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Ayurveda For Your Skin Care

Be it men or women, we admit that the best accessory that one can ever wear is his/her skin. Some struggle to maintain a skin routine while some of us have already fallen in love with pampering our skin. You could be either one among those who have already invested in your skin while many of us belong to that category who always are anguished by skin issues. But we all admit that we don't care about possessing a happy skin type, right? However, this doesn't get done by any sudden miracles but just commitment. In this busy and small world of ours, often we run out of time and as well as knowledge that's must to love our skin. But don't worry is what Ayurveda has to tell you, adding to it that you're never late to start a new skin regimen.

Your confidence is one among the primary representations that your skin gets. Similarly, Ayurveda is a representation of the ancient skin practices that has always succeeded in keeping our ancestors happy when it comes to their skin health. As Ayurveda has always aided its followers with flexible and less expensive strategies to keep their skin flourishing, let's take a look at it.

Ayurveda for your skin care

How Does Ayurveda Categorize Your Skin?

Skin care has become more like a fancy thing to keep up with the beauty standards in medical and as well as beauty industry while the fact that Ayurveda has always addressed skin care as something which is to belong to one’s daily life routine stays unnoticed. Even the young fashion influencers these days are into flaunting their skin routines on media, wherein many of them don't know they are using the basic ayurvedic remedies like turmeric or neem.  Hence Ayurveda is always inevitable in skin treatments worldwide. Skin care when viewed in the periphery is basically classified as organic and in organic type. Here organic already says that it would be ayurvedic while the other arena is more into cosmetics that involves chemical formulations packed into products. However, people have started thinking backwards that they are more into natural remedies and ancient skin care methods such that though they want instant methods and results, they still can’t afford anything less than organic. The thought that organic is safer and best for one’s skin hits you at a point and then there is no looking back.

The Ayurvedic principles of treatments depend on the Tridosha concept or the theory of the 3 humors – vata, pitta and kapha. Wherein the 3 dosas exhibit varying properties and constitutions in our body. Vata being composed of ether and air will provide your skin with dryness and thin texture while pitta predominant with fire and water makes your skin delicate and warm. Kapha dosha made of water and earth constituents would make your skin oily and cool in touch.

Ayurveda acharyas have scheduled your dinacharyas i.e. daily routines from ancient times and in which the skin care is automatically included as a part of daily regimen. Some of those practices that contain skin practices are abhyanga- application of oil on one’s body. Mukhalepam is herbal mixtures applied on the face. Udwarthanam is the upward application of powdered drugs on your body. While there are different types of shodhana- purification therapies like basti which benefits your skin too.

Apart from all these, the purification methods like vamanam, nasya and raktamokshan cleans you internally and automatically purifies your skin layer from deep to periphery.

Separately Manage Your Skin!

From doing a simple routine out of honey and lemon to choosing the right ayurvedic oil requires understanding your skin type. Vata, pitta and kapha skin type should be analyzed and identified properly to adopt the apt skin care.  Vata type of skin demands nurturing and essential oils of citrus and geranium would be best choices. Similarly, pitta dosha predominant skin often tends to be sensitive and prone to redness on anything and everything tried on such skin type. Hence cooling is the very primary procedure that you can provide your skin with, for which essential oils like rose, sandals or jojoba could be great options. Kapha type of skin would be the one which always put its owners into inconvenience often as it would be always oily, sticky and carry blackheads. This skin type can be taken care of by regular cleansing and exfoliation. Grapeseed oil and tea tree oil would be best to keep the sebum formation in a kapha dosha predominant skin in control.

Having said that the beauty and fashion industry always seeks inspiration from Ayurveda when it comes to skin, it’s inevitable to mention some of those precious drugs possessed by Ayurveda which kept saving skins for years. Some of the important ones include: Turmeric- Curcuma longa, neem- Azadirachta indica, sandal- Sandalum ovatum, brahmi- Bacopa monnieri, guduchi- Tinospora cordifolia etc.

Besides these herbs and formulations, the ayurvedic tips extend to one's manasik dosas i.e., mental qualities. They say a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body, similarly to be lodged in a healthy stature, the mind should be healthy enough too. A happy soul will always be reflected in the glow of one’s skin. Yoga and meditation, the ineluctable ayurvedic ritual is to be followed in regular patterns to keep your body and mind healthy. Yogic postures like Sarvangasana and certain Pranayaamas are famous for being followed by beauty influencers. These physical activities aid you to prep your skin to the external environment. The other aspect of skin care includes looking into the diet regimen. Acharyas have rightly said the food regimen for different ritus (seasons) that one should follow. Along with it make sure your food is rich in nutrients best for your skin. Besides, water is the finest source of clear skin as it flushes out the toxins out of your body including from your skin layers. So, adding an adequate amount of liquids to your diet is important.


Ayurveda is the right choice to start with or restart a broken skin care regimen. It gives you all the natural luxuries at its best formulations. Any and many of your worries could be bid goodbye once you invest in your skin along with Ayurveda. Proper dosa type management, diets, yoga and moreover let’s keep hydrated to serve that skin of ours right. Let’s wake up to love that skin!

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