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Achintyashakti Rasa

Reference - Bhaishajya Ratnavali Jwaradhikar 141/576-584


Achintyashakti Rasa is a classical poly herbo-mineral preparation made for the treatment of chronic fever conditions. This drug is having antipyretic, analgesic and digestion stimulant properties.


  1. Shuddha Parada - 50 gm
  2. Shuddha Gandhak - 50 gm
  3. Swarnamakshika Bhasma - 25 gm
  4. Maricha Churna - 25 gm

Description of Ingredients

  • Shuddha Parada (Detoxified form of mercury) - Parad is used in the treatment of diseases such as asthma, blood pressure related disorders, chronic fevers, and heart diseases and many other ailments. It is tridosha shamak (helps in balancing tridosha) in nature. 
  • Shuddha Gandhak (Purified form of sulphur) - Gandhak is an amazing mineral having antimicrobial and antiviral properties, it is used to treat the skin ailments like itching, fungal infections, ringworm etc. 
  • Swarnamakshika Bhasma (Chalcopyrite or copper iron sulphide) is rich in nutrients like copper and iron. Swarnamakshik bhasma is therapeutically beneficial in treatment of heartburn, chronic low grade fever, burning micturition, insomnia, jaundice, nausea, headache and other abdominal diseases.

Bhavna Dravyas- (Herbal Sap For Making Water Decoction)

  • Bhringraj swaras (Eclipta alba)
  • Jatamansi kwath (Decoction of Nardostachys jatamansi)
  • Mandukaparni (Herbal sap of Centella asiatica)
  • Sindubaarpatraswaras (Fresh juicy extract of leaves of Vitex negundo)

Method of Preparation

Take the kajjali (mixture of shudh parad and shudh gandhak) and mix it well in the water decoctions mentioned above, till drying up. After drying add swarnamakshik bhasma and maricha churna and give it a mix, and when this mixture becomes the same coloured as that of kajjali, then make small tablets i.e. each of 60mg (equal to the size of moong (Vigna radiata), dry these tiny tablets under the shady area and then preserve it.

Medicinal Properties

This formulation as stated above contains ingredients which are having antipyretic actions, and plays a key role in balancing the tridosha. Further enhancement of properties due to the bhavana dravyas added such as medhya action of mandukaparni and also maricha acts as a better digestive stimulant and an effective method to digest the ama dosha and treat the mandagni. Thus an effective remedy for various fevers.


  • Chronic fevers.
  • Pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO)


One tablet is of 60mg (½ ratti).

Acharyas had given regimen of dosage for it i.e.

  • 3 tablets on the 1st day with water.
  • 2 tablets on the 2nd day with water.
  • 1 tablet on the third day with water.


  • To be avoided in pregnancy and lactation period.
  • Avoided in children.
Note:- This is pure classical Ayurvedic medicine and should be strictly consumed only after prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor and to be taken under medical supervision only.
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