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Amrud, Guava (Psidium Guajava)

Amrud, Guava, Psidium Guajava

Guava is one of the most common fruits found on Earth. With an even geographical distribution, Guava can be enjoyed by people of most countries alike. It is a very healthy alternative for people of all age groups.

Guava is a blessing in disguise for the digestive system as it helps in constipation, gastritis, Irritable Bowel Disease, Piles, Fistula, Fissure and other minor digestive problems.

From Ayurvedic point of view, various parts of this plant are used for many medicinal purpose.

Guava belongs to Myrtaceae family and its Latin name is Psidium Guajava.

Common Synonyms of Guava

  • English Name - Guava
  • Hindi Name - Amrud
  • Sanskrit Name - Dridhabija, Peruk, Bahubeej, Amrutaphalam, Madhuramla, Peruka, Pita, Tuvara, Vastula
  • Malayalam Name - Malacka Pela, Pela
  • Telugu Name - Gova, Goyya, Jama, Pandu, Jama, Chettu Etc.


It is a medium heighted tree with rough green leaves. The tree bears white flowers before fruition.

Ripe fruits are deliciously sweet with a sour taste combination. It is commonly found in India, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America.

Even the leaves are edible and can be chewed in case of Pitta disorders of the oral cavity like stomatitis. Pulp of ripe guava fruits may be sweet or sour depending upon the variety although the flavor is almost equally delicious.

The astringent properties of Guava leaves and fruits have a very soothing and cooling impact on the body.

Nutrients present in Guava

Guava is one of the best sources of dietary fibers which are very much required by our body on a regular basis. Besides it also has sugars, Lycopene, vitamins, beta - carotene, Iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, sodium, potassium and phosphorus etc.

Common uses of Guava and its plant parts for natural treatment

Guava can be regularly used for managing Diabetes, Cholesterol and constipation.

It can help manage minor day today ailments like headache, cough, cold and body ache due to fatigue.

Fresh paste of Guava leaves can be applied on the painful joints to relieve swelling and pain.

Decoction prepared from the leaves of guava plant can help in bringing down fever.

Massaging the backbone with a decoction prepared from fresh guava leaves can help in relieving pain in the spine as well as many mental disorders like epilepsy and convulsions.

Guava fruits when consumed regularly can help strengthen the heart. This is also explained in many Ayurveda texts as per which sour flavor helps in improving and strengthening the heart.

Boiling leaves of guava tree in water can help in treating oral problems such as toothache. It can be done by boiling 4 - 5 leaves of guava in a glass of water until only half the water is left in the vessel. It can then be simmered and used later for gargle.

To manage constipation, at least two guavas should be eaten daily with added black pepper and salt (black salt preferably). It helps in keeping constipation at bay and also helps to relieve acidity of the body, making it more alkaline and also helping in relieving any intestinal inflammation.

Guava has got many anti - oxidant properties by which it helps to re establish the gut flora of healthy bacteria so that proper digestion and absorption of food can take place.

Guava is also considered to be one of the best sources of vitamin C. It is therefore, very good for the skin and helps in keeping it young and beautiful for a long period of time.

It is also rich in Vitamin E which is the vitamin responsible for maintaining youth. It helps to keep the skin healthy and supple while maintaining the natural skin texture and preventing early development of signs of ageing.

Guava is good for the eyes and helps improve vision. This is because of its good vitamin A content.

Guava is a great metabolism booster which helps you to keep your body fit and healthy without having to compromise on the sugars and carbohydrates. It is therefore, very effective in watching weight and can aid in healthy weight loss.


Decoction - 10 - 20 ml.

Can be eaten as a fruit as per one's appetite.

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