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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh | Case Study #47

Deepak Singh from Lucknow with Liver Problem

Deepak Singh is a man who got infected by liver cirrhosis due to being overweight. In fact he is a total vegetarian who had neither smoked nor had alcohol. The trouble was he used to be a physically inactive man. Most of the time was spent watching TV. That's the reason that his weight gained and reached 95kgs. After one attains such weight no one wants to do any physical activity. It did affect his liver and cirrhosis happened all of a sudden. He was simply sitting in his room when he began vomiting of blood. That day he vomited for 10 to 15 times.

The whole family panicked and thought that it might be due to ulcer and took him to a renowned hospital in Lucknow. There the doctors after observing his symptoms did various tests and revealed the news to his younger brother had liver cirrhosis. He was stunned to hear this bad news and asked,"Doctor I don't know anything about liver cirrhosis and do you have any tonic that can eradicate this disease?" "Actually he needs a liver transplant as his liver is in very bad condition and will function last for 7 to 13 years only and his symptoms will not recede. First we have to match a liver and even if one fits him he has to take certain medication to stay fit." "Don't worry about that, just save my bro," his younger brother almost started crying.

The doctors got him admitted in the hospital and he spent around 5 days in the ICU and after a month had spent almost 4 lakh rupees on him but the liver was still in a bad condition. The doctor insisted on getting the liver transplant done but first he had to find a matching liver. He got his brother's fibro scan done and his median level was 75 worrying him more. His AST was 60, ALT was 84 and ALP was reduced to 98. He was very much confused but kept taking the medicines to his brother, no matter how costly they were.

In the meantime he kept searching his brother's treatment done by any other medical line and tried to find it in Homeopathy, Acupressure or Ayurveda. He contacted many homeopathic doctors that said they have a cure but his sixth sense told him that they were not speaking the truth. But he kept trying, while searching the cure in Ayurveda one day he saw a video of a patient with liver cirrhosis getting treatment from Planet Ayurveda. He watched Planet Ayurveda's many more videos that have treated hundreds of patients from this horrible disease timely. He was quite impressed with the way most of them were talking and praising a particular Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Most of them looked genuine and he took his mobile and showed it to rest of the family and his mother stated, "Looks like a genuine clinic and this is the only hope that we have, when it has healed so many, why can't it treat my son?" "Don't worry mom, I'll contact them and it has given me a ray of hope," said his younger brother.

He noted down their number and rang up and a sweet & polite speaking lady picked up the phone and said how she can help him. He narrated his own story and said we have lost all hope but on seeing the Planet Ayurveda's video the hope has rekindled again. But the lady said yes they do have a remedy that can heal his brother in a short time but first asked, "Where are you calling from sir?" "Right now I am calling from Lucknow," he replied. "Is it possible for you to bring your brother here for diagnoses by the doctor himself?" she asked. He instantly replied, "No ma'am, it is not possible as doctors have refrained him for traveling anywhere and we can't take any chances, but I can come if you provide me the address." She made him note down the Address of Planet Ayurveda and asked him to come within a month as the doctor was leaving and going abroad on a tour and also asked him to bring along all the papers related to his brother's disease, all the lab reports and the hospitals they have visited with their medical prescriptions. He booked his train ticket and informed Planet Ayurveda that he is coming on which date. The lady asked him to come at 9:30am as the clinic opened at that time and the doctors served on first come first serve basis.

It is a well known fact by now that Planet Ayurveda is a divine Ayurvedic clinic that is serving humanity by looking at its gestures. Basically it is owned and administered by an esteemed pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan and she is a gold medalist in her degree. Both keep a vigilant eye on the production and packing of its medicines. First they check the quality of their herbs that they receive to produce medicines in a modern lab. If any fault is detected in any herb the whole quota gets rejected without hearing any excuses. This lab checks that these herbs are being grown in natural or organic ways then only they proceed to make medicines. The Planet Ayurveda has earned quite a reputation in the Ayurvedic world. This is the reason, why Planet Ayurveda is flourishing at a hectic pace all over the globe. Every week a new distributor is appointed in some part of this world, thus it is showing expansion.

After arriving in Chandigarh railway station he hired a cab and gave the cab driver the address of Planet Ayurveda and reached there by 9:25am and was thinking that he will get the chance to meet the doctors first but was unexpectedly surprised to see people thronging on their doors. He went inside the green building and went straight to the receptionist who with a lovely smile after registering his brother's name made him wait for the doctor. He sat down in the AC lounge and waited for his own turn. Someone said his brother's name loudly at 1:45pm and he stood up from his chair and went straight to the doctor's room and after a brief conversation stated his history. The doctor was prescribing some medicines on an official pad of Planet Ayurveda.

After he had finished the doctor said to him, "You have to give your brother a Liver Care Pack, according to the prescription written here," and showed him with his index finger and also gave him a diet chart and added," patient needs to eat these foods and avoid some dishes. Food also provides a helping hand in curing the person, OK?" He nodded his head and got up and went straight to the pharmacy and bought the pack and left for Lucknow the very same day.

Watch the Video of This Patient

The brother started his medication the moment he reached home and after 25 days had enormous effects. He came to get the medicine on 15 July 2018 and in the first week of August he came back gushing and rushing in a jubilant mood and made another video about the quality of medicines that Planet Ayurveda makes. He got his brother tested 2 days ago and found that his AST has come down to 40, ALT to 27, ALP has risen to 105 and median has also come down immensely to 35. He felt over the moon as his brother have also lost the gut area and have started moving physically. He himself insisted to include Dr. Vikram Chauhan in the video as he has come to know the power of Planet Ayurveda and has become its ardent fan.

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