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Ayurvedic Treatment of Blood Pressure

Interview of Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Interviewer - We have Dr. Vikram Chauhan who is a well-known Ayurvedic specialist. Sat Shri Akaal Dr. Vikram welcome to our show.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan - Sat Shri Akaal

Interviewer - Dr. Vikram please tell our viewer what is Blood Pressure?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan - According to Ayurveda Blood Pressure is a Vata Pittaj disease. Vata means Vayu and Pittaj means fire (Agni). It is a problem with the combination of Vata and Pittaj disease due to which the pressure in the blood increases which is called Blood Pressure. There are many reasons which leads to Blood pressure and is very common these days. Stress is the main reason for it and the life style that we are living these days is very stressful. Everyone is running to earn their living and they are short off time due to which they don't have peace of mind and this is why it's getting common. Materialism is again one reason people are running to earn money one should have patience and be balanced. One should follow yoga as it is making the connection between soul and god. it is the technical meaning of yoga. Actually yoga means having balance and by keeping oneself in balance they can manage and cure the Blood Pressure.

Interviewer - Dr. Vikram what Diet, lifestyle and precaution should be recommended for Blood pressure patient?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan - Blood Pressure is lifestyle disorder the busy and hectic life is the reason. If we talk about diet eating too much fast food, junk food and especially irregular eating. We skip our meal or eat in short intervals which disturbs our digestive system and it leads to constipation. When one gets constipated the liver, pancreas and other organs of the body gets disturbed and there is formation of gas and it results to acid reflux. Due to these reason Ayurveda considers it to be Vata Pittaj disease which increases pressure on heart that leads to Blood Pressure so one should not have constipation. I will share one thing regarding the diet Ayurveda says eat Pure ghee but the modern science never suggest to eat Pure Ghee. Cow ghee is suggested in Ayurveda to eat as it lubricates and grease the intestines. Greasing of intestine is important as per Ayurveda cow ghee is good for blood pressure so one should take 1 spoon twice daily morning and evening of cow ghee. I won't suggest for butter and cream as it has too much of saturated fat in it, cow ghee is better in it so I would suggest for it.

Interviewer - Dr. Vikram I would like to ask you what other preventive measures should be followed by the people who have very hectic and busy schedule to protect themselves from Blood pressure?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan - In Blood pressure the Vata Pattik food should be avoid as it is Vata Pittaj disease. One should not eat the food which increase vayu (gas) in the body and Pitta (Hot), should also avoid hot, fast food and spicy food. Curd has hot property so I would suggest not to take. Avoid to be constipated to get rid of it you can take warm water at night so that you can have clear stomach. I would suggest to take Amla juice as it has cold property, Take decoction of Arjun bark. rather I will suggest to take herbal tea made of arjuna adding milk in it is very beneficial. The Arjun tea manages the cholesterol. I will again say that cow ghee 1 spoon twice daily morning and evening should be added in your diet. Use of pluses should be avoided in the diet as it is rich in protein and is acidic. I will suggest one should avoid acidic food and take basic food like the green vegetables. Bottle gourd in form of juice is very good for Blood Pressure.

Interviewer - Other than green vegetable one should non-vegetarian food be avoid?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan - The non–vegetarian diet is very acidic and has proteins. This diet has too much amino acids in it. When we slaughter the chicken and goat for non-vegetarian diet the animals have very negative vibes at that moment and their blood pressure is quite high. The chemicals of blood pressure is very high in the animal at that moment and we take all the chemicals into us by eating it which automatically raises our blood pressure. Avoid alcohol as it has the vata and Pittaj property. Vata and pitta is blood pressure and in the same way alcohol is also vata and Pittaj so it will increase blood pressure. For eg if there is a fire and we are putting petrol in it, very sure it will increase fire. In the same way blood pressure is Vata and Pittaj disease and we are taking alcohol which has Vata and Pitta property which is poison for Blood pressure. I will explain you the property of ghee with an example - when we are doing hawan we pore ghee in it which pacifies and balance the flame (Agni) and smoke of it. Agni is important for body so we should take ghee to balance it. Alcohol should be avoided.

Interviewer - Dr. Vikram the last question what is the Ayurvedic treatment for Blood Pressure? How can viewers and friends also existing patients sitting at home can control and manage the blood pressure using the herbs?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan - There are few herbs like Arjuna, Ashwagandha, Amla and Sarpagandha which is very nice herb which cure blood pressure. Other than this we have calcium rich preparation like Praval, Jahar Mohra, Akik, Mukta, Shankh, and gulkand is very good for blood pressure. Pranayama is very good should be done before sleep you can do brahmri Pranayama it is very helpful.

Interviewer - Thank you so much Dr. Vikram for sharing your views how can Ayurveda help in controlling and managing the blood pressure.

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