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Hyaluronic Acid & Its Action To Delay Aging With Ayurvedic Aspect?

When You See Yourself in The Mirror, What Do You Perceive? Look Again, is There A Glimmer in The Image That You See??

With the ever increasing demands of work both at your office and your daily life, all within a crammed up life, the multitude of stress has started to settle in your skin, especially in your face in the form of wrinkles and areas of pigmented blotches; dumping all of us in the well of premature aging and gradually obliterating that glimmer from your face.
With this whole buzz on Anti-Aging or healthy aging as some might propose, it’s time we throw some light on Hyaluronic acid and its benefits on the skin. For which let’s first have a required study about the Hyaluronic Acid.
Actions of Hyaluronic Acid To Delay Aging

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a chemical component found naturally in our skin cells, joints and other sensitive areas like eyes. Its primitive function is to enable water retaining capacity to the cells helping to lock moisture thereby ensuring moist eyes, skin and well lubricated joints and other associated structures. Due to this property, it tends to keep the skin hydrated, supple and thus less prone to wrinkles.1But with our demanding schedule and impaired lifestyle in total, we have somehow impaired the natural acid factories of our dermis with exposed UV induced sunlight, improper hydration, etc.

In the grapple to cover up this flaw, hyaluronic acid is widely available in the market as topical synthetic applications in the form of serums, emulsion eye drops, face creams, dietary supplements and much more.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

Generally People tend to assume that the advantages of hyaluronic acid is confined to just skin tightening and anti-aging. But the truth is, it also has the ability to support arthritis and even wound healing.

Anti-Aging Property

It has been found to be effective in fighting wrinkles by tightening the skin, eliminating pigmented blotches consequently offering you that long lost glimmer. The efficiency of the action of hyaluronic acid may depend from person to person on the basis of biogenesis, alcohol consumption, smoking and variations of increased sun exposure.

Wound Healing Property

Additive to the Anti-aging property, it not only hydrates the skin but also has the ability to stimulate wound healing. Hyaluronic acid fastens the collagen formation to promote effective healing of superficial wounds. Now, Before you consider Hyaluronic acid as a means to attain wound healing, do consider getting advice from your healthcare practitioner.

Effective in Arthritis

Joint pain in Arthritis is due to diminished synovial fluid in the joints. As mentioned above, Hyaluronic acid helps to lock moisture within the joints and support optimal movement of the joints without triggering pain.

Complications Related To Hyaluronic Acid

Like every other chemical compound, a coin has two faces, so for Hyaluronic acid, it has certain side effects. Hypersensitivity is the most common symptom seen in certain individuals, while others tend to have pain, itching, redness and inflammation. The intensity of hypersensitivity also depends from person to person. Hence before you try, it is advised to give yourself a patch test and then move forward.

Individuals with a history of allergic responses and pregnant women are kindly requested to consult your health care practitioner before confirming the use of topical or injectable hyaluronic acid formulations.

We have so far gone through the benefits and the risk factors of the constituent, but how exactly can you look up for the right product in the market? Preferably try to get yourself the products that have; hydrolysed hyaluronic acid, sodium acetate of hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate, either of these in the ratio 5% less than the whole product ratio, which is its ideal amount needed for the skin and excess may cause tissue damage.

Ayurveda And Anti-Aging

According to the age-old science of life Ayurveda, Living a life harmonious with the rhythm of nature is vital in maintaining health and beauty. Skin is the largest organ and it reflects the overall wellbeing of all other systems of the body. According to Ayurveda, it is equally essential to obtain the optimal biogenesis of your Tridosha to get your glimmer.
It is only in the presence of doshic fluctuations that the body tends to slow down from its optimal functioning and successively turning you over to premature aging.

Best & Basic Natural Measures

The doshas can be let to function normally by just keeping a check on your diet and regimen. It includes simple techniques like:

  • Keeping yourself hydrated
  • Eating proper meals at the right time according to your digestive fire
  • Sound sleep for almost 6-7 hours with incorporating detox procedures to eliminate accumulated doshas
  • Methods like pranayama to calm the mind and body simultaneously, and
  • Small episodes with the use of Abhyanga or oil massage.

Stages of Ageing According To The Dosha

Moreover , According to Ayurveda the variations on the skin textures seen across individuals is a result of physiological dosha predominance which reflects in their skin. It is divided into the Kapha, Pitta and Vata stages of age.
Those in the Kapha stages are generally the under-teens and due to the abundance of Kapha dosha, they tend to have smooth and shiny skin. While Pitta stage are on the adolescent group who tend to have more acne breakouts and blemishes. The Vata stage is usually associated with thirties and above, showing a general dryness and patchy appearance to the skin. These are totally normal and can be controlled naturally as well .
The kapha predominance generally does not have that many disturbing factors like the two others. Hence individuals in the Pitta category can include more coolant drugs in the diet as well as topical application like sandal paste, to overcome the overdose of blemishes. While the Vata stage individuals can soothe their skin with oil massages and include more health friendly fat sources in their diet.


Ultimately what brings that glow and glimmer on your face the next time you see yourself in the mirror, is the glow from within you. A healthy glow comes irrespective of your age. On the basis of the essences of all the tissue elements in your body, The Ojas. It is nourished when all the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the self are maintained. When you feel vibrant, strong and radiant do acknowledge the Ojas for giving you that glimmer. When your thoughts, words and actions are aligned, you will be able to overcome that tug-of-war between the effects of stress and healthy aging.

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