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Case Study No: 68 | Low Ejection Fraction - Anil Garg

Anil Garg suffered a heart attack and came under the shelter of Planet Ayurveda

Mr. Anil Garg is a retired man living in the capital, New Delhi, in India which is famous for having enormous medical facilities with a huge number of renowned hospitals. Heart attacks are very common amongst the elderly, likewise Anil also had a heart attack and was immediately shifted to a renowned hospital and the doctors were able to control the heartbeat by putting stents. The same day he was discharged and he fell sick the same evening again. He was rushed back to the hospital and he felt hiccups while breathing. He was put on a ventilator for 3, 4 days continuously. He remained admitted in the hospital for the whole week and discharged after then. He came home with lots of medicines that he took to improve his ejection fraction which was detected low. But these medicines were not able to improve it the way he wanted to.

He had a word with his son regarding that, "Look son these medicines are not proving to be right for me. These are not improving my ejection fraction, what shall I do?" "You have any idea or should we consult another doctor?" asked his son. "There is no need to visit another hospital but we should better try another medical line like Ayurveda, Homeopathy or Acupressure, find the one that enhances my ejection fraction," he said. His son searched in Google to find a remedy that can improve his dad's ejection fraction.

He did find many but was not impressed after having a word with them. He kept searching when he accidentally saw the video of a person enhancing his ejection fraction by an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda. He watched many more videos and mostly sounded be actually happened and not otherwise. Even they did impress him.

In fact, Planet Ayurveda has earned a well- reputed name for itself in the Ayurvedic world. Basically, it is well managed by a highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors known as Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who has got a gold medal while doing her degree. It relies completely on the quality rather than quantity. The material that comes for making various kind of medicines is first checked in a modern lab that this extraction belongs to a natural or organic grown plant and tree or not. If some fault is detected the whole lot is dismissed there and then without hearing any excuses. It plays safe than saying sorry later. This is the reason that it is getting famous for making such authentic medicines.

He dialed their land line number and heard the voice of a lady who sounded very humble and asked him how Planet Ayurveda can help him. He narrated story about his dad and wanted to have a medicine that can enhance his ejection fraction. The lady replied in a positive way, "Sure sir we do have cure for the heart disease. The medication will definitely enhance your dad's ejection fraction. Can he come here?" "I can get him there but where are you situated?" he asked. "We are located in Mohali, a town that is adjutant to Chandigarh, but before coming better bring all the lab reports, the hospital slips and all papers related to your dad's heart and better reach Planet Ayurveda by 9:30am as the doctors examined on first come first serve basis," she replied and cut the phone.

They reached Planet Ayurveda on the appointed day and was impressed by the hoards of people present at the clinic and waiting for the doctors in the centralized air conditioning waiting room. There were some foreigners too. He went straight to the receptionist and introduced himself. She wrote her dad's name on a slip of Planet Ayurveda and after handing it over to him made him visit an assistant doctor who wrote all the symptoms of his dad and asked them to wait for a call from the doctor's room.

Watch the Video of This Patient

The call came at 1:30pm and both reached the doctor's room. After the initial greetings the doctor asked for the reports and he gave them to the doctor. The doctor scanned them carefully and then asked his dad to tell the history of his disease which he did in an honest manner. Then the doctor said, "Look Mr. Anil your father needs to take our Heart Care Pack and take it the way I have prescribed here," he pointed his index finger at the slip where his name was written. Then the doctor took out a printed sheet of paper on which a number of foods were mentioned that should be eaten and should be avoided. "And here is a diet chart to be followed precisely," said the doctor. Mr. Anil first studied the diet chart carefully and then kept it neatly along with other papers tucked in a file.

After bidding goodbye to the doctor both headed to the pharmacy to get their pack and after purchasing it left their premises. Both went back to New Delhi and his dad started his medication and followed the diet chart strictly. His ejection fraction level improved from 28, to 30, to 34 and now it stands at 40. That means the Planet Ayurveda is proving its worth and the medicines that have quality in them.

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