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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Gurdaspur, Punjab | Case Study #46

Narinder Kaur who got the treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

Narinder Kaur w/o S. Iqbal Singh is an old lady who has suffered a lot during her life as she suffered from an autoimmune disease called Ulcerative Colitis. The modern medical sciences have yet to find a permanent cure, it can just control it, like it controls diabetes. She was enjoying her life when her body was ambushed by a Ulcerative Colitis. There are many reasons that affect a person like changing life style, packed foods, junk foods, environment changes, spicy food that we Indians love eating. She suffered from loose motions and took a pill to stop them from a local chemist in Gurdaspur. The pill stopped the stools for a few days but they flared up again and this time the pill proved to be ineffective.

She, along with her hubby visited a local doctor who sensing trouble advised her colonoscopy test and asked her to come after a few days when the report of her test will come. She again visited the doctor after getting her report from the lab and the doctor frowned on seeing the report. She also panicked after seeing the changing expression of doctor's face and asked, "Is everything fine doctor?" she asked. "No its fine but a very complicated disease has invaded you and you need to take the medicine for a long, how long even I don't know," said the doctor. "What's the name of the disease," she was fearfully curious to know. "Ulcerative Colitis, but can be controlled," he scribbled some medicines on a prescription slip and handed it to her. They bought the medicines and came home.

The frequency of her stools used to reach up to 10 times a day and sometimes went down to 5 or 6 times. Her daughter was married to a person living in Chandigarh. She used to call her mom frequently to inquire about her health and the next time she did and her mom was in terrible condition. She was writhing in pain and felt too weak. Her daughter said, "Mom doesn't worry. We have a renowned hospital in Chandigarh and you and dad can come here and get the treatment done here." "OK, we will start tomorrow morning and by evening reach there, you do one thing, fix an appointment with a doctor that can heal my ailment," said Narinder Kaur. "I will," her daughter replied and disconnected the call.

"Tomorrow we are both going to Chandigarh and Meenu (her daughter) has taken an appointment with a doctor on the day after tomorrow to find a cure for me," she said to her husband who nodded his head in agreement. The next day both started their journey from Gurdaspur to Chandigarh, which is about 228 kms. She did stop the car 5 to 6 times on the way to pass stools. When she reached her daughter's place she went straight to the toilet after greetings were exchanged. Meenu also felt very bad on hearing the name of her mom's disease and told her that tomorrow they have to undergo another colonoscopy test as this hospital never believes in other lab tests and later will begin the treatment.

Beggars can't be choosers, she followed the procedure and went to see the doctor after a few days and he also stated that this disease is yet to find a cure, a permanent one and needs to be controlled as if ignored can cause further complications. She also agreed with the doctor and after staying a few days with her daughter went back to Gurdaspur. She felt that when the urge to pass stools was felt, she could not wait for a minute and if the toilet was occupied she used to run outside and pass the stools. They lived on a farm and had lots of spaces to do that. She felt that she could not visit any relative, neither can enjoy any marriages or parties. She felt bad as her condition was deteriorating day by day. Occasionally, blood used to ooze out along with mucus and stools. Even she had surrendered and thought that this might be the end. She started cursing her luck and felt that she might get such a horrible end.

4G network started in India in April 2012 and kept spreading all over India. By the year 2015 anyone who has a 4G phone has found access to the net to find the information about anything. Even Narinder kaur had a 4G mobile and used to surf the net to find any information. One day when she was watching videos of many people finding the cure of Ulcerative Colitis in any way she came across a video of a doctor who was recommending a diet that can help in healing such an ailment. She couldn't believe her ears but watched the whole interview repeatedly. After watching it for 10 times in a row she made a list of foods & drinks to take and what else to avoid. As they owned a farm most of their food was available in organic form.

She gave the list to her hubby and said, "I am not going to leave the tablet that I am having since the last 10 years, but let's try having these dishes recommended by a renowned Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and see if this diet has some effect on my disease." "If you are so sure than do take a chance, but I don't believe the facts, take out his number and try to call him and you can ask the facts," her hubby replied. "I am not calling him but let's take the gamble and see it might be the cure, I'll just stick to this diet," she felt sure about it and started having the diet recommended by Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

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Her disease of Ulcerative Colitis that had made her fresh crawl was affected in a positive way with just the dietary changes. She started feeling better in a week and after having the diet for a month and 7, 8 days she felt that she is indebted to come to the Planet Ayurveda's HQ and was feeling grateful to the say thanks to the Dr. Vikram Chauhan for helping her as she felt that she has become 98% fine. The doctor has recommended to keep eating the diet for another 2 months and she will uproot her disease completely and has also recommended a Vatsakadi Churna. "He asked me to decrease the dosage of allopathic medicines that I used to take that the doctors had prescribed to keep my symptoms in control. I am feeling absolutely fine and grateful to Dr. Vikram Chauhan for giving me the info that cured my such a long disease in such a short time and that too free of cost," she said in a positive way and a smile on her hubby's face stated her condition.

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