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Balajeerakadi kashayam is a liquid medicine. It is a decoction preparation and widely used in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases. The main ingredient of Balajeerakadi kashayam is bala which is immune-modulatory in action.


  1. Bala Moola (Sida cordifolia) – 1 part
  2. Jeeraka (Cuminum cyminum) – 1 part
  3. Bilva (Aegle marmelos) – 1 part
  4. Musta (Cyperus rotundus) – 1 part
  5. Vasa (Adhatoda vasica) – 1 part
  6. Shunthi (Zingiber officinale) – 1 part
  7. Devdaru (Cedrus deodara) – 1 part
  8. Prishanparni (Uraria picta) – 1 part
  9. Ikshu (Saccharum officinarum) - 1 part
  10. Laja (Parched grain) – 1 part
  11. Water - 16 times
Balajeerakadi  Kashayam - classical formulation



  1. Bala Moola (Sida cordifolia) - bala is a medicinal plant which is used in the treatment of various ailments such as respiratory disorders and the conditions where fluid retention takes place. It is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-asthmatic in activity. It benefits the inner strength and improves immunity. It acts as a general tonic.
  2. Jeeraka (Cuminum cyminum) – Jeerak has piercing activity and used in the people who are suffering from chronic respiratory ailments. The seeds of this spice help in the removal of phlegm or mucus hence treat difficulty in breathing.
  3. Bilva (Aegle marmelos) - Bilva balances the Vata and Kapha dosha in the body. It cures the pain and congestion of the chest region due to which it is effective in inflammations of the respiratory tract.
  4. Musta (Cyperus rotundus) - Musta is bitter, pungent and astringent in activity. Musta has antipyretic and anti-allergic properties, hence useful in the treatment of cold and cough.
  5. Vasa (Adhatoda vasica) - Vasa is an excellent herb used to treat various respiratory problems and it is considered as a best expectorant. Vasa improves voice quality and relieves cough.
  6. Shunthi (Zingiber officinale) - Shunthi is hot in potency and pungent in taste. It pacifies kapha dosha in the body. It helps in the elimination of phlegm due to its expectorant nature.
  7. Devdaru (Cedrus deodara) - Devadaru helps to treat running nose and sinusitis. It is Kashar in property thus, cures cough.
  8. Prishanparni (Uraria picta) - it is useful in the treatment of dyspnoea, asthma, bronchitis and chronic respiratory disorders. It balances all the three doshas in the body.
  9. Ikshu (Saccharum officinarum) - It cures burning sensation associated with urinary tract infections. It keeps the digestive system healthy. It is used in this medicine to enhance the taste of kashayam.
  10. Laja (parched grain) – It is rich in fibers and antioxidant properties.


All these herbs are firstly taken in coarse powder form. Afterward add water to make a decoction by boiling it in water, until it is reduced to 1/8th. This decoction is known as Balajeerakadi kashayam. This decoction should be consumed in a lukewarm state.


Balajeerakadi kashyam is effective in following disorders –

  • Asthma
  • Cough


Balajeerakadi kashayam is an Ayurvedic formulation which is mainly used in treating respiratory ailments. It has antitussive and anti-inflammatory properties. It eases the breathing problem due to its mucolytic action. It also enhances immunity power due to the presence of immune-modulatory herbs.


5 to 15 ml once or twice daily with 4 times boiled and cooled water as suggested by physician



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