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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Sangrur, Punjab | Case Study #16

Jasbir Singh, a young man is a native of Sunam, a small town in the district of Sangrur in Punjab. District Sangrur is the most fertile district of Punjab, the green bowl of India, it produces the maximum quantity of wheat among all districts of Punjab. Jasbir Singh used to work in a private firm in Sunam and is 30 years of age. He is educated and has land, can do the farming but had a passion to do a different job. That's why he had a job in a private firm paying him sufficiently.

Around 2 years ago he felt the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis (UC) emerge. At that time he knew nothing about this disease, at first he had loose motions only and began thinking, is there anything that he had eaten, which might have reacted in creating this adverse condition, but couldn't remember exactly. He had a medicine from a local chemist and brushed aside this problem and got busy with his job. But these loose motions did return after a few days and he began thinking what wrong I committed this time. He again had a medicine from a local chemist. The symptoms reduced a bit but didn't wear off completely and he had a local doctor's recommended medicine but it still persisted. After a few days these symptoms enhanced and blood also started coming out along with mucus, that's when he felt that some turmoil is going on in his stomach, he had to find a remedy.

One day one of his colleagues asked him to visit Patiala, the nearest place that has sound medical facilities as it has a government run medical college, The Rajendra Medical College, named after the first president of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad. He took a day off from work and visited the hospital where the doctors asked him to get some tests recommended and come the next day. He chose a lab and got his tests done that is CBC, RFT and that of his stool done and stayed at one of his relatives living in the city Patiala, as its report will be available the next morning only. He missed his sound sleep that day and prayed to God that everything should become fine very soon.

The next day after getting the report from the lab he reached straight at Rajendra hospital and showed the report to the doctor concerned. The doctor asked him, "you have a company, any one from your family has also come with you or not?" "No doctor" he pleaded "Is everything fine, why do you need anyone from my family, what is it and how serious, do I need to be operated or what? Come on tell me doctor pleeeease," he pleaded with folded hands.

"No there is nothing to worry about, you just have UC and it can be cured, but might take some time 'cause everybody has a unique body and everybody reacts differently to all medications, but don't worry, I'll fix a date and you can come along with your wife or some other relative, but you will get well soon," the doctor finished and handed him the lab reports, which he tucked in the file that he had kept furnishing all the records. Soon he had boarded the bus for Sunam and reached in an hour and a half. The moment he entered the house, his wife came running and asked, "What happened, what did the reports said?" He narrated the whole story and wished that he might get well soon.

On the appointed day he took leave from his office and reached Patiala along with his wife and met the doctor and began the treatment. He pleaded to get treated soon as he was losing weight and didn't feel the urge to eat anything. The doctor asked him to come every week as he used to inject steroids into his body and told him that steroids are the best medicine for curing UC. "Do whatever you have to do, just make UC wither away," Jasbir Singh pleaded. The doctor insisted after some time that there is no permanent cure for UC and he will have to intake some medicines throughout the rest of his life. On hearing that he panicked and tried finding a remedy that could heal him permanently in one go. He used to watch you tube videos and tried finding an Ayurvedic cure. He searched for any authentic Ayurvedic clinic in North India and especially the one near Patiala and he found one, Planet Ayurveda. He decided to take a risk and try their remedy, but first to check their reputation he asked his near & dear ones to know if it's worth going there. One of his colleagues told him that Planet Ayurveda did had a remedy that has already cured one of his known persons regarding UC. Planet Ayurveda is situated near Chandigarh, in Mohali, a sub-town of Chandigarh and comes before this city when you come from the Patiala side.

Very soon he watched many more videos of hundreds of patients of UC finding a cure at Planet Ayurveda, an amazing institute that is shining like the Sun in the sky. To check its authenticity he watched many more with all patients looked really satisfied and nobody seemed to be acting, he could feel the look on their faces. He heaved a sigh of relief, thank God that he has found a remedy that can cure him permanently.

Planet Ayurveda holds an authentic reputation and is run & managed by a highly scholarly, highly talented, experienced and a reputed pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who keep a keen eye on their production. They always check the authenticity of their herbal extracts, which are first tested in a modern lab, if found natural & organic, only then these help in producing the remedies, if these are laced with some chemical etc. are left there & then. These have rectified millions all over the globe. This is the reason why Planet Ayurveda is a high flying institute running at a very fast pace, both nationally and internationally.

He rang up their number and a sweet & pleasant voice of a lady answered the phone and said, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" "I am calling from Sunam ma'am and I am suffering from UC for the last"....he kept telling her all the misadventures he had taken and asked, "do you people have a remedy, I am totally tired ma'am by now, I've even lost my job for availing so many holidays." He was almost sobbing. "Yes sir, you are most welcome," came the reply and was asked to bring along all lab reports and clinic reports of all clinics he has already visited from the year when he had the first symptoms. He fixed the date for coming.

On the appointed day he arrived with his wife in the month of March 2017 and was impressed by seeing the number of patients visiting the doctor from far flung places. He was asked to wait as the doctor served on the first come first serve basis. He was able to meet this highly talented pair of doctors at 1:40 pm and handed them his file and told them the complete history of his family. After scrutinizing the reports and listening to his history both had a discussion with each other and then Dr. Vikram turned his face towards Jasbir Singh and addressing him he said, "look Mr. Jasbir we have a remedy for you to be followed by a strict diet plan, what to eat and what to avoid, note them down, " Jasbir took out his mobile and began noting all the instructions and the doctor continued, "and you have to take UC Care Pack from our pharmacy along with it, taken precisely as mentioned and your disease will wither away soon, in how much time, I don't know but I am certain that it will." "Sure doctor even I am fed up of this horrible disease as I have to spend half the day sitting in the toilet and my leaving job has landed me in little bit financial crisis, but not very badly, sir," he replied. "OK, get well soon, I am anxious to hear a good news from your side, if some difficulty surfaces, do place a call or write it on our what's app number and will be addressed as soon as possible and will tell you how to deal with it in a natural style," patting his back, the doctor bid them goodbye.

They all went to the pharmacy and collected the Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and left after doing the payment. He rang us only after a week and the way he spoke, everything looked fine, "Sir my stools have decreased and bleeding has stopped completely, the mucus also is reduced and tell me how long will it take to have the same medicine," he was chuckling. "Don't worry it will not exceed more than 6 months, you seem to be eating and avoiding the foods that I prescribed," the doctor said. "Yes sir, we have our own land and I grow all the veggies and fruits in an organic manner, I think that's the reason why they are showing their healing powers," he finished. "OK, get completely well soon, best of luck," the doctor said. "Thanks a lot sir," and he cut the phone.

He kept eating the same remedy for 4 months and the doctor stopped the medicines after that but asked him to follow the diet plan strictly. We called him last week and he said that the UC never recurred and he has got another job and we congratulated him for that, he accepted and praised Planet Ayurveda for eliminating his disease in a single stretch.

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