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How to Treat Acne with Ayurvedic Medicines?

Best Tips by Trained Experts of Planet Ayurveda

Vaidya-1: Hello everyone, we are from Planet Ayurveda, Dr. Vikram Chauhan's clinic. Today we will talk about acne. Acne is not only a problem of young ones but also a problem of aging people. There are many myths about acne like acne should be allowed to complete its course. But this can lead to many complications like if it is not treated on time then it can cause many marks, dark spots and scars on face. So doctor how will we come to know that the problem we are facing is Acne or some other skin issue?

Vaidya-2: As today everybody wants to look beautiful. We become very conscious if we got some kind of skin issue like pimple or black spots. If we have pimples which happen due to many reasons, among those reasons one is our lifestyle as people take lots of oily food. This problem is mostly found in females, teen agers as in growing stage there are lots of hormonal changes occur due which there are many changes in their whole body and skin too. So the one who has pimples will first develop black heads which is also called as keel. They are mostly of black colour but can be white or there is formation of knot. Pimple and acne these are two different skin problems. So why these pimples occur? These occur due to excess secretion by sebaceous glands of skin which block the pores of the skin and leads to formation of pimples. So if these pimples are not treated properly they lead to the formation of acne. So this causes many problems. Symptoms like, as everybody wants to look good these days, and people sometimes have depression due to this as young generation in today's time want to look good. So due to they start feeling inferior and not able to do their work properly. Even people start teasing them. Low confidence is also an issue. And don't think that it will get vanished itself but it needs treatment as our mental and physical health both depends over it. So Dr. Can you explain its types?

Vaidya-1: Acnes are mostly of two types either in mild form or in moderate or severe form. When acne occurs in mild form they don't cover whole body. It means less part they will cover. Yes, exactly they will cover the face and in that too they erupt only occasionally. It doesn't mean that they will become chronic. It means that those who had lots of oily junk food can develop it for some time and they vanish itself too. And another are chronic ones, which are there from long time and they also cover large parts of the body. So they will cover the face with shoulders, upper arms, chest and back. We can call it acne pattern in which they usually occur, first they will occur in face then shoulders, back, chest and upper arms.

Vaidya-2: Which shows its severity.

Vaidya-1: Exactly it shows how chronic it is.

Vaidya-2: So what are other signs and symptoms we can see in it.

Vaidya-1: As you told acne is an inflammatory condition in which sebaceous glands get blocked due impurities and that area get inflamed. Symptoms like pain, redness, can be seen on that area with eruption over skin. Tenderness will be there. If we do not treat it, then pus fills in them and pustules will be formed there.

Vaidya-2: In these conditions sometimes patient is also recommended for surgery.

Vaidya-1: Definitely if it has become very severe. So minor surgeries are also recommended in it. Second thing is this that it occurs in teenagers more frequently as compared to aged people due to hormonal imbalances. Because in puberty there are many hormonal changes in body either in girls or boys. So due to this also they appear in body. Like in girls it usually appears before onset of periods. Usually this condition gets fine with growing age but in many conditions it takes a severe form then treatment is necessary. It becomes complicated without treatment. As spots which occurs due to this are difficult to treat. So due to these scars girls or boys develop low self esteem. They think they can't face the world as there they don't look good. Other than this, things which affect acne are our life style and diet. In life style those who take a lot of stress and in diet, people these days are preferring fast food, junk food instead of natural homemade food. So these people face such issues.

Vaidya-2: In our Ayurveda it is described as pitta predominant disease, with kapha involvement. As shlokas mentioned there which goes like this - "Agnirev sharire pitta antargaat kupit akupita shubh ashubhani karoti"

It means that when Pitta aggravates it starts showing good and bad symptoms and this aggravated Pitta starts vitiating our skin. Digestive issues like constipation is also one of the reasons as stomach related issues also lead to formation of pimples due to toxin formation. In Ayurveda it is called as YAUVAN PIDIKA. As it is seen more in yuva (young people) and pidika means pustules, or inflammation. So it is called yauvan pidika and it has got many types in Ayurveda. So for its treatment there are many herbs in Ayurveda. Like neem, tulsi, haldi which are used in very effective way. So, this neem, tulsi and along with this we have many products from Planet Ayurveda also which are very effective in it and it is said that banana is not good in it and it is right as it secretes excess oils in body. Tell us about use of non-vegetarian and eggs in it.

