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Here's A Way To Stay Younger : Modern And Ayurvedic Outlook

Youth is Worth Celebrating Both in Terms of Health and Radiance.

None of us likes to picture ourselves with a wrinkled face, droopy muscles with a multitude of pigmented blemishes, sagging eyelids with minute networks of blotches and ill-defined features. We may tolerate a few specks of grey within our great crown, but a wrinkled face is always just out of the box. Aging is a truly natural process, nevertheless, now with increased life expectancy the aspiration to look youthful has also expanded.

Despite recent ameliorations in the field of genetics and molecular biology, the conundrum about the human lifespan is yet to be discovered. Many theories have evolved in this content and yet it all seems dissatisfying. It is only by understating the existing theories that we can come to a successful healthy aging protocol.

There are mainly three Modern theories on aging and evolution. Programmed theory of longevity, Endocrine theory and Immunological theory.

According to the theory of Programmed longevity, aging is the sum of subsequent switching on and off of certain biochemical components present within genes. While Endocrine theory states that, the biological clocks act through an array of hormones to process aging.

Immunological theory on the other hand explains that aging is the consequence of increased susceptibility to infectious pathogens, ultimately resulting in an aging mechanism. All these mechanisms would function on the amendments in gene expression that affect the functioning of various systemic maintenance, repairs and altered immune responses of the body.

Another Modern theory on aging is the Error theory, which is of the opinion that, the environmental elements have an effect on the organism that produces an additive damage at various magnitudes to cause aging.

Hence, skin aging is a complex mechanism by the endowments of an individual with the environmental features diminishing the antioxidant content of body biogenesis. And for this very same reason the effective use of antioxidant goodness, helps to restore the aging process.

Healthy aging mechanism may be achieved by reducing the exposure to UV radiations as it is one major villain in premature skin aging. Certain topical applications, like moisturisers, tonners, sunscreen lotions, etc. that are a good source for Vitamin E, C and A may also be used, which improves photoaging by replacing dermal vasculature and prevents further damage to the skin.

According to new research 2 done in the field of medicines, have shown that, even injectable botox, a neuromuscular blocking agent can also be used to ease aging. Cutaneous surgery is an emerging area in modern science being used to manage visible signs of aging in extremely old patients. Among these anti aging pills and body cloning procedures to stay young are also available in the market.

A Way To Stay Younger

Ayurveda And Healthy Aging

The age long science of life, Ayurveda explains with another perspective in a great way. Aging is a process of nature and can never be denied but it surely can be delayed. Aging is called Jara in Ayurveda meaning to wear down due to gradual body ablation. In the context of aging, Prana the life sustaining force is mentioned which governs the function of two subtle essences, the Ojas and Tejas.

Ojas is the central essence of all the bodily tissue elements and governs the immunity and intelligent aspect of each individual. Tejas is considered as the subtle force of digestive fire in the body, and govers metabolism by enzyme actions. Tejas is a necessity to nourish and transfer the end product of digestion to the other tissue elements. Aggravated Tejas tends to burn up Ojas and reduce the immune responses. While diminished, Tejas disturbs the ratio between wanted and unwanted tissue elements and blocks the flow of Prana, thus, we succumb to other infections and gradually age on the go.

Another important aspect of constant health is the balance between the three bodily humours, namely, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. For the bobbing in these, is one major cause for premature aging. On which, Kapha dosha maintains longevity at a cellular level. Pitta manages digestion and nutrition while Vata governs the smooth functioning of all life processes.

The process of skin aging is understood as the outcome of fluctuations in the quality of Rasa dhatu which nourishes the skin. Besides, skin also acts as a mirror for all the physiological and pathological interventions happening within the body. Ayurveda is one of the most Authoritative systems in the world and presents many holistic methods to achieve healthy aging procedures.

Rasayana therapy is responsible for maintaining youthfulness and helps in the process of healthy aging. In Ayurveda, under this stream is the very famous Kuti Praveshik Rasayan therapy that helps to rejuvenate the whole body through a series of procedures done over a period of time in an enclosed compartment. It aims at fostering health by curing ailments and by escalating the body's natural immune responses. This along with proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle can stabilize the biogenesis of bodily humours and thus fortify healthy aging.

To sedate skin aging it is necessary to maintain a good digestive health with equal importance of timely consumption of food. Abhyanga or warm oil massage is obligatory to perpetuate dermal health along with a daily dose of required exercise.

Some factors that are often avoided but have a vital role in general body aging, is Good sleep and good Diet regulations. Sleep is mostly disturbed or forgotten for many of us during heavy workaholic lives, but, Acharaya Charaka had the opinion that the one who has a good sleep pattern is surely to achieve longevity and intellect.

While there are many theories and interpretations on Aging, conventional knowledge is necessary to process it’s understanding and perceive it’s management. Ayurveda also supports various theories on the conceptual framework of aging mechanisms. Perhaps tuning into your unique needs will support deeper cleaning and help to align with your healthy aging protocol.

Ayurvedic procedures are both detoxifying and rejuvenative, this view may be used by modern scientists to understand the various promotive, preventive and therapeutic interventions that can be done on various conditions including healthy aging. The aim of achieving healthy aging does not show light overnight; it requires time, effort and patience.


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