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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Jammu | Case Study #33

Shama, who began from the Himalayas and found the cure in Plains

Jammu, the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir State is situated on the banks of River Ravi and is located right under the foothills of the Himalayas, the largest range of mountains in the world. The city spreads around the Ravi River with the old city situated on the right bank while the new neighborhoods spread around the left bank of this vast river. Lots of Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from various herbs and trees that grow in these hilly areas. Jammu is famous for its ancient temples and famous Hindu shrines.

Shama also belongs to this city, Jammu and around a year and a half back she had loose motions and like almost everybody she went to a local chemist and had 2 pills that were meant to provide her the relief and she did find the relief and forgot all about it. After a period of 10-12 days the motions became loose again and she felt some abdominal cramps also suffocating her. As the pain was not minor, she rang up her hubby who owns a shop in Jammu city and asked him to come home in the afternoon and take her to some reputed doctor. She herself didn't know many things about Jammu as she had married just a few months ago.

Her hubby came down in the afternoon and asked her, "What went wrong? Did you eat something that you shouldn't have or is it something else?" "I don't know but motions had become loose a few days ago and I took 2 pills and everything was sorted. Now even they are showing no effect, that's why I called you," she replied. "OK, fine, let's go," he said and both sat on the motorcycle and went to the doctor. The doctor knew her hubby well and began examining her before the other patients. After examining her, went to her hubby and said, "Nothing seems strange, it's just the loose motions that can happen due to various reasons, but nothing to worry as I'll give her the medicine that will heal her within a few days," He wrote something on the prescription slip and handed it over to her hubby.

Both came out of the clinic and proceeded towards the chemist that the doctor had preferred. After buying the medicine he said, "I'll leave you home, but don't do any physical work that needs intensity. Better do the minor chores that don't involve much intensity, I'll ring up my mom and tell her to prepare the dinner herself or call Rehana (their maid), she will take care of all. You just take rest unless you get totally fine." He dropped her outside and moved on towards his shop.

When she entered the house her mother in law asked, "Hey what's wrong with you? Look at your face, it looks like that it has fallen sick for years. What's the matter, do tell me." She narrated the story in a slow manner as the cramps in her abdomen were making her very uncomfortable. But still she kept speaking and after she had finished, her mother-in-law said, "OK, you can take rest, I'll call Rehana, she will prepare the dinner, did the doctor prescribe or ban your diet?" she asked. "No he didn't mention anything about the diet but warned me not to eat anything from outside," was her reply. "So you shouldn't eat anything from outside, I'll call Rehana and she will prepare dinner for us, you better take some rest" her mother in law replied.

She went to her bedroom and feeling uncomfortable due to the cramps in her abdomen, couldn't be slept properly. In the evening her hubby wanted to know any effect of the medicine, but she replied, "No effect, I am feeling the same way." "Don't worry, you will get fine very soon as the medicine doesn't show effect soon, you will be fine in a few days," he was consoling her. But no, the medicine had a little bit of effect initially and when it was over she felt on back to square one. She changed her doctor by visiting another one, and even he couldn't provide her the relief. The treatment continued for almost a year and they decided to visit a doctor at Jalandhar, the place she belonged to, but no doctor at Jalandhar cured her. The situation deteriorated further, now she began bleeding with stools, along with the mucus. Sometimes the blood that used to come along her stools was clotted and all energy was drained out of her body and she has started losing weight. She used to visit the toilet 10-20 times a day and the pain was becoming unbearable.

She decided to look for treatment on the internet and went on Youtube and landed straight at Planet Ayurveda which is located in Punjab, Mohali to be precise. She watched many more videos of many patients that were cured by the doctors at Planet Ayurveda. People who had lost hope of getting a cure, but were treated successfully by Planet Ayurveda.

Many videos were present on Youtube that depicted many patients of ulcerative colitis finding a cure due to their remedies and altering their diets. She showed them all to her mom, whose face lightened up after watching many.

"Contact them," her mom insisted. She dialed their number and narrated the whole story. "Let me see ma'am, You can come here tomorrow, but do bring in all the test reports of labs that you have undergone and all the clinic slips that were made by the various doctors and also your family history, OK ma'am, see you tomorrow. The clinic opens at 9:30 am ma'am."

She took an appointment with the doctors on the next day. One of their relatives lived in Chandigarh and both came to Chandigarh the same day and decided to visit the place the next day at 9:30 am.

Before coming to any conclusion, as she was fed up of visiting various hospitals at two different places and was thinking that at least this time this hospital should provide effective treatment. But she wanted to check its authenticity.

Planet Ayurveda, is a superb Ayurvedic clinic that has benefited hundreds of ulcerative colitis patients by healing them and helping them to lead a normal life. She did watch more videos with all the patients with many diseases finding it more beneficial than the other medical lines with no side effects. She had a feeling that this time she has reached the right place and holding her mom's hand told her everything that was going on in her mind. "Even I hope so," her mom murmured.

Planet Ayurveda is an excellent clinic which is based on healing with age- old remedies, in a modern style. It is situated very near to Chandigarh and it is run & administered by a highly qualified, talented, experience holder and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who hold a solid reputation. Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan is a gold medalist in her field. All the remedies that are produced in the premises to rectify various different diseases are at first tested in a modern & technically sound lab to check their authenticity, are they organic or natural, if yes they are used otherwise not included there & then , without hearing any excuses. All the medicines are manufactured under the vigilant eyes of this pair of Ayurvedic doctors. Planet Ayurveda is getting popular at a hectic pace both nationally and internationally.

The next day, both reached Planet Ayurveda in August, 2018, and were impressed after seeing the huge rush of patients at their green premises. The people had come from far flung places, there were some foreigners too. Both sat with the already waiting patients and waited for their turn which came at 1:30pm and both were ushered in the doctor's room. After the greetings they showed him the prescriptions and various lab tests done and also narrated her family history. The doctors scrutinized the whole reports very keenly and after some discussion with themselves turned towards Shama and said, "Look Ma'am, you need to follow the prescription precisely or you will deteriorate the whole condition and take Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and note down the diet that you have to consume and which one to avoid and continue having your previous medicines if any, gradually decline their dosage, but never give up all of a sudden, your body might not be able to adjust accordingly." She noted all the prescription on her mobile and asked the doctor, "Sir how long will it take to get complete treatment?" "It all depends on the patient's body. Everybody has a unique body, it might be over within a fortnight or might take many months, but it will diminish, I am sure about that and has no side effects," was the reply.

"I'll do as prescribed by you sir as I am fed up and suffering for the year and a half," she assured him. "Call us the moment you feel the effect, OK?" the doctor had asked. "Sure sir" she said.

They got up and reached the pharmacy, which is situated within the premises and left after having the pack headed towards their home at Jalandhar. The doctor had asked them to visit or call Planet Ayurveda next month as the dosage was for 28 days only. But it was only after a fortnight that their happiness knew no boundaries as all the symptoms had begun reducing and she has started feeling better, her pain had vanished, the bleeding and stool frequency had reduced. They were singing the songs and praising this pair of doctors that have helped them to get rid of this horrible disease. She did call and was feeling on cloud nine and her voice said it all.

Video of this Patient

After 2 months she again came to visit Planet Ayurveda and was feeling elated and smiling profusely and she said that also. "I am absolutely fine sir, I just visit the toilet once a day and bleeding, pain and mucus have stopped completely, but I need to have the medicine again for 2 months, is it fine?" she questioned the doctor. But the doctor said, "Yes it's absolutely fine but you can have the medicine for a month more and stick to the diet prescribed by me and this disease will never recur." She was floating in the air when she took the medicine for another month and left.

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