Vaidya-1: As you know eggs are not recommended in acne or more precise in skin related issues as they increase Pitta in the body. So in skin related issues these things should be avoided. Non vegetarian should be avoided and vegetarian diet should be preferred specially organic ones.

Vaidya-2: At home as we make face pack, like of potato, so how we will make its face pack. Grind the potatoes and take out the juice and apply it over the face for 10-15 minutes so it will remove the dirt from our face and makes face glowing. Like this make a face pack of haldi, by adding chandan (Sandalwood), raw milk and add some oats and apply over face. This will act as a natural scrubber.

Vaidya-1: These are available in market but they contain chemicals.

Vaidya-2: So these chemicals increase our problems instead of giving relief from them. Tomato is also very good it act as a natural bleach. As females spend much time in parlours for bleach facial etc. So these are home remedies for them. So what other remedies you can tell to our viewers so that they can use it at home?

Vaidya-1: Like you are telling what home remedies one can use at home, so like you told tomato, similarly aloe vera is also good as you all know it has Vitamin C in large quantity. It has Vitamin C 20 times more than an orange. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and helps in reducing the causes of acne and inflammation. You can have Amla juice. It is richest in Vitamin C. Other than this herbal mixtures can be made of amla, haldi, tulsi and dry coriander and their powder is prepared. Have its half teaspoon after meals with luke warm water.

These things help in detoxification and help in purification of blood and remove toxins from the body. As you told due to Pitta there is lot of heat formation which causes acne and these herbs help in cooling down Pitta. Along with this you can also take herbal tea. It is very simple to prepare, you can add dry coriander, saunf (fennel), jeera (cumin) and can make their decoction by boiling them in water and then have it. It pacifies heat in the body. Melon is also good, apply it over acne or scars over night and then wash it in the morning. It also provide relief.

Vaidya-2: I also told that we have herbal formulations which contain Guduchi (Tinospra cordifolia), Kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa), and Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), their powder taken in half teaspoon purify the blood and show good results in acne, pimples. Even lemon can also be used as scrub as it contains Vitamin C.

At Planet Ayurveda we also have many good products as Green Essential scrub. Wash your face with lukewarm water and then wash face with herbal soap or can use essential face wash. There are other things which you should do like you should not scrub a lot over skin. Scrubbing should be done only once in a week as our skin is very delicate and excess use of scrub makes it rough and dry. One should not burst the pimples. As the pus which comes out from it can cause pimples on other skin areas too. We should not touch our face again and again as hands are not always washed and dirt over them cause more infection.

Vaidya-1: Dr. what is the role of yoga and meditation in it?

Vaidya-2: We should meditate daily for 10 – 15 minutes. There are many yoga poses and pranayam which should be done on daily basis. We should do vaibhist pose, also triangle pose is there, also rabbit pose (shashankasana) should be done. So yoga poses are very effective. We should also wear loose clothes and should not wear tight clothes as they can cause sweating and flare up the acne. Don't expose yourself to sun, have more sleep because it will release cortisol hormone which will decrease these eruptions. We should keep the glasses we wear clean. Most of the things which we should remember are eating habits, lifestyle. We should avoid packed, fried, oily foods. We have very good products at Planet Ayurveda like face wash we have, then this aloe vera gel as it is already told how useful aloe vera for skin. There are blood purifiers like Neem capsules, Manjistha capsules, many our patients ask for fairness so for that we have Kumkumadi taila. We also have Tea Tree soap. For various skin diseases we have Gandhak Rasayan, Dr. Chauhan in many skin problems and in issues like pimples etc recommend many of our products. Because we have seen very good results of these products. As the cosmetic products we buy from market have many side effects. So I recommend only herbal products and these products while clearing up the pimples will also give glow to our skin. These products also have anti aging properties. So control the pimples and make your life style healthy. Thank you all.

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