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Case Study No: 63 | Ulcerative Colitis - Kartik

Vijay Laxmi's son couldn't get any help from Ayurveda until Planet Ayurveda

Vijay Laxmi is a middle age lady from South India and her son, Kartik who just believes in having the treatment of Ayurvedic doctors for any disease that happens to him. He is a young man of 28 years only. He did complete his studies and also got a suitable job when he was ambushed by Ulcerative Colitis. He felt the lose motions and took a home remedy that stopped them initially. But after a few days they became lose and this time had to take leave from the office as these used to happen at least 5, 6 times every day. He told her mom and said he had a very itchy feeling and will visit some Ayurvedic doctor in New Delhi, the place where he was doing the job.

Her mom came to him and took him to a renowned Ayurvedic doctor in New Delhi. That doctor examined him and asked if he has any lab or clinic reports, but he denied as he never has visited any allopathic doctor but just relies on Ayurvedic medicines. The doctor got impressed and gave him some medicines and asked him to report after a month. Both took the pack and came to his room and started the medication. When he had the first dosage, he felt a burning sensation in his stomach. He began to writhe with pain and his mom after hearing his cries ran to him and asked, "What's wrong? Why are you crying so much?" "I felt my stomach is burning. After this dosage I felt an immense heat within my body," he answered.

"OK, I'll call the doctor," she said and took out her mobile and dialed the doctor's number. He picked it up and she narrated the whole story. But that doctor was stubborn kind of a person and he replied, "Ma'am its good news, it means my medicine is showing some effect. Very soon your son will get fine, don't worry Mrs. Vijay Laxmi ma'am," the doctor assured her and she also began thinking the same way. She came to her son who was lying on the bed clutching his abdominal area and said, "Don't worry son, the doctor said that your condition will get normal within a few days, stay happy," and she started rubbing her palms on his forehead. But these medicines had an adverse effect, giving him the burning sensation while having their dosage and now after a few days fresh blood also started oozing out every time he visited the toilet. This thing scared him the most; he told her mother about it who decided to change the doctor.

The next time they both visited another Ayurvedic doctor, there are plenty in New Delhi, and he assured them that he has a remedy that will smoothen his condition. And he prescribed some other medicines and pocketed the money and both came home. But the result was still the same. Kartik was also started losing his appetite and hardly felt hungry to eat anything and also started losing weight. His condition was deteriorating day by day and he kept changing the Ayurvedic doctors but none provided him the relief for 2 long years. His mom used to sob seeing his condition and he also lost his job as the company could not tolerate his long absence.

He began searching on net to find a remedy that can heal him when he accidentally saw a video of a person finding cure of Ulcerative Colitis from an Ayurvedic doctor and praising that doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda. He seemed veridical and he took his mobile and showed it to his mom. "We have tried so many Ayurvedic doctors, what difference it makes?" she asked him. Even he also lost hope, but a slight voice from inside his body made him visit their site and he inquired about how many patients have been cured by this Planet Ayurveda. He found hundreds of videos on YouTube stating and praising Dr. Vikram Chauhan. The more he searched the more he was impressed as everybody looked real and not doing for any publicity or anything like that. He decided to contact them on his own.

Planet Ayurveda believes in producing quality medicines to heal the public. They believe in eradicating all the diseases through authentic herbs that have the medicinal properties only. Their medicines are produced under the intent eyes of its associate Ayurvedic doctors who are highly qualified, and renowned, experienced and have a solid reputation, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, she is a gold medal winner while doing her course. All the medicines that are produced here first get checked in a tech-savvy lab. The lab checks that all these herbs come from natural or organic grown plants or trees. If some fault gets detected the whole lot is dismissed without hearing any excuses. Planet Ayurveda is not a commercial unit but a divine clinic that does holistic healing through herbs. It has cured thousands of patients with different diseases all over the globe. That's the reason why it is elevating at a fast pace.

So he decides to be better safe than sorry and called their land line number, which was picked by an appealing voice of a lady who asked that how she could help him. He began telling his story that he believed in Ayurvedic treatments only but was being harassed for the last 2 years by many Ayurvedic doctors in New Delhi. She did promise him to give the best medicines but he has to pay a visit or he can post all those Ayurvedic slips on their website and the doctor will study them and provide the answer he requires. "I want to meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan personally," he insisted. "You have an appointment of this day and better reach the clinic on time, the clinic opens at 9:30am and the doctors examined on first come first serve basis," the lady said sweetly. "Sure ma'am I'll be there before 9:30am," he replied and cut the phone.

He went to his mom and said, "Mom I am going to visit this Planet Ayurveda at Chandigarh and I feel this time we have found an authentic place." He was standing with folded hands almost pleading to let him go. She looked at him in dismay but did give her permission to go by train and he immediately booked a train ticket to Chandigarh. On the appointed day he boarded the train that reached Chandigarh railway station early in the morning and he took a cab and reached Planet Ayurveda HQ by 8.00am. He entered and had a few words with the security guard posted at their entrance. The whole staff came at 9:30am and by that time the place was brimming with many patients who had come from far off places. He first went to the receptionist and introduced himself and she noted down his name and asked him to wait for the doctors to arrive.

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His name was called at 11:15am as he was the first to arrive and was feeling glad. He was taken to the doctor's room by an assistant and the pair of doctors was sitting across a table. He showed them the medicines that he was given by various Ayurvedic doctors at New Delhi and the doctor scanned them carefully. After the file scanning the doctor asked him to narrate his history which he did honestly. The doctor scribbled some medicines on an official slip of Planet Ayurveda and said, "Take Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and have it according to the prescriptions mentioned here," and pushed the slip towards him and after taking out a dietary chart from his drawer continued, "Here is a list of foods & drinks to have and the ones to avoid having." He held it instantly and kept inside in his bag very neatly. The doctor asked him to report after a month or he can just send a message on WhatsApp number and bid him goodbye.

He headed straight to the pharmacy and got his pack and left the premises and went back to Chandigarh railway station as he had booked another train that will be leaving Chandigarh by 2:05pm. He did board the train and reached New Delhi the same day. His mom was waiting for him and he said that this time he thinks that I have found a true remedy. His mom was not amused at all. He began following the doctor's prescriptions strictly and after a month wrote it on the WhatsApp number that he was getting the positive results. The doctor replied that he can continue having the same remedy and after a month and a half his bleeding stopped completely. After having the remedy for 3 months feels absolutely fine and looked a little healthy as his appetite has also woken up. He was all smiles while coming on YouTube and felt proud to contact Planet Ayurveda. Even his mom looked happy as her son, who was suffering from the last 2 years shunned his disease within 3 months only and both say, "Hats off to Planet Ayurveda," as it is a clinic that is bona fide.

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