
  • The pads might harm a fetus if they were applied to the belly of a pregnant woman or over pacemaker wires or the heart, respectively. It's often suggested to completely avoid Zero Volt therapy for those who have pacemakers and those who are pregnant.
  • The pads placed over the neck may result in low blood pressure.
  • It is not advised to use Zero Volt therapy while operating a vehicle.

Another major drawback or fraudulent act of zero-volt equipment sellers that is often noticed is not selling the zero-volt equipment that is actually at zero volts which causes more harm than benefits therefore, it is always advised to check the voltage of the zero-volt equipment using the continuity tester as it helps to detect all the faulty equipments and thus can eliminate this issue. The light will blink if the conductor is effective. But suppose the light isn't flashing. This indicates that it is a bad conductor. While conducting electrons, it is generally a very bad conductor. Poor enough for the light to not even blink. It has failed the continuity test, as indicated by this therefore, try not to purchase such equipment. The wire in the zero-volt bed sheets may break in between uses and stop working if you use them for an extended period. Consequently, you must periodically use a continuity meter to correctly verify and recheck your zero-volt bed sheets.


The therapeutic potential of nature has been supported by several types of research performed over a long period, and according to a survey of 20,000 adults, those who spend at least 120 minutes each week outside, whether in a nearby park or another natural setting, are more likely to report feeling healthier and happier. It's easy and natural to connect with the energy of the Earth and enhance your health and well-being with Zero Volt Therapy or Body Earthing. Among other advantages, it can help lower stress, discomfort, and inflammation as well as enhance blood sugar levels and sleep quality. To practice it, you can either use a Zero Volt Therapy Kit at home or the workplace, or you can walk barefoot on natural surfaces. You'll be able to benefit from the Earth's healing abilities and experience more harmony and balance if you practice this regularly.

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