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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh | Case Study #19

Aradhya, a small child who lives on the border of UP and Bihar had a low platelets count a few months ago. She was just 2 and a half years old when black spots appeared on her face and a small amount of bleeding was seen when she sneezed. Her parents took her to Fatima Hospital, a renowned one in Gorakhpur, and asked the doctor, what was wrong with her. The doctor asked them to get a CBC test and a bone marrow test done. They took her to a lab and got her tested. The CBC report was in their hands after 2 hours and the lab attendant said, "You will get the bone marrow report within the next 4 days or shall I send it directly to the doctor, whatever pleases you, sir." Her dad nodded the head and said, "Fine, you can send it to the doctor straight."

The moment they met the same doctor, lines formed on his forehead and he said, "This is what I feared, her platelets count is too low just 30,000 per micro liter of blood." "Is she serious, has it any cure, but how fast can she recover?" her dad was curious to know. Fathers in India are more concerned about their daughter's health. "Nothing to worry, but you need to keep a hawk's watch on her because if she begins bleeding due to a cut or injury incurred accidentally, it will make her lose a lot of blood because when she has so low platelets count and stopping the flow of blood is an arduous task for any doctor and if she loses blood in know..." and he trailed off. "Can you treat her?" asked her dad. "Yes I can, but she has to get admitted for some days" the doctor replied.

Her dad turned to her mom and said, "you are going to stay here and take care of all the problems, but never ever let her get out of your sight, OK, Aradhya? I have to go to New Delhi today." Then he patted the cheeks of his only daughter and left. He worked as an Examiner in PM's office in New Delhi. "Her mom asked the doctor, "How long will it take to get her fine, doc?" "Depends on her body. Some patients respond instantly some slowly, we'll see the reaction later, but she needs some injections, does she cry too much while getting injected?" asked the doctor. "No doc that's my headache I know how to control her" came the reply. "Fine, bring her to the examination room," the doctor requested. Both went there and the doctor did his own examinations and when the time came to inject her he forewarned her mother. She said, "Use the thinnest needle when I say" and then she made Aradhya get busy in playing a video game on her mobile and signaled the doctor who had prepared a syringe and he injected it calmly before Aradhya could react and her mom kept playing the video game in a hilarious mood.

Aradhya's bone marrow report also came, confirming the low count. This procedure was adopted many times and her platelets count did enhance to 70,000 per micro liter of blood but was also reduced to 25,000 per micro liter of blood. Her father also returned after explaining his problem. He along with Aradhya visited many local doctors, but the result was the same, it used to fluctuate a lot, with every hospital was ready with one excuse or another. Even the child was getting frustrated, as no kid wants to go to any hospital especially when you belong to that age. Her mom was also tried the GMO of Gorakhpur, but to no avail.

Then some friend of her dad suggested that he take her along with him and show her to the doctors at the AIIMS, New Delhi, one of India's prime medical institute. He agreed and the next day the whole family came to New Delhi and got her examined at AIIMS and thought that Aradhya will definitely recover here. He even had the recommendation letter of a person for the doctors at AIIMS, especially for the ones treating her. The doctors assured him that he worries nothing, and they will take care of her in all possible ways. The doctor began her treatment in an enthusiastic way, but the result was not as positive as thought by her dad.

But he was a man who never says die and he kept searching youtube to find some different field which can treat her daughter and ultimately landed at Planet Ayurveda, a hive of activity.

The ambiance of her treatment was about to find a cure. He further watched many videos of hundreds of patients of ITP finding a cure at Planet Ayurveda, a sparkling Ayurvedic clinic that is shining like the stars twinkle in a dark night in the sky. To check it's authenticity he watched more with all patients seemed really satisfied and were just praising the doctors.

Planet Ayurveda holds an authentic reputation and is managed by a highly qualified, immensely talented, having experience of many years and are renowned by a pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who keep a hawk's eye on their medicinal production. They always check the authenticity of their herbal extracts tested in a modern lab, are these natural & organic, only then these are used in producing the remedies. These have rectified millions all over the globe. Planet Ayurveda is also alive and kicking at a very hectic pace, both nationally and internationally.

He heaved a sigh of relief and contacted the Planet Ayurveda on his mobile, asking for the remedy to cure his daughter, Aradhya. He rang them up in the last week of December and a lady welcomed the family and asked him to bring all the lab test reports and various clinics, all the medical history of his daughter along and they fixed a date to meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan. He came to Planet Ayurveda the very next morning and showed the whole reports to the doctor who assured him the recovery as soon as possible. The last CBC report stated that her Platelets count has further dropped to 3,000 per micro liter of blood, which was extremely low. The doctors gave him a remedy and asked her mother to follow a particular diet if she wanted to enhance her daughter's platelets count. Even her dad said, "I have a gut feeling that this time we have reached a right place." Even Dr. Vikram Chauhan assured him to get the medicine if required from New Delhi distributors, which can be found from their web site He need not come back again and gave them their whatsapp number and can call them and discuss anything regarding the health of Aradhya.

The family left and after a month her platelets count increased up to 30,000 per micro liter of blood, and the next month saw it zoomed to 90,000 per micro liter of blood and last month it further enhanced to 1, 15,000 per micro liter of blood. Yesterday he rang up and the doctors felt that the count is increasing consistently just when he spoke, "It has enhanced more this month, doc" he chuckled. Hopefully this month it might become normal as a normal person has a platelets count of 1, 50,000 per micro liter of blood to 4, 50,000 per micro liter of blood. But Dr. Vikram Chauhan says that every person should have a platelets count from 5, 00,000 per micro liter of blood to 6, 00,000 per micro liter of blood. Hope Aradhya's platelets will also reach there.

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