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Case Study No: 57 | Bone Problem - Teen Boy

A Bone Problem Cured by Ayurveda Only

A male child born to a well to do parents had a bone problem. The whole body structure was uneven with a large head, narrow cheekbones, the arms and legs were not normal and his bones never grew up and showed little or no progress. His parents got worried as he felt cervical pain and he used to cry a lot. The parents took him to a renowned child specialist in Chandigarh but even he couldn't detect the problem. As a child, he was too small for having pain killers.

As told by a specialist he suffered from a chronic disease called Camurati-Engelmann. His parents didn't leave any bone specialist that could heal him but he was not that lucky, thus never got the relief. His mom did use to give him pain killers when he grew a little older, means he continued to suffer very hard during the 1st year, a little too much. His parents couldn't send him to school as he was not normal like other kids and his parents found him ragged by his school mates and got bullied often in all his schooling.

His parents were suffering more than him as he was born in a deformed state. They even took him to the most renowned hospital in Chandigarh where the doctors refused to treat him saying that he is suffering from a genetic disease that doesn't have a cure. His parents were fed up of visiting so many doctors but none had the guts to heal their son in a proper manner. Finally they surrendered and began thinking that their luck is bad.

He continued to suffer from this chronic disease for 15 years, when someone suggested them to find a cure on the internet. As these days almost everybody has a 4G mobile that has an access to the internet, they did try to find some cure for their only son. They did find many but after having a word with them, both used to shun off as majority of them used to be fake people who are always in search of such people who are ready to flaunt their money. They didn't give up and kept searching and lastly landed at Planet Ayurveda, which is located very near to their residence.

In fact by now it has earned so much respect for itself in the Ayurvedic world because it relies on producing quality products. The pair that owns and runs the show here is highly educated, renowned, reputed and talented Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who earned gold medal while perceiving her degree as well. The medicines that are manufactured by Planet Ayurveda are produced under their watchful eyes. Both first get their raw material checked in a modern lab for its quality. The production happens only if it is coming from natural or organic grown herbs. If any fault gets detected the whole lot is rejected without hearing any excuses. This is the reason why Planet Ayurveda is growing, expanding and earning a reputed name globally.

His mom was highly impressed as lots of videos were available on YouTube depicting that it is curing lots of patients with different diseases. She thought they might have a remedy for her son. She had a word with her husband and showed him the videos. He asked her to go ahead and contact them. She turned on her mobile and rang up their number and heard a politely speaking lady on the other side and she was asking how she could help her. In a sobbing state she told her story and asked, "Do you have a cure for that?" "Sure ma'am we do have. But make certain that you bring along all his reports and hospital slips that you have and all his x-rays that have been done till now and ma'am please reach here by 9:30 am, that's the time that the clinic opens," said the lady in a very sweet voice. "Sure ma'am I'll do that and when shall I come?" she asked further. "Ummm let me see ma'am," after a few moments she replied, "You can come on any Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, these are the days when Dr. Vikram Chauhan is available."

"Today is Thursday, so I will come tomorrow morning," continued the lady. "Sure ma'am and welcome," said the receptionist. The next day she asked her driver to make her reach sector 82 Mohali, the exact location of Planet Ayurveda. All three of them reached the place at 9:20am and were quite impressed after watching a lot of patients already waiting for the doctors. Both reached in the premises and went inside and asked the security guard about the staff that hadn't arrived yet. The whole staff working there arrive at 9:30am and she went straight to the receptionist and introduced herself. The receptionist asked her to wait as the doctors will be coming very soon and registered her name with a smile on her face.

She was also told that the doctors served on first come first serve basis and she sat down along with her son and waited for her turn. Her name was called around 1 pm and she took her son and reached doctor's room and showed him the x-rays and all hospital slips. The doctor scanned the reports very carefully and asked her to tell the story verbally which she did in almost a sobbing mood. The doctor consoled her, "Come on ma'am you have just reached the right place. Now don't worry I assure you that your son can become normal but he needs to take medications for a long time as Ayurveda treats you gradually" "No problem sir, I have been to so many hospitals that I have not left a bone specialist up to New Delhi and I was thinking of taking him abroad but I was impressed by your video and got in touch with you people. I thought let's give it a try," she said.

"Sure ma'am and thanks for trusting Ayurveda, now look ma'am," said the doctor and continued,"You need not worry anything, now it is our responsibility to cure him but you have to keep a strict diet for him, what to eat and what to avoid, here is the diet chart," and handed her a diet chart and continued, "take Bone Support, Lakshadi Guggul, Giloy, Gotukula and Ashwagandha. The prescription is mentioned here and please follow it nicely and these medicines will certainly show some positive results and ma'am please keep reporting to me after every month, you can just call us and order the medicines online." "No sir this is my first duty to make my only son normal again and if I see some positive results I'll come every month and take medicines after meeting you doctor, " she insisted. "Ok fine, but keep asking the receptionist a day before coming as I keep flying abroad or you can come and take the medicines from our pharmacy," said the doctor and pointing towards the pharmacy which is located right opposite to his room.

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Both got up and reached the pharmacy and after buying the pack left for their home town. These medicines have shown their true effects. After 3 months of continuous intake he has become 50% fine, earlier his forehead was very wide and a narrow jaw line. It has become almost normal and the pain has totally vanished and her mother hopes that in another 3 months he will become fully normal. Now he goes to school and also plays with other kids that live in their colony.

The parents are feeling too proud to have contacted Planet Ayurveda who has rejuvenated the life of their only son in a very positive way.

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