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Case Study No: 69 | Ulcerative Colitis - Abhishek

Abhishek, the patient of Ulcerative Colitis, who has become an ardent fan of Planet Ayurveda

Abhishek belongs to Meerut in UP and had to suffer a lot since the year 2011, when Ulcerative Colitis (UC) ambushed his body. He is a young man of 22 years and was infected by this horrible disease when he was in his teens. That's a time when the youth's energy is at the peak and do lots of activities. But the luck was not on his side and he felt his motions getting lose and the pill he took to stop them proving ineffective and reached to see a doctor, who sensing trouble did his colonoscopy test and confirmed the bad news that he was suffering from UC. He further scared him by telling that modern medical science is yet to find a cure for this disease. "You mean you don't have a medicine that can cure me?" asked Abhishek from the doctor after getting stunned to hear this bad news. The doctor made him sit calmly and said, "Like diabetes it can be controlled and can also be healed, but how long will it take, nobody knows. The certain medication will have to be taken that can control or reduce some symptoms, it might eradicate your disease, OK?"

It made Abhishek and his dad, who was accompanying him, land in a dreary mood. Both agreed with the doctor and his medication started. Initially his symptoms reduced, encouraging him to continue with the same medication, but these refused to die down completely. Once the dosage was over he used to feel relief for a month or two and the symptoms used to flare up again and he went and purchase the same medicines again. This was repeated time & again. After about 2 years someone close to their family suggested to change the doctor and they also agreed. They went to a different doctor who assured them that he will give him a medicine that will diminish this UC permanently. Hoping against hope they started the medication with him. The doctor had forewarned them that he needs to take this medicine for a long time and kept having the medicines from this very doctor.

But even this doctor provided him no relief. They again changed the doctor and went to another one. This process continued endlessly and all the doctors used to assure him that they do have the capability to cure his disease and none did it. He began assuming that he has to take the medicines for his whole life. He had lost his appetite, which supposed to be at the peak during that age. He was also started losing weight, from 85kgs he had lost 10kgs and at that time his weight was 75kgs. He used to remain tense as no doctor could heal him permanently.

But even the darkest cloud has a silver lining. Situation was about to change. Some close friends of his dad who had seen a video on YouTube on his mobile came to their residence and showed it to them. In the video a patient of UC for the last 10 years was speaking and praising an Ayurvedic doctor, who has been successful in eradicating UC, Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda. He showed them many more videos of many patients getting the cure from Ayurvedic ways. All looked genuine, and were not acting or doing anything else. Abhishek's family was deeply impressed and decided to call them.

Planet Ayurveda is a divine clinic of Ayurvedic medicines that has cured thousands of patients because they rely more on the quality of medicines that are made by them in an honest manner. The raw material, which comes from the herbs that are grown in natural or organic ways. First they check their quality in a modern lab, if found faulty the whole lot is rejected without hearing any excuses. Pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan are highly qualified, talented, renowned and have earned a solid reputation, manage and keep a hawk's eye on production of various medicines. Dr. Meenakshi has even earned a gold medal while perceiving her degrees. By now it has created a name for itself among the Ayurvedic world and is getting famous all over the globe.

They took their landline number and contacted them and the phone was picked by a sweetly speaking lady, who after hearing their story and said "Yes, we have a remedy," to them and asked to visit the doctor on a fixed day and also asked him to collect all his UC related papers like the lab reports, the different doctor slips etc. and bring them along when he visits the clinic. She gave him the address and asked him to come at 9:30am, that's when the clinic opens.

He came to the clinic in February 2018 and was quite impressed after watching so many patients with different diseases thronging at their threshold. There were some foreigners too. He went inside the building and after registering his name with the receptionist waited for his turn. His turn came around 2pm and he went inside the doctor's room and showed his papers including the last colonoscopy test done 2 years back. The doctor observed that it did display his ulcers spread on his intestine. The doctor scrutinized his papers carefully and asked him about his family history. He told him everything. The doctor said, "Mr. Abhishek you took so long to come here, but still then better late than never, you need to follow a diet chart, what to avoid and what to eat, here," and handed him a diet chart that depicted a list of foods to avoid and foods to eat. He further said, "You also need to take our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and take it according to prescribed here," he handed him a slip. And then he asked him to call him every month and tell about its effects and if needed he might change some medicine or food. He bid him goodbye after assuring him that he will call him every month.

Watch the Video of This Patient

He reached the pharmacy and purchased the pack and left the premises. The first month didn't bring any relief and he called the doctor and asked him the reason. The doctor said that it was because he had suffered for such a long time and persuaded him to opt for the same medicine the next month and it will definitely show some effects. He bought the pack online and after a month he called again and said pain, mucus has completely stopped. The bleeding has reduced and so have the frequency of stools. The doctor again prescribed the same medicine but changed his diet plans a bit. He is taking the same medicines for the last 10 months and now is feeling 85% fine. The doctor asked him to change a few medicines, and said he needs to take these medicines for another month or two and stop having the medicines after that. He has also promised to stick to the diet prescribed by the doctor so that UC never recurs.

Last week he did his colonoscopy again, surprising the doctor who did it. "How did you manage to eradicate the ulcer that had collected on your intestine so soon?" asked that doctor. "Through magic," was the answer given by Abhishek amusing the doctor further. His report displayed that he had very less ulcer left on his intestine. Now even he had shot a video on YouTube urging everybody on the globe not to suffer from UC as Planet Ayurveda has an authentic cure that can never fail.

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