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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Karnal, Haryana | Case Study #34

Alka, Who Suffered from Ulcerative Colitis, but can't Find the Treatment in Allopathy

Karnal, a district of Haryana, which is famous for being a city from where Kalpana Chawla, the 1st Indo-American astronaut belonged. She later died along with all crew members of the space shuttle Columbia that exploded the moment it entered Earth's Atmosphere. The 1st Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan also belonged to Karnal. National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal does experiments on dairy herd consisting of 2 breeds of Indigenous cows.

Miss. Alka also belonged to this famous city and initial symptoms of lose motions began and she took some local medicine that is available over the counter and the motions stayed stable for a few days. After a few days they again flared up and carried bleeding alongwith and she felt the urge to vomit, did a little bit.

She went to a local doctor and got diagnosed for its reason and the doctor said it to be Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and she never knew how to heal it, but the doctor replied, "Don't worry, young lady, I will give you a prescription that no one else has ever received, it will diminish your symptoms within a few days, don't you worry," after assuring her, he wrote some medicines and pocketed the money he received from her dad. Both kept visiting the doctor for several weeks and the symptoms worsened. Her condition deteriorated further as she felt weak and fatigued.

Their relative came home and told them to change the doctor as that relative knew the doctor personally and said he was a hypocrite who knew nothing about this disease. They changed several doctors on one pretext or another, but none could prove to be effective and never got the desired results for Alka. She was becoming irritable as her blood level also seemed to have reduced; she looked pale like a patient of Jaundice. She kept trying many different doctors thinking that this one might be beneficiary, but all she got was a failure. She became too scared when no doctor could heal her for a year. The symptoms of the disease had enhanced, increasing the bleeding along with mucus and stools, loose motions (10 to 12 times a day) and sudden vomiting. She never used to venture out as it could be disastrous or too embarrassing for her.

"What shall I do now?" she asked her dad. Her dad was an intelligent person and asked her to search the net or YouTube and find a cure for UC and she found one in Ayurvedic science and said "Why don't we try an Ayurvedic medicine. It is used since ages and has no side effects whereas you feel very sick after eating those allopathic medicines." She had almost given up, she tried to find a cure on the net herself and accidently landed at Planet Ayurveda.

Then she showed him many videos on YouTube of the patients getting treated and everybody looked fully satisfied, no one seemed to be acting, just singing the songs of praising the Planet Ayurveda. "Where is it?" he asked and was pleasantly surprised to know its location, at Mohali, a sub-town of Chandigarh. Before coming to any conclusion, as she was fed up of visiting the various hospitals every week for such a long time that she wanted to check its authenticity.

Planet Ayurveda, is an amazing clinic that has benefited hundreds of UC patients by healing them and reaching a normal stage. She did watch more videos with all the patients with many diseases finding it more beneficial than the other medical lines with no side effects. She heard a voice coming from her inside, this is the place she has been searching for so long and holding her dad's hand told him everything that was taking place in her mind. "Even I feel the same way, let me have a word with them." He took out his mobile and dialed their number.

He contacted them and a sweet & pleasant voice of a lady answered the phone in a very polite manner, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" "I need to see Dr. Vikram Chauhan about my daughter," and he narrated the whole story. "Let me see sir, You can come here the day after tomorrow, but do bring in all the reports that have been done and all the clinic slips that were made by the various doctors and also your family history, OK sir, see you the day after tomorrow. The clinic opens at 9:30am, and have a nice day sir."

Planet Ayurveda is an impeccable clinic of healing age old remedies, in a modern style. It is situated very near to Chandigarh and it is run & administered by a highly qualified, reputed, talented, experience holder and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, making it alive and kicking. Both are the gold medalist in their fields. All the remedies that are produced in the premises to rectify various different diseases are at first tested in a modern and privileged lab to check their authenticity, are they organic or natural, if yes they are used, otherwise are halted there & then, without hearing any excuses. All the medicines are manufactured under the vigilant eyes of this pair of Ayurvedic doctors. Planet Ayurveda is getting famous by leaps & bounds both nationally and internationally.

Her dad called the next day and asked to send the medicine by the courier as they will not be able to meet the doctors personally. Actually he wanted to check the effectiveness of medicines before consulting the doctors. The lady gave him Planet Ayurveda's what's app number and asked him to write the medical history along with pictures of her lab tests, clinic reports, medicines prescribed and their family history and post it and she said "we will send you the medicines accordingly.: Alka did just that and they received the package after a few days. After a month, when the dosage finished, she called and said that she wanted to meet the doctors and were given the timethe next day.

The next day they reached Planet Ayurveda in February, 2016, and were impressed after seeing the huge rush at the green premises. The people had come from far flung places; there were some foreign patients too. Both reached the reception and were asked to wait as the doctor is seeing patient on a policy of first come, first serve basis. Both sat alongwith the already waiting patients and waited for their turn which came at 1:30pm and both were ushered into the doctor's room. After the greetings they showed them the disease related papers and various lab tests done and also narrated his family history. The doctor observed the whole papers very keenly and after some discussion turned towards Alka and said, "Look Ma'am, you need to follow the prescription strictly or you will not get the desired results, but will deteriorate the whole situation. And your medications need a bit of change, I'll alter some and take Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and you already know the diets that you have to consume and which one to avoid. Try avoiding all dairy products except buttermilk, only if it suits you. And I did ask you should continue having your allopathic remedies, gradually decline their dosage are they finished or not?" Alka replied, "Yes doctor they are finished and I am cool at having lassi (buttermilk)." He noted all the prescription on his mobile and asked the doctor, "Sir how much long will it take to get complete treatment as she is so young?" "It all depends on the patient's body and not the age. Everybody has a unique body, but some change has occurred, isn't it Miss, Alka? And tuned towards Alka. Alka replied by a huge smile, "Yes it has proven its worth." "But it will diminish, I am sure about that and has no side effects," came the reply.

They got up and reached the pharmacy, which is situated within the green premises of the clinic and left after having the pack headed towards their home. After 2 months both came to the clinic in a cheerful mood and were smiling from ear to ear and singing the praises of the doctors who have healed them so quickly and their happiness didn't had a boundary. Both were in an exuberant mood and suggesting everybody who had a query about this clinic to nothing but praises for a man who terminated a disease that modern science couldn't control it, and Ayurveda has made it vanish into the thin air within a short span of time. "OLD IS CERTAINLY GOLD"

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