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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Pathankot, Punjab | Case Study #53

Manjeet Kaur whose Creatinine Level was Enhanced by Modern Medicines

Manjeet Kaur lives in a village near Pathankot and her brother; Mr. Jagdeep Singh lived in the city premises of Pathankot and recently has migrated to Australia. But he used to live in the city when she suffered from strange things started happening with her body. Itching, pain used to occur in different parts of her body and she used to fall sick quite often. She called up her brother and told him about her problems and he suggested that she come to the city and get tested. A day later she arrived and he took her to a renowned hospital in Pathankot. The doctor after observing the symptoms did her RFT test and discovered her creatinine level to be quite high at 7.6.

He advised that she undergo dialysis first and it will reduce her creatinine level and he will provide her some medicine later. But she was scared of the dialysis process, thus denying it and went back home. He asked, "Why are you so afraid of the dialysis, that's the best cure we have and if not done will cause further complications and you will have to face the music." He looked curiously at her, expecting an answer. She remained silent for some time and after a few moments said, "But bro this is not the only hospital that can heal me. Why don't we try another one, especially the hospitals at Jalandhar, I hear there are many over there." He nodded his head and said, "OK, I'll take you there tomorrow."

The next day, both came to Jalandhar in the morning and checked in a very renowned hospital. That very doctor also recommended the dialysis and she denied it completely. Jagdeep took the doctor aside and told him, "Sir my sis is too afraid of dialysis process and we have come here to get some medicine that can reduce her creatinine level. Do you have some medicines or shall I go to some other hospital?" But the doctors in India don't give up so easily and prescribed some medicines and pocketed his own payment. Both took the medicines from a pharmacy and came back to Pathankot and he left her in her village the next day.

After about 10 days his phone again buzzed and his sis was almost crying when she narrated that all these symptoms have increased. She had lost her appetite and was gradually becoming weaker and stopped doing almost all physical activities. She was crying as she supposed to be landed in the weeds. He immediately went to her village and took her to the lab and gets her RFT tested again. It had sprung up to a higher level, 13.6 to be précised. She panicked and started crying and he after consoling her said, "If they don't have medicine, I think you have to go in for dialysis only or is there something else going on in your mind?" He looked at her anxiously. She was sobbing and spoke very meekly, "But bro there must be some other way, I mean some other medical line like Homeopathy, Acupressure or Ayurveda, why don't you search the net and find me a cure."

He took out his mobile as almost every person is using it now a days. He started searching trying to find a cure for his sister. He kept searching and was not impressed with many until he reached YouTube and was impressed by a video of a person admiring Planet Ayurveda. He kept watching the whole video and the person seemed genuine. But still not sure as many fake videos out there on YouTube; he took his mobile and made his sister watch it. Her eyes also sparkled a bit, but dimmed very soon. Even she knew that such kinds of videos are only made to gain publicity. But both watched many more videos of Planet Ayurveda who had lots of experience in treating various kinds of patients suffering from several diseases. All seemed genuine and not from public sympathy or publicity stunts. Manjit Kaur said, "Let's give it a try," and looked pleadingly at him. He nodded his head and said, "I will."

In the present times Planet Ayurveda has gained a solid reputation as it believes in producing quality medicines that are taken from a purely natural or organic grown trees or plants that have medicinal properties. First of all this material gets tested in a modern lab and if it disturbs its authenticity, the whole lot gets dismissed without hearing any kind of excuses. Actually this clinic is managed by a highly educated pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauahn and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. She even earned a gold medal while doing her degree. Both have an experienced hand, are renowned by now and hold a solid reputation. Both watch minutely on production and packing. They never tolerate any lazy employees and always encourage those who work efficiently. This is the reason Planet Ayurveda has become a heavy hitter.

He dialed their number and heard the voice of a lady asking him how Planet Ayurveda can help him. He narrated the whole story and asked about any remedy. She wanted him to visit the place at Mohali and have a conversation with Dr. Vikram Chauhan. He promptly noted down the address and promised to reach there the next day. "Oh my sis, I hope this time we reach a nice clinic," he said to his sister who was day dreaming about finding a remedy that can cure her and didn't answer him.

Watch the Video of This Patient

The next day both landed at the premises by car and found difficulty in parking their own car as the place was already full. After parking it on a vacant plot, both went inside and were impressed by a number of patients waiting for the doctors. They went to the receptionist and after introducing themselves got a slip made and had registered her name. Both were asked to wait for their turn that came at 2 pm when someone uttered her name, Manjit Kaur, a bit loudly. Both got up and went straight to the doctor's room, who gestured them to sit as he was talking on his mobile. Both sank in the chairs and waited. After a few minutes the doctor asked for their disease related papers that they handed him all of them. The doctor began scrutinizing them and later heard her history. When she was telling her history he kept scribbling some medicines on the slip and after she had finished the doctor addressed her, "See Manjit Kaur, you need our Revive Kidneys Pack and follow the prescription mentioned here," and showed her the slip that she picked up with her hand. The doctor also gave her a diet chart, the foods to be eaten and the foods to be avoided and asked them to keep reporting the after effects every month and bid them goodbye.

Both came out and headed to the pharmacy and bought their pack and left. Both stayed at a relative's place in Mohali and went back the next morning. She began her medication and her creatinine level started coming down slowly but steadily. After 6 months it has come to 5.4, its not normal but a lot better and the doctor has changed his medicines now so that the positive results can be achieved next time. He feels absolutely elated and is happy that his sister is in safe hands and he can migrate to Australia and remain satisfied.

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