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Case Study No: 62 | High Urea and Creatinine Levels - Chander Pal Yadav

Manoj Kumar Yadav has found trust in Ayurveda

Manoj Kumar Yadav is a young man who never trusted Ayurvedic medicines, but Ayurveda has made him believe that it is the best remedy for any disease. Actually his dad, Mr. Chander Pal Yadav was a diabetic person and used to take medicines for keeping a control over it. Around 2 years back he suffered hypertension and his creatinine level and urea started increasing. His level was already 4 and all of a sudden went up to 8. The swelling on his face became manifold, he was coughing constantly and vomiting more frequently. As he had already lost his appetite, he didn't even have the urge to eat and felt too weak. His son pressed the panic button and took him to a local and renowned hospital, where he was admitted on the doctor's order.

Water retention also started happening at the hospital that scared them further that he will have to undergo dialysis or his kidney might suffer. They returned home in a sad mood and started discussing what to do next? They were just discussing the whole situation, when his dad while walking in his room fainted and they rushed him to the same hospital and got his dialysis done. He at least became conscious and remains admitted for 15 days. It was only then that he decided to go to Ludhiana, where the medical facilities are better. He took him there and the doctors did his various tests in the renal area and told him that dialysis is necessary to save his life. "But can't you do anything about his cough, when he keeps coughing he can't find his sleep and you know such people do crack down a little bit," he told the doctor.

The doctor suggested that the kidney needs to be transplanted and the other cure will begin after that. They did provide him some medicines enhancing his creatinine level further up to 11 and later turned 12. He panicked and took his father to Chandigarh that has a renowned hospital that boasts of having medicines that can cure any disease. There doctors gave him the same views after seeing reports that the Ludhiana hospital had done. They also said that his dialysis needs to be done frequently if his dad has to survive. He began calling his near & dear and started having a discussion with them about who is going to donate his kidney in order to save his dad.

Meanwhile he also kept surfing the net on his mobile and trying to find a remedy that could treat his dad, it can be found in any way through Acupressure, Homeopathy or Ayurveda. He kept searching and as every cloud has a silver lining even he found a video on YouTube that was about a patient whose kidney was retained after he got the treatment done from a Planet Ayurveda. He got interested and watched many more videos of the patients. All seemed genuine, neither looked as if they are done to gain publicity. He had a discussion with a relative as it had given him a ray of hope.

Actually Planet Ayurveda believes in producing quality medicines that heal patients all over the globe. There are many other Ayurvedic hospitals present in India and they just exist to earn money and Planet Ayurveda trusts in healing patients to make this world healthier. In fact it is managed by a highly qualified pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan; she even earned a gold medal while receiving her degree. By now Planet Ayurveda has become popular, renowned and with an experience that has treated thousands who didn't find the cure anywhere else. All the medicines are produced right before the eyes of this pair of doctors, who assure that all herbs are grown in a natural or organic way and they first check the authenticity of raw material in a modern lab. If any fault is detected the whole lot is rejected without hearing any excuses. By now it has become the eye of the Ayurvedic world.

He first rang them up to know the location, "Hello, this is Manoj Yadav and may I know your exact location?" A sweet sounding lady said, "Sir actually we are located in sector-82, it's on the airport road and where are you calling from?" "Basically we are from Bathinda but right now I am calling from Chandigarh and when can I see Dr. Vikram Chauhan?" and he narrated the whole story. "Let me see umm…you can come tomorrow sir, but before doing that please bring in all the reports and hospital slips with you and sir the clinic opens at 9:30am and the doctors examine on first come first serve basis," she said. "OK see you tomorrow," said Mr. Manoj Yadav.

The next day he reached the Planet Ayurveda with his dad and placed him on a chair located in the AC lobby at their premises. He also saw many other patients sitting and waiting for the doctors. He went to the receptionist and got his name registered. He heard someone call his name at around 1:30pm and he with the help of another person took him to the doctor's room. After he had placed his dad in a chair opposite side of the table where the doctors were sitting he exchanged the greetings with the doctor and asked him," Sir Can you cure my dad?" "Sure," the doctor replied and asked him to show all the reports which he pushed towards the doctor who went through them very severely and after having a few words with his wife rotated his chair towards Mr. Manoj and said, "Your dad's kidney is in a serious stage." Manoj frowned a bit and said, "You mean you don't even have a cure for him?" "I never said that, I said it is in a serious condition and look you have to see that he takes these medicines as prescribed and follow a diet recommended by me," replied the doctor.

Watch the Video of This Patient

"I'll do whatever and however you say, I was about to donate my kidney when I saw a video on YouTube that proved to be a ray of hope for me," he said almost pleading. "Here is the diet chart," and he took out a sheet from his drawer and handed it to him and added, "Take Revive Kidneys Pack from our pharmacy and please keep telling me the effects as I might need to change a diet or medicine every month." Both bid the doctor goodbye and went straight into the pharmacy to buy the pack. Both left the premises after buying the pack.

Both came back after 24 days only and Mr. Manoj was beaming with enthusiasm as his father's creatinine level had fallen from 12 to 6.4 and he has started believing in Ayurvedic medicines totally. He didn't trust Ayurveda earlier but now has total faith in it and his dad's continuous cough seems to have disappeared. Now he says, any near or dear of his ever fall sick due to any disease, he will just bring that person to Planet Ayurveda, where holistic healing is done through quality herbs that have no side effects.

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