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Case Study No: 58 | High Creatinine Level - Dinanath Dwivedi

Anil Kumar Dwivedi, got his dad's Kidney treated from Planet Ayurveda

Anil Kumar Dwivedi belongs to Mankapur in district Gonda in UP. He is a young man currently doing a job. His dad Dina Nath Dwivedi is an old man who has retired from his services and was enjoying the retirement when all of a sudden he was invaded by an infection. He felt strange feelings as his blood pressure had increased, gas used to accumulate in the gut area, he lost the appetite and come under lots of anxiety. He pressed the panic button and called his son home. Anil came in a hurried manner and took him to a doctor who referred some tests done before they begin the treatment.

He took his dad to a lab and got his creatinine level checked and it was quite high, 4.3 to be precise. Both again visited the doctor who recommended his dialysis and asked them to get admitted in the hospital. But Dina Nath was reluctant to be hospitalized and told the doctor that he has to discuss the situation with his family and will come back after a few days. The doctor said, "OK, fine, but better come back soon or you have to get the dialysis done again and again as it might reach more high if you take long. If you come after a week better get it tested before coming to the hospital," and bid them goodbye.

Both reached home in a sad mood. Anil told the whole story to her mother and both decided that they will take the advice of some of their relatives and friends and then decide to take what action. They took more than 10 days to visit that hospital again and got him tested in the lab and this time the creatinine level had risen up to 5.9 making them both feeling down in the dumps. "I told you dad the longer you take, this disease will get harder to treat," said Anil. "Now get me admitted and I will get the dialysis done, "he said meekly. By that time they had reached the doctor's room that sent a nurse along with them who showed them his bed that was allotted by the staff.

Anil used to assist his dad when the dialysis was done. And the doctor kept repeating the whole process for 5 times and Anil was getting frustrated as his dad's creatinine level kept rising gradually. He asked the reason from the doctor, who replied, "He has so many problems, gas, high BP, kidney trouble and he remains stressed all the time, all these things are making the creatinine level rise, what can I do?" Anil had no answer. But in a corner of his brain an idea sparked and he took out his mobile and rang a relative who came to the hospital and after meeting his dad came to him and both came out of the hospital and had a discussion.

"You know anything about Ayurveda?" his relative questioned Anil. "No nothing, I have just heard the name," he replied. The relative further stated, "One of my colleague's mom also had a kidney problem and she got treated by an Ayurvedic doctor and now she is totally fine." "From which doctor?" asked Anil. "I'll call him and ask all the details," said his relative and took out his mobile and started having a conversation with some fellow. After the conversation was over he turned towards Anil who was waiting anxiously and told him almost everything about Planet Ayurveda and its esteemed doctors.

Planet Ayurveda is actually an authentic clinic of Ayurveda. It is maintained by a highly qualified, renowned, lots of experienced and a reputed association of two Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who is a gold medalist holder while doing her course. They keep a vigilant eye on its production of all medicines. First, they check the authenticity of the herbs that are brought here for producing medicines in a modern lab. If a fault is found in any piece the whole quota gets rejected without hearing any excuses. They, in fact, rely on quality as nature has bestowed this beautiful planet with numerous medical powers. They utilize such herbs to produce medicines that are natural or organically grown. This is the reason that it is gaining popularity at a fast pace globally.

He got their website and visited them on his own mobile. While surfing the net his relative showed him many videos on YouTube of thousands of patients getting treatment for various kind of diseases finding the cure. He was highly impressed as everybody seemed genuine and not a fake one or acting on somebody's behalf. He also noted down their land line number and called them and a sweet sounding lady picked up the phone and asked how she can help him. Anil began his side of the story and also asked her, "Ma'am can I come all alone with the entire lab and the clinic reports? Will the doctor give me the medicines even then as my dad can't make it so soon, can I?" "Sure sir you can but better bring all the papers related with his disease and his history and can come on any Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday," welcoming him she said and added, "The clinic opens at 9:30am and the doctors examine on first come first serve basis."

Anil went inside the hospital and discharged his dad. He came home and booked a train ticket to Chandigarh and also booked a cab that will take him to Planet Ayurveda HQ. He left his dad home and boarded the train all alone and reached Chandigarh the next day. From there he took a cab and reached Planet Ayurveda by around 9:35am. The moment he entered its premises he found hoards of patients waiting for the doctors. He was highly impressed. He went to a smiling receptionist and introduced himself. She asked him to wait as the doctors are yet to arrive. "Didn't you say that the clinic opens at 9:30am, I thought the doctors might start examining by 9:30am," he inquired from her. She replied in a smiling way, "Sir the clinic staff comes at 9:30am and the doctors arrive a little late. Better wait for some time as everybody will get a chance to be examined by the doctors."

"OK," he said and took a seat in the AC lounge. His turn came around 2pm and after the greeting he gave all the reports to the doctor who examined them carefully. Then he heard the patient's history and kept scribbling some medicines on a paper. After he had finished, the doctor said, "Look Mr. Anil your dad needs a strict diet chart and these medicines, the Revive Kidneys Pack and here is that diet chart that depicts the foods to eat and the foods to avoid," he took out a printed sheet and displayed it in front of Anil, who looked at it quite curiously. The doctor again said, "You need to follow the following procedure," the sheet that he was scribbling was handed to Anil.

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He bid the doctor goodbye and headed straight to the pharmacy, just opposite the doctor's room. He bought the pack and left for UP the same night. By morning they had begun the medication and he fixed the diet chart in the kitchen and gave instructions to his mom that just stick to this diet chart if she wanted his dad to become fine. After a month he got his creatinine level checked and found it reduced to 3.06 and after 3 months had come down to 2. The doctor had asked them to continue with the same medicine for another 2 months and all his problems will vanish.

After a 3 month period, both came to Planet Ayurveda to show their gratitude towards Dr. Vikram Chauhan, who have given them a second chance to enjoy life. Both feel that the doctor at Planet Ayurveda has breathed a new life into his dad, who now talks in a husky way and feeling stimulated. Both are feeling enchanted.

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