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Review of Planet Ayurveda in New Delhi | Case Study #54

Pushpa Rani got treated for Trigeminal Neuralgia from Planet Ayurveda

Pushpa Rani is an old lady who suffered with pain in her jaw line. The pain used to start from her tooth and gradually moved to her head. Even her nerves used to pain severely. She never did try taking pain killers fearing that they might cause a problem in her kidneys. First of all she consulted a dentist who did nothing but just extracted her 3 teeth. He also suggested some medicines that had no effect on her. She continued to suffer for a long time. When the pain started, she couldn't even speak, but kept her mouth shut and remain sitting in a room.

Then a relative of her suggested she to visit a Neurologist and she went to a Neurologist in safdarjang enclave and he said that she is suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia and gave her various medicines that she started having. These medicines used to minimize the pain but when the dosage got over the pain used to return putting her back to square one within 3, 4 days. From a Neurologist she visited many other doctors but none provided her the relief that she was seeking.

One of her grandsons is living in the USA and once he had a skin allergy. Red patches used to appear all over his body. He also visited many skin specialists but none provided him the permanent cure. Ultimately he searched for a cure from YouTube and landed at Planet Ayurveda and was successful in getting rid of his disease. He rang her up and said, "Why don't you take their medicine, look they have cured me and they can also cure your Trigeminal Neuralgia within a specific time. Better seek the help of Dr. Vikram Chauhan. He will give you a remedy that will certainly get rid of your disease." "Now where is it located?" she asked. "At Mohali near Chandigarh, I'll send you their address," he replied and sends her the address of Planet Ayurveda.

Planet Ayurveda is a well-known Ayurvedic clinic that is administrated by a highly qualified Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan, and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, she even holds a gold medal while doing her degree. Both are renowned doctors in the Ayurvedic fields and hold a lot of experience and a solid reputation in making the quality medicines that has cured thousands of various kinds of diseases. The material that comes to make these medicines comes from natural or organically grown plants & trees. First they get it checked in their sound lab. If any piece is found holding defects, they dismiss the whole lot. They only proceed if it is authentic material. Both keep a hawk's eye while making these medicines. This is the reason that Planet Ayurveda is spreading its wings all over the globe. Very soon it will be a leading Ayurvedic clinic in India.

She first decided to have a word with them on phone and dialed their landline number, which was picked by a lady who asked her that how Planet Ayurveda can help her? Pushpa Rani narrated her grievances and asked if Planet Ayurveda could provide her the cure. The lady on the other side of the phone said, "Definitely ma'am, you can come on any Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday of this month and get the treatment done, and ma'am please do bring all the doctors you have visited, their slips that the doctors prescribed the medicines on along with you and the clinic opens at 9:30am and the doctors see patients on first come first serve basis." Pushpa Rani charted her program and came from New Delhi to Chandigarh by car and later came to HQ of Planet Ayurveda.

She was impressed by seeing a fleet of cars parked at their premises. She left the cab and entered their green premises and was quite surprised to find hoards of people present in their AC lounge waiting for the doctors. She went straight to the receptionist who greeted her with a smile that kept hanging on her face all the time and she spoke so politely. Pushpa Rani introduced herself and asked her, "When will the doctors come?" But receptionist made a slip with her name written on it and asked her to wait for some time, which she did. She also sat in the lounge and waited for her turn. "Pushpa Rani" someone called her name loudly at around 2pm and she got up and was ushered in the doctor's room. After the initial greetings the doctor asked her to take a seat opposite him and she did just that.

"Can I see your disease related papers?" asked the doctor. "Sure, here they are" and she pushed her file that she had kept on the table, towards the doctor, who scrutinized the file carefully. After checking the file the doctor asked her to narrate her history, which she did in the most honest manner. While she was speaking the doctor kept scribbling some medicines on her slip and after he had finished, he looked up and said, "You are suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia and here are the medicines to be taken according to the prescriptions written here." And he showed her the slip on which he had scribbled a few moments earlier. "You also need to take care of your diet. I'll give you a diet chart on which clearly mentioned foods to eat and which you should avoid. Stick to the diet chart and very soon your pain will fade away," he added. Then he opened a drawer and gave her the diet chart that she studied carefully.

"OK doctor, can I ask you something?" she asked. The doctor nodded his head and she spoke again, "For how long do I have to take this medicine?" "Not very much, it will begin showing the effects in the first month and will reduce your pain and let's see for how long and ma'am don't worry, all these medicines carry no side effects as these are made from the extract of natural or organically grown trees and plants that have medicinal properties, " the doctor concluded. And then added, "And ma'am please call us and tell the effects every month." She got up and headed towards the pharmacy to collect the medicines.

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She paid and got her pack and rang her driver from her mobile to help her get the pack in the car and left for New Delhi right away. She studied the diet chart while traveling and pasted it on her kitchen door when she reached home. The next day she began her medication and after a month she rang up Planet Ayurveda and felt absolutely delighted as this was her first month only and she felt that this month has gone without any mild pain arising in her body. She felt grateful to the doctor for curing her in a month's time. Her son also got the medicine from Planet Ayurveda. Planet Ayurveda has cured all the 3 generations of Pushpa Rani due to the quality of medicines it makes.

